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  1. So, 119 NM in 28.5h if you’re in div 5. If it’s upwind the whole way, which we know is not likely as you’d normally get a reprieve if and when you round Brett, but just for argument‘s sake let’s say it’s on th now the whole way. That’s 167.8NM (?) sailed meaning you need to stay above 5.93kts... Of course that’s not taking into account leeway or currents, and assumes your boat points well at 45 true, which for a number of at least the classics is not going to be the case. Averaging 5.9-6knts for 28h in the light is not about sailing a well prepared boat well, it’s about having mo
  2. Best post of this month.
  3. That's why I started the thread. but seems the gossip and sledging is elsewhere...?
  4. Pretty much what I figured. A hullspeed or less slog up the coast. I’d estimate a hypothetical early to mid morning arrival in Firefly.
  5. DrWatson

    Coastal 2020

    Who’s going? Apparently 175 boats at least signed up to drift north - so some of you must be in the mix?
  6. DrWatson


    Well, Ngataki has a place in history. But when you look with a critical eye, I don't think she's altogether that beautiful. The gaff rig surely helps. Indeed. I think that it's quite an achievement and miles ahead of her time in terms of her styling. The hull seems incredibly voluminous, and there appears to be plenty of forward buoyancy, no doubt good to help her rise to the seas. The forefoot might be a little deep to take full advantage of that in a following sea, though. The very flat run aft. Might she have planed downwind with a bit of a blow up her freckle? She was likely built
  7. DrWatson


    That would fit the area she was last seen in. On the mud near Rawene.
  8. DrWatson


    There's something really quite cool about this boat. Anyone know if there are any lines drawings? I mean, I know she was designed by carving a half model and then sawing it up, but wondered if anyone anywhere might have documented it a bit better than that. Pic from the Waitemata Woodies page.
  9. I know that guy, not personally but I’ve seen his “work.“ He was selling Glissade about maybe 15 y ago, she looked in pretty bad shape with the ring frame that supported the deck stepped mast having collapsed and the beam shelf / sheer clamp rotten in numerous places. To his credit he admitted she needed more work than he was up to do, didn’t try to hide anything. New antifoul, though. About 5 y later I spotted him on the Waiheke ferry and asked if he was still buying/ wanted a boat. Sold him mine in as is condition. Hull sound deck needing work - not dangerous but needing some love,
  10. I’d like to see some testing numbers for puzzle joints vs scarfing. Scarfing is actually extremely easy using a simple home made jig for your power planer, and makes a joint that is almost perfect with respect to maintaining the plywood’s bending strength in all directions. The last dinghy I did I simple scarfed two 2.5*1.55 sheets together end to end and cut all the planks from it.
  11. Would be nice, but alas, no - openings in my field are slim to none in NZ even in a good year. Yeah, one area that's still doing ok is Pharmaceuticals and associated Covid research. Many investors looking for quick gains there.
  12. DrWatson

    Pogo 36

    There's actually pretty good stowage. Like with any boat, requirements for stowage vary depending upon how many crew and how long you wish to remain self sufficient and what level of cuisine you expect. What are your plans and expectations for duration? If you expect glamping then you'll be more than satisfied. Extended high lattitudes cruising with 6 crew, then it's likely not your boat. Ocean crossing with 6 adults and two kids? You might want a 12.50. Long distance family cruising with a happy partner? Absolutely the 36 will tick that box. On Firefly, under the saloon berths is all sto
  13. I think it’s well more than half full
  14. Glad to see him safely in Milford. A tough few days and an unforgiving coast. Good work. Rest up and stay safe.
  15. I think the owner had taken the lens cover off to replace thh bulb.. and were simply not up to the task of recapitulating it's original orientation. Frightening, nonetheless. I've no experience with French cars other than with an old 205 driven by a girl from Paris... the wiring was the least of my worries..
  16. Seen on a boat in France...
  17. DrWatson

    Slight issue

    hmmmm, that might turn out quite tricky under a number of international treaties... Preventing a citizen of another country from leaving yours (permanent resident) might be seen as arbitrary detention...
  18. Actually an SL100, I believe even rarer than the 125, and the up-pipe model was even rarer I'm led to believe, only being sold in AUS/NZ? I saw a NOS replacement pipe on the inter-web for 1500... This one has been bored out before my time to about 133cc (pretty much as far as one can go). But I've got a NOS Bore and piston/ring set to "restore" it. I've gradually become aware of it's value in the last few years. I did have a CB550K3 + 2 spare motors parked next to it for many years in the Old Man's shed, but gave that away about 10 y ago to someone building a collection/museum. I was gi
  19. Sounds like she’d give Firefly a run for her money...
  20. This old girl is sitting in my shed. Had her about 30y now, I guess... I even rode her over Thompson's Track, many many moons ago. I guess I'll drag her out and freshen her up a little at some point. Photos are not great, but she's mostly complete, except for the saddle, speedo and tailight lens. Not for sale at this time, unfortunately, but still a contribution to the thread.
  21. Nice, whats she made of? And disp?
  22. It happened as I was posting - I honestly thought my computer had gone funky and not loaded stuff, lol
  23. Fair enough, the last thing I was thinking of (or wanting to see) is "breaking new ground" so to say in pristine bays to keep 0.01%ers happy. Rather, places that already have reasonable infrastructure - at least a wharf or a little village onshore. Tryphena, Fitzroy, Bon accord, Tuts, Russel, Waiheke is already there etc...
  24. Not sure BP n Angela are planning on more kids...
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