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  1. "... and health and safety officials need to get involved..." Prick. The guilty parties probably still have the ringing in their ears, as they should.
  2. did it fall or was it pushed. Maybe she needs to talk to her partner.
  3. Romany

    sign writers

    how rude am I, Thanks Dagwood too. I'll try Ron and see if he is interested.
  4. Romany

    sign writers

    Replied Rangi, cheers
  5. Romany

    sign writers

    Anybody know a good sign writer who uses an artists brush . Old school. Not looking for some one who knows how to stick a sticker on. Silverdale area, 3 signs (port, starboard and transom)
  6. Is there a tracker thingy online
  7. Zozz thats a bit harsh. Seemed like a reasonable question and if you ask me a potential buyer has every right to kick the tire. Whats the problem.
  8. when u think about it - how the hell can that even happen? Mooring lines lead down from boat onto the floats, and the port side float is suspended in mid air. It is as if the boat is caught on the top of the pile with full weight being borne by the pulpit? Quite a testament to the build strength if that is the case
  9. I have a MSF kero stove :), and no sorry not selling it. Without besmirching Freds memory (RIP) it seems like a direct copy of a Taylors 030. Anybody know where I can get parts/servicing?
  10. its a fantastic read if you haven't already. The survival of all hands was truly astonishing
  11. Please keep the thread going when u have more to add. I maybe following suit so it would be good to hear how you get on.
  12. Wheels - I'm assuming you comment with have some background knowledge so can u confirm - are carboline 3000 and altex #5 the same? I've never understood why companies do that if they are. If they are not, what is the practical difference?
  13. While u r right that'll never happen. Too many nimbys in Devonport, and generally too many parties proclaiming their 'rights'
  14. Interesting question wheels. IMO - Licenced or not, the intent behind safety rules/laws should apply and be applied. After all else just because you are unlicensed doesn't mean you run lesser risks, and if it does go to sh*t a whole lot of good people will have to risk their necks to bail the dumb arses out. It sounds distinctly like a 'don't pay the ferryman' situation to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don't_Pay_the_Ferryman
  15. On reflection, I'm not altogether happy with my comments above, so in retrospect I withdraw any comment about the actions leading up the initial grounding. Still think owners inaction following the fact leaves them open for a good kick in the arse and an invoice.
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