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  1. So I have two of these, not sure how, as i only bought one, and the other moved in to keep it company. I'm interested in any information that the wider collective might have on this dinghy design. At the moment they are a slow burn project for the kids to thrash in the next few years. Any information appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a Yacht Trailer to sell. Built i'm told for an SR26 with a lifting keel, but currently setup for a fixed keel Farr 727. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2211630249 I'm hoping it will get some good use. What a difference being able to do a couple hours each night in the driveway, instead of rowing out to the mooring and then remembering the thingy still in the back of the car.
  3. After much discussion the finance controller has issued a leave pass. Said controller also likes to see where the questionable investment is during the race. Something about collecting on the life insurance. Can't really remember as was busy arranging new Antifoul and other prerace prep. So does any one know if a tracker is running for the triple? Something like the predict wind one? Thanks in advance and see you on the water.
  4. Yotasorus

    Farr 727 AGM

    I'll be there. Ps I'm on the look out for a new main. Any suggestions for new or near new welcomed. Chao
  5. Hi Mark, I have a windrush looking at me from the drive. Not quite standard, but might suit you. Priced to go....
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm in need of some advise on the 727 keel. I understand the keel section is like a "T" with the bolts through the horizontal section in a row on each side. I have a nasty feeling about a crack that is in the leading edge of the keel. it's neatly horizontal, about 6 inches long and in the vertical section of the keel, about 4 inches down from memory. I have no clear idea of the shape of the top of the keel, but I am concerned that the keel might be trying to become a two piece. Is it possible the Cast Iron has a crack, either a casting flaw, or from a bump.
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