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  1. Romany


    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, but lets not forget this is all about the back pockets of a few. If I could be arsed, I'd rather watch it on tele in any case. Each to their own.
  2. Praising Piedy boys?!! What next.what the hell? Following the most noble of tenets - to help another at sea.. yes, well done them men -
  3. i i . Either my stutter is worsening or I was in the presence of a superior when typing that
  4. 3= nothing. Effectively becomes option 2. Hell will freeze over before option 1 occurs.
  5. Now Im ready to reinstall the housing and have to drill out the holes in housing to accomodate 7/16th lagscrews. Would 3/8 holes in deadwood be ok for the screw to 'bite' or is that too tight? And what thread sealant should i i apply to the thread? Teflon based as I understand it is best but I cant find any.
  6. Romany

    Poo pipe part 2

    I never realised how much heat a richard contained until I had to unblock the Lavac after someone who was a benefactor of the Spencer family had been there. No, not the boatbuilder - the waiheke family that owned Caxton paper Instant case of the sweats
  7. Romany

    Poo pipe part 2

    Bog paper is the culprit
  8. Romany

    Coastal 2023

    I remember Simon as an enthusiastic, positive guy with a kind manner. He knew much and spoke it quietly without fanfare. Such a loss in many ways. Condolences to his family and loved ones. Fair winds and following seas & all that...
  9. What kind of cannon? I have always wanted one of those jobbies you put in the top of a winch
  10. Does anybody know if I could stop my galvanised mooring chain from corroding by fitting an anode to it - say at slightly above the point where the chain sinks to seafloor at lowest tide?
  11. Romany


    They should be declared an invasive pest and a significant eradication programme should be commenced with urgency.
  12. Looks great doesnt it? Funny though - we used to have one mag for boating and it seemed to cover many interests. Perhaps they should have left sailing where it was and started another one called "Invasive NZ" where they could include bloody stinkpots (now masquerading as yachts), fizz nasties of varied shapes and sizes, and sub surface invaders. I'm gonna buy one of this new one cos theres more sails in one mag than I have seen in yonks and thats worth the price
  13. din't even look that fast until i changed play speed to x 2
  14. Romany


    Thanks for that - the comment from guest was related to kiwigrip although i suppose its applicable to any paint system and your reply about the tape is equally so.
  15. Romany


    Thanks all. Guest - can we talk further? You have used it which is the experience I need to tap into. Please gis a bell on 0212408404 or text me a number and I'll call u. Cheers
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