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  1. When I was motorcycling, I found the only thing that kept me warmer than frozen was my wetsuit. All the wet weather gear I tried either leaked outright or leaked soon after. I was commuting Hamiltron to AKL for two years. Two winters of Waikato fog. I gave up trying to stay dry and went for staying warm. Then quit, sold the bike, moved to AKL and got more into sailing I think one issue with the bike stuff is that the armor and padding make it cumbersome and dangerous on deck. Great if you fall on a winch, but you're far more likely to. Another thing is that I don't know how well it hold
  2. The General is so easy to sail even monkeys can do it! Trade in your regular crew for monkeys now! Seen here being tested on the General.
  3. In a one design fleet, I'd love to race against the best. Then at least that way I can tell just how badly I suck in terms of international abilities. And I may be pleasantly surprised and even learn something. In a mixed fleet of old sh!tters like mine and hot-as-the-sun carbon racers, it doesn't make diddly squat difference. The rockstars on the carbon racer would be unlikely to be able to coax a vastly better placing out of my boat than me. I say that not to diminish the rockstars or to pump myself up, but because the pig sails better backwards than forwards, and through owner inattenti
  4. Ahhh, the old short term planning cycle of scorched earth followed by temporary building ad infinitum. Waste after waste. I'm tired of it. Often the quality of what is pulled down is far higher than the quality of the shiny and new which replaces it. Old buildings like this are sought after venues the world over, especially when they are as close to the centre of a city as these are, and even more so as they are on the waterfront. Will NZ politicians and planers ever learn? Or is it the lure of a building contract that is, through the machinations of politics, holding sway here?
  5. Watch out for: Pirates Gun and grenade toting water borne fundamentalists Swindlers Unsafe drinking water Scary sea monsters Confusing use of English language (a new case known as the ambiguative) Malaria, yellow fever, Tb, leprosy, HepA B and C, Dengue Fever and a host of other things. But your'e also bound to find: Awesome food, incredible friendliness, humble and happy people, warm weather, a new definition of what one needs to be happy in life, A complete lack of annoying regulations A world of intense chaos which som
  6. Thanks Guys, Yeah, AA, I've been considering asking for some prices form Home. I have a friend coming to visit in August, which might be quite convenient, as I guess he could fit a sail or two into his luggage - well maybe a genny or two. Not sure how well a main would fold up and fit into his pack. How does it work if with the GST and so forth if the sail is being "exported" as such? I think I'd have to pay the taxes (MWST) as it came into switzerland, even if it was sent privately as a "gift", cause the total value would most likely be over 700chf.
  7. Finally off the building stocks and turned over. Been quite cold here until just recently so progress has been quite slow. Esp because the mate I'm building it with is spending every second weekend ski-touring... roll on summer
  8. I saw my PLB as a general investment. After needing one while deep in the fjordland bush, I never go without it now. Basically I've taken (had taken - till I moved) to keeping my PLB on me at all times when I was solo. Although I figured my boat sans self steering will come round without a hand on the helm, I still didn't like to take the chance. With self steering I think I'd clip no matter what the weather. I think that no matter how enclosed your cockpit, a full dunking could pretty much wash out anything. You just can't hold on when there's that much water going by. Go Well Paul.
  9. DrWatson


    A new crew menu each day? So does that mean the Crew have crew as well? A kind of "undercrew" who pamper the regular crew and have berths in steerage?
  10. But of course, if everyone is to have one, then I guess kayaks will also need one, and your tender. That way the ferry can see where the kayaks are and not run into them. oooh and while we're at it, lets make all swimmers wear a transponder (and swim with a gen. set).... The country has gone to the dogs. People in power who have no real commonsense ability to determine risk, policy or rules. Authority complexes.
  11. yup I see it now, wasn't there when I first checked and so i followed links to the TX200. Tx200 sounds fantastic and that's what I was thinking when I asked where would we have something like that. Starting a fleet of PD racers over here would face a few challenges. It has crossed my mind on more than one occasion though. Two biggest hurdles are: Firstly almost anything that floats, baring models and bits of drift wood (i'm not sure about kayaks) has to be registered and inspected. The pedalos that you hire for the lakes are all registered. Sh¨t I think even the kids flutter boards ar
  12. I'm very interested, but alas I'm a little far away to take part Just out of interest though, where'd we all go? Beach hop our way to BOI?
  13. DrWatson


    I was just thinking about the drag that stern would create, no? looks like if you left port in a hurry you'd take the tide with you...
  14. Yup you're dead right, there are many NZ designs that I would like to have built, but there are a few other factors to take into account. We'll be using it on a lake which mostly has But possibly the biggest factor is getting any kind of supplies. People in Switz just don't seem to DO anything anymore, I mean do things themselves. They all have enough money to just go out and buy it new, or pre-made. The most challenging thing most will ever do is put together an IKEA table or erect a tomato stake. Therefore hardware stores and DIY shops just don't stock or supply anything of any qualit
  15. Paperjet 14 A skiff from Dudly Dix, with three different rig/sail plans. Building it with a friend who's mother is kindly supplying the workspace (and excessive catering - Sunday breakfast was three courses with wine ) We got it as a precut kit (so alas no lofting required) but as it's the first time, I really want it to work out well so my friend who can't yet use a hand saw to cut a straight line is impressed and will be encouraged to try something a little more challenging next time.
  16. Started to put together my summer fun.
  17. DrWatson

    Would you or knot

    Not really an issue for me, and has not often been an issue as mostly the other boats are far too far away to yell. I think at times we might have tried to tell Bob he was heading for the wrong mark, but I can't remember if we were using a cell or a radio. I wondered about the outside assistance rule, strictly speaking one is not supposed to make cell calls or texts... or receive them. But what about unsolicited yelling? As JK mentioned, if you yell at the kids in the Opti's do they get disqualified? For the case in point, you could always use the radio to be sure. But is yelling
  18. DrWatson

    What happens next?

    Let's really mix it up.... Max 20 sailors in a team. firstly a 6 race series in 18 ft skiffs, fleet racing. next, a 6 race series in 40ft cats, again fleet racing, and a six race series in open 60s volvo style boats, fleet, at least one 24h race... Mostly short courses with more than two legs (W/L and Triangles). Keeps the action close to the spectator fleet, and gives plenty of manoeuvering and work for the crews allowing them plenty of opportunity to show off their polish and skills. tally up the points, take the top 4 teams, then go again, match race styles,
  19. DrWatson

    Friday Race

    oooh look , It's beer o'clock :) Sleep well all. At least it's Sat for you guys now, and you can sleep in more easily..
  20. DrWatson

    Friday Race

    Is it may imagination, or can I see Oracle flexing? moreover, is their ANYTHING that can go that fast and that high upwind, with that little wind?
  21. DrWatson

    Friday Race

    so Now I'm thinking I should be building an utralight multi instead of a skiff... what's the top speed I can get out of 15m2 of sail...? with a wing I guess it's ALOT
  22. DrWatson

    Friday Race

    Alinghi still carrying that penalty also... but still slower...
  23. DrWatson

    Friday Race

    they'll only get excited if they win it..... although more than one swiss person is sailing on the boat this time... so i guess that makes two mothers watching...
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