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  1. bit of cloth and some resin, good as new by lunch time
  2. Backwards is easier than forwards... going forwards, with the keel up when going slow, the bow is blown off almost instantly (not helped by the transfer of mass aft which further reduces lateral plane forward of the mast). It's no place for fainthearted helming or manoeuvring.
  3. Interesting idea. But i think in a roll over or a knock down you'd rather have all your lead at the end of your board....
  4. Officially, yes, but that's because standard is AGM batteries. The keel pump draws up to 100A for about a minute. With LiFePO4 you don't really need to run the engine, but the keel pump motor runs through a relay controlled by the engine ignition. You can also manually pump the keel up or down - if you're enthusiastic.
  5. Yeah was happy to hear that went without incident. Keel up I presume?
  6. also, rags to whaka is not exactly a Sunday cake walk... good effort.
  7. I was always a bit wary of any lifting keel setup, until you figure out that if you hit anything at speed it gives a little and doesn’t rip a hole in you boat... and there’s. Plenty of speed with something like this... also shallow draft when you need it is incredibly awesome ... who wants to have to anchor out in the middle of the bay when you can creep in close n cosy,,or tuck into a tiny spot and hunker down?
  8. Single cable super common in Europe. There are four of these ferries across the river in Basel, nicely spaced between the bridges you you have additional options when on foot. I used to take this one abotu 3-4 times a week during the summers to get to the watering hole on the other side there where the steps are. A pop up bar each summer, 5 buck beers in the sun At first I thought the double cable might be for a river that runs both ways - don't laugh, there are many in the world, or at least over a tidal channel. But here in Otago I think the second cabl
  9. Yeah, looking at using it for cladding on some parts of a house design... Cheers TimB. understood. Working with the sheet sizes available to minimise wastage is also an important point.
  10. Other side of the world. Lift and drop inside 3 days, 270 euro. Yearly berth fee €2380. Lift 200, no daily charge is you’re an annual berth holder. Back in 200. Stands 1buck a day. live aboard no problem. Grid is also free as a yearly berth holder.
  11. Do you already have folding steps (or ratlines) to allow access?
  12. Might be wrong but I think the boat B00B00 sailed to NZ was always planned to be imported and sold when they got here. I don’t think his choice is necessarily anything to do with euro vs Nz production. Pretty sure if there was a pogo 12.50 at the right price he’d be all over it like a virus at a GOP convention.
  13. What are you classifying as a dinghy? Any open boat? In that case, dunno about KM but I’ve got no boats... There are some cool boats coming up here. But I think I’d be looking for something at least 26ft waterline. Preferably longer. Every so often I see a one off or a good Nz boat on trademe, all set up with a ton of flash sails and all at a pretty sharp price. Where’s Eliphunk at? Nearly ready to go again?
  14. Anyone bought any corten steel lately? Just wondering what a good price for 4mm and 5mm sheets 2.5x1.25 would look like?
  15. If no boat in a division crossed the line you could also do handicap prizes unter the same method. Would make it super tactical.
  16. Yes I saw that, but there are prizes put up by sponsors for handicap Positions, what happens to the prizes? it entirely conceivable that in a division where three boats had crossed the line, a boat that finished a number of hours after the shutoff, could easily topple one of those three for a podium position on handicap and therefore a prize - ie something of value. In such a situation it might seem unfair and a deliberate attempt to keep the slower boats out of the prizes despite the race officially being run under a handicap system. I assume that as prizes are oft
  17. Yup, this is it for me, too. Either make the cutoff 19.45 and start the prize giving at 20h then party at 21 or have no cutoff because all but the very slowest boats would be in by the time the prize giving starts, and it’s less likely that those last few boats are going to feature in the prizes. Who won the cockle shell hero trophy this year? Used to go to the smallest boat to finish. Be a bit embarrassing to walk away with that trophy even though you were sailing a 35footer, or a 40...
  18. That’s cool and I’m glad it was enjoyable. But I’d also like to hear from some of the 85% of boats (some +140 crews) who didn’t make it into either the media feeds or the race cutoff. Remembering of course that all their entry fees contributed considerably to the financial cost of running the race and hosting the party - probably 25k or so?
  19. So, 119 NM in 28.5h if you’re in div 5. If it’s upwind the whole way, which we know is not likely as you’d normally get a reprieve if and when you round Brett, but just for argument‘s sake let’s say it’s on th now the whole way. That’s 167.8NM (?) sailed meaning you need to stay above 5.93kts... Of course that’s not taking into account leeway or currents, and assumes your boat points well at 45 true, which for a number of at least the classics is not going to be the case. Averaging 5.9-6knts for 28h in the light is not about sailing a well prepared boat well, it’s about having mo
  20. Best post of this month.
  21. That's why I started the thread. but seems the gossip and sledging is elsewhere...?
  22. Pretty much what I figured. A hullspeed or less slog up the coast. I’d estimate a hypothetical early to mid morning arrival in Firefly.
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