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  1. NO idea what you're talking about, Mate... Here in Zurich are some of the finest examples of architectural finesse (in concrete)...
  2. Shifted house. Spent almost 25% of my life living in a shitty 57m2 apartment at the corner of busy and crazy streets. Now we’re in 80m2 and 2nd row from the edge of town - much better for the kids. moving out. new view
  3. Point 1. agreed. the tonic might have come from the city, and a 100 buck donation doesn't go far for that. The possibility that the crew was no longer on station for that time to perhaps tend to an emergency call should also not be overlooked. Point 2. Yes. Over the last 15y, I've seen some pretty poor and unprofessional behaviour from Coastguard crews. I have and am still a member however, because they also do some good work. But by God there needs to be a serious culture shake up in NZ in general, and even on this site. Dangerous sh*t is dangerous sh*t and it doesn't ma
  4. I understood the mayday was broadcast late at night?
  5. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/436624/search-on-after-mayday-call-from-yacht-off-coromandel-coast
  6. I love the loopholes vs intent arguments. Should we have lawyers make our class rules? Think I’ll start a new class. You can sail any vessel you like so long as it was made without any metal or plastics. Handicapping by length alone. +1 min per mile if the boat was made without power tools. what do you choose?
  7. My. Question is: how big is this shed you found this packet of veneer in? Is it your shed? and are there hitherto as yet unexplored passages, vaults and dungeons with other such treasures?
  8. Being french, it might be full of pogos...
  9. Was someone injured? There may not be any need to report some accidents unless there is third party damage (including environmental) or injury.
  10. DrWatson


    Just go with plastic everything? Any get a boat that sails so well you don’t need a Motor?
  11. I'm not addressing this based on allegiance to any perceived cotton wool nor cup full of concrete brigade. I think the reporting of the incident could be tightened up to include details from the judge's decision and sentencing to reflect which exact breaches of the law were those that attracted the sentence handed down, and also any details surrounding why the accused's health/injury/mental state may or may not have been included in the defence or in any decision to imprison him. I think that better reporting would reduce the speculation on this thread and lead to more informed and f
  12. Yeah I read that and was surprised that none of this had been mentioned in his defence, apparently. But even when asked by passers by, he claimed there was not really a problem. Was there a medical examination of him? no expert witness called to testify as to his incapacitation?
  13. I this case I’m not complaining about the sanctions but I think it’s important that we stratify the issue and identify for wich breaches the applied sanction is appropriate.
  14. DrWatson

    Boat rage

    A lack of policing will lead to vigilante justice. When law abiding people don’t have faith that the laws will be policed and enforced, they eventually take matters into their own hands. They result is rarely good. And at the end the police make a daft statement saying something like “let the proper authorities deal with it”... but they never friggin do!!!
  15. Posssibly, but there’s no mention of that as any kind of defence
  16. I read the article. His being drunk in charge of a boat was only one of the major Fk Ups... Notably, he did nothing to aid his friend. I think this is manslaughter no matter the situation (drunk or sober). If your mate trips on the foot path and breaks his neck, you have to offer assistance. If you witness an accident and someone is injured you don't just get to sit and watch them die - you must offer assistance, regardless of if it's ultimately successful. You call for help, you stop the bleeding etc. but just doing nothing is not an option. Pretty sure there is a law about rendering as
  17. Sorry, no news. France is/was in abs out of lockdown, much the same as us here in Switzerland, so travel to the boat is not possible
  18. yeah that's possible. But if there's no antifoul? just a waterblast then back in?? A pic of the process and an entry in the log?
  19. Scary looking set of cyclones forming. Back to the hull cleaning. What if you have your own haul out ability? ie, up North, given an adequate haulout cradle/ trailer, we could haul our pogo actually onto our place (neighbour's ramp) - mast up. How does one "prove" then that it's been hauled and cleaned? Welding up a decent cradle with axles etc. could well be worth it...
  20. I mean I’m all for experimentation, but Let’s try in someone else’s...
  21. The keel doesn’t count as moveable ballast in rating for a pogo, but most handicapping (except Phrf) kills them dead - 3m draft is a big penalty. lifting the keel up will result in a net loss of control and a lower boat speed - if you look at the shape when the keel is up - it’s a hydrodramatic tradgedy
  22. yeh that made me chuckle also... Now everyone sailing a 473 is in the bad books...
  23. bit of cloth and some resin, good as new by lunch time
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