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  1. FLC I have pm'd u. I'm keen to discuss your prince.
  2. Andrew there is an earlier thread - a crowd in Wellington advertises they will but it may not work out. The list of get out of jail clauses was lengthy. I'll see if I can find the thread
  3. Err, Pete - why? Didn't you just sell the one you had?
  4. Thanks CD. I do like the idea of temp controllable as per the unit u mentioned. Has it got seperate compartments? When my system was working it was on or off, and when on, freezing every bloody thing was only a matter of time. Hopefully Darrin can help.
  5. Slight drift here but in coming months I will be faced with dealing with an out of service compressor driven system. What I mean by that is that as a consequence of a lack of use, I think my system has de-gassed itself, and I guess - this has caused a vacuum effect which has deformed the s/s fridge/freezer box. No cold beersies for me atm So - I need to take stock of the bits I have, determine if they are salvageable, determine what the cost of returning to service would be, and then compare that to the cost of changing to a more 'efficient' system. IT - I recall you saying you are a res
  6. Much respect for this guy, but crikey, Swirly is little. He must be a bit madder than your average mad guy. I suppose its as they say - "its not the size of the dog in the fight..."
  7. I have to replace my start battery. The experts have u believe its gotta be a 'marine' battery. Seems to me to be another way of extracting more wedge Roughly 100% more. As an example - 57MF 530cca 12v car batt =$133 but double that for a 57MF M, also 530CCA. Seems like mmms must be bloody valuable. Isn't 12v 12v no matter what?
  8. I gotta renew all of my squabs. Any hints on whats good or bad/ where to get it?
  9. No thats ok - thanks for the replyi have all info i need. Cheers
  10. found her on YNZ site - reg # 4995 but no other info. And whaddaya know he did lots of big boats.
  11. Anybody know this boat? I want to know some basic stuff - what is she -I'd guess a Raven (shld never have given up my dream of bein a copper eh) etc. I was told she is a 36 but must admit thought Ravens were max 31' - Mostly I want to know what weight.. cheers
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