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    Pogo 36

    Exceptionally quick in the light. We held off a pogo44 (yellow spi) for most of this race after passing them on the long upwind leg - 6-9kts breeze.
  2. Me and everyone I see in Brittany. Also day shapes for motor sailing. Cool compliance is very high here abouts.
  3. Getting back into summer over here.
  4. Commentator is like a machine gun - barely stops talking to draw breath.
  5. "French Embassy Breaks Silence..." is a bit of a misleading headline. But of course the Herald (and most papers) trying to spin something into something it's not. How about "French Embassy highlights how unobservant Aucklanders are"
  6. I highly doubt that a ship of and size could approach the NZ coast without being detected. Customs/Border control know if a vessel is approaching. They will know if you sail in to BOI in the wee hours of the morning after being 100miles out the night before; and you're not on a 4000 tonne Frigate. For a warship to enter the territory of another nation in peace it does require a bit more clearance and notification than sailing a merchant ship in. The respective NZ authorities would have been well aware of the presence of the FR vessel in our waters. As is usual, the purpose of the visit o
  7. They are NATO and a close security partner - invoking any parallel to RBW is misplaced and counterproductive. The rbw incident was wildly unpopular in France and toppled a government. They are the only nuclear armed eu country and their nuclear deterrent is not only a part of what keeps Western Europe from the expansionist revisionist aspirations of Putler, but also a significant deterrent across large swathes of the South Pacific - the area that I’m sure you would all like to see remain under the liberal democratic governance that allows and guarantees the freedoms we all take for g
  8. Sarca EXCEL on all chain and a back up Alu fortress with rode and chain separate from anchor, ready to go.
  9. What's a Diver actually cost these days?
  10. Something you need to consider is what is your cashflow going to be? Scaling down to a trailer sailer will definitely free up income for living and paying for other things, but running a bus will chew through a lot of that and more. Heavy vehicles are $$$. A decent size campervan is going to set you back +50k. An actual bus, in running order might be had for as little as 10K, but there are no guarantees regarding the condition. The one I linked would swallow at least another 20k turning it into something you might live in. Do you have a heavy vehicle license? Any experience driving large ve
  11. The OP is relocating to NZ, and although originally from NZ (we assume a Kiwi) after such a long time, 17y, he might qualify to bring his ship import duty free. You can lurk around EU for 10y without paying VAT, but you have to leave EU at least every 18M.
  12. Don’t buy your boat while you’re here for only 3 months. Wait until you get back permanently.
  13. A mooring in Northland is going to set you back around half your budget. You will also be required to service the mooring every 3 years so there’s at least 1k/3y. There will be semi regular inspections of your hull by NRC for invasive bio fouling. If found you have to haul and clean at an approved facility of which there are very few. if you live on your mooring you will attract additional attention from NRC w.r.t. treatment and disposal of black water. You might need to furnish a plan and be able to prove compliance with the plan. As an example, AFAIR, there’s a local rule preventin
  14. Don’t give yourself a time limit. As you near on the deadline you will feel more and more under pressure to buy and the odds of buying a lemon are massively increased.
  15. Saab with strange imperial fastener??? Haven't Sweden been metric since, well, 1889?
  16. DrWatson


    I'd really like to see the statistics for LiFePO4 vs AGM wrt to fires. There's so much institutionalised fear in the bureaucracies that it appears to sneak often needlessly into our everyday lives. Our system was installed professionally by the manufacturer of the boat. There is not absolute disconnect. One has to unbolt the terminals to achieve that. An alarm sounds when the SOC goes below 30%, and the BMS turns the battery off before it hits rock bottom. I'm happy with it, EU marinas are happy with it, and our insurer is happy with it.
  17. DrWatson


    We’ve a 160Ah SuperB on Firefly. Supplemented with a 68W solar panel. Set up means the battery is always full when we arrive at the boat; weirdly the superB monitor system uses about 20mA constantly, so it will run itself flat over time. Must look into it because it shouldn’t do that and there must be some other continuous draw… We can go 4 days at anchor without running the engine with occasional use of instruments to check weather etc. the Zeus really gets hot if you leave it on and I suspect it draws a lot of power - never checked. During those 4 days primary use is fridge, lights and
  18. I'm aware of at least 1 other boat who sheltered at the barrier during the cyclone. They had a bit of trouble dragging and also had to put out a pan pan after their steering got all mashed up. Wasn't the easiest time for them. All worked out in the end, tho.
  19. Always frustrated by reporting like this that uses the term "Boatie". Conjures up images of a dude in a tinny wearing shorts 'n a T-shirt. And then comments such as "...reminding boaties to stay off the water", which again somehow suggest that the skipper was a fool for going sailing rather than being more precise and pointing out the circumstances of this event were not "a boatie popping out for a fish". I wonder if someone is swept out to sea in their house, are they called a boatie?
  20. I always wanted to but didn’t (and couldn’t) sail. My best friend bought a 727, put her back together and launched her. I didn’t want to race; too stressful I felt. But I ended up as regular race crew. I (we) learnt fast. By the Second season I was comfortable enough to skipper for a race with the other regular crew member and pick up a third spot to keep our series alive when the reg skipper and owner couldn’t make it over the bridge on time for the start. We took home the Richmond wed night g division trophy that season. My advice would be - go to the Richmond and find a boat where
  21. interesting that it’s only whangarei mooring holders, essentially, whore being canvassed here
  22. If you are moving to NZ for the first time and hold a NZ residence permit, or are a citizen moving to NZ for the first time, you may bring with you your car, boat, ship free of duty and GST so long as you have owned and used the item for more than 1 year (at the time the item is given up for shipping or departs for NZ), and so long as you undertake to not sell the item within 2y. You can apply for this relief and your application will be assessed.
  23. Yeah I wondered about that. Also no news yet as to how many were wearing life jackets …
  24. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/474507/five-dead-after-fishing-charter-boat-capsizes-off-kaikoura-coast 5 trapped inside?
  25. Came 4th in a race. Hard to beat a Pogo44 and two 12.50s in a drag race. Did beat the next Pogo36 by a whole horizon, though. IMG_4296.MOV
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