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  1. Pantaenius Have been sweet for us. Basically didn’t want to see any thing at all. Registration was about it. I specifically asked about how often I needed a rig inspection and was told - “we have no requirements “
  2. Back to electric outboards 80 Ah lithium in a box with 50A fuse strapped to the transom. 9kg minnkota C30 does what it should, charges from the main battery on the boat through a victron Orion DC/DC converter. Doing it again I’d probably get the next or two models up as she’s a mite slow, and I’ll likely put a 500A shunt and a victron bms700 on the battery box to monitor charge. But seems to do a few trips back n forth without running flat. Charges in an hour or two at 18-20amps, so likely had still a bit in it.
  3. nice, I can barely get 200... more like 180. Must be bad gas...
  4. How hot can you get your oven? I find it impossible to get ours hot enough for truly good results
  5. So this wasn't exactly a weekend achievement but here's a rundown of our return trip from Brest to Jersey. Brest-Jersey Arriving late Sat night on the train into Brest, me and 2ic headed down to the Marina where the other crew member had already arrived a few hours earlier and opened up boat, fired up all the systems and loaded food and beer aboard that had been delivered to the Marina office a few hours earlier. He diligently loaded the fridge with as much beer as possible and cranked it up to max. A few hours of getting to know each other, the 3rd crew was a old acquaintance
  6. I very much like these, but the range is really limiting. we’ve gone with the cheapest Minkota I could find (enduro c30; 6.5kg)+ some zincs, and an 80Ah LiFePO4 9kg)from CS batteries. Have installed a 12v charger in the boat so can charge the outboard battery from the house battery. Will be giving it its first run these next two weeks so can report back after that.
  7. Finally made it back to the Fête des Canots in Rolle after a 6 year absence. Family Watson about to dock at Île de Harpes. Managed to pass all these guys - turns out the primary key to speed is light weight and massive sail area. This guy's first time on the tiller, took it very seriously and did pretty well. This guy spent his time practicing his knots.
  8. 3x the price I pay in France... ouch. also, what's their definition of an offshore boat? registered off shore? or is it a visiting boat?
  9. I'm what a bunch of you here colloquially call a raving lefty, I fully support the protection of our marine environment, and I looked at this with my "open" mind thinking, "sh*t we will have to change our EVERYTHING. But... I read the proposal, and then I dug further and read the research reports that had lead to the proposal. No offence intended to the report's authors and researchers, but it was a wholly inadequate and bollox piece of "science" with massive and glaring holes in its design and execution. Predominantly, a huge lack of controls in the hypothesis testing, where assumptions
  10. But those are all operations that involve other members of the public who can reasonably expect safety measures and regulations to be met. If my friend slips over on the deck of my yacht because the anti skid was perhaps a little old should I expect Worksafe to knock on the door and begin an investigation?
  11. I'll do it! But on another note regarding clearing out. I communicated with French customs about procedure to leave the EU and re-enter. Response was, there is no procedure. So how the hell does that work if I want to sail to Panama instead of just over to Jersey? Both are outside the EU... Just load up and sail off??? No Zarpe?
  12. So worksafe now has jurisdiction outside of employment situations? ie. private, non-comercial situations?
  13. How do MNZ/YNZ view the widely accepted European Directive 2013/53/EU on recreational craft? ie. the A through D classification for design and construction? It's understood that NZ has some tough weather, but it takes a special kind of exceptionalism to think that such weather and sea conditions don't also occur in the North Sea or on the Atlantic coast.
  14. So you're saying that when I take my NZ new boat, and sail to Fiji, it's exported? so I should be able to claim the GST back?
  15. Export/import are different things though than arrival/departure, no?
  16. Just for clarity, if you have more than one citizenship, meeting and fulfilling the rules of one of your citizenships cannot be held against you by the country of your other citizenship - at least not in the civilised world where countries respect international law. Having talked to NZ customs pretty recently, about importing FIREFLY. They insisted that there was no need nor requirement to register the boat in NZ - no mention of citizenship nor residency.
  17. I guess I'll be measuring the window size on FIREFLY week from now. 50x37cm... I assume that this doesn't apply to hatches which are by definition different, but which are subject to the same forces. If one was to fit external wash boards to windows like those on Firefly, it would undoubtedly offer a good grip for a heavy wave to exert extreme tearing and ripping force on the cabin structure at the mounting points of any external covering boards. I think this a blanket rule that possibly works well for some wooden boats, solid glass boats etc. where windows are retained by mu
  18. Just wondering whose safety regs a foreign ship needs to meet/pass inspection for, to embark and disembark paying passengers in NZ? Flag state? I mean like the cruise ships that pick you up in AKL and drop you off in some other city. They're not NZ ships, so i assume they don't have the whole NZ safe ship management thing going on. What's the deal there? And moreover, do you pay GST on your fare? R
  19. DrWatson


    Anyone been in? Guessing you'd want to pick your weather etc., but if you needed to stop...
  20. Received negative PCR test. Drove 1240km in 12h15 Washed squab covers, pillows and duvets Water blasted 10 months of algae off deck Broomed rudders back to orange Experienced 3 gales in 4 days Didn't lift boat for wash as marina crew quite leery about lifting in that kinda weather Got in 3.5h of sailing Installed inverter Installed 12v DC/DC converter to charge 80Ah LiFePO4 for dinghy Installed gas detector (finally) Toured Pogo factory (again) Spent €300 on wine Drove 1240km Didn't scratch boat.
  21. Your inbox full? Tried to PM you.
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