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  1. a paint brush would fix both.
  2. Thanks - makes sense to do oil change 1st then flush with some clean diesil. Cheers
  3. Can u use these vacuum extractors to take diesel out of a tank too, or will it end in tears, or worse?
  4. What is a mooring in Weiti R. worth on rental market these days? Seems like these things are like rocking horse sh*t nowadays. Deep enough for 1.9m draft, fore and aft moorings (so think piles but no sticks ruining the vista), recently surveyed. Right outside the Stillwater Boat Club and while I'm out of the water I need to make it pay. If you know anybody on the hunt let me know? Short term (he says with hope in his voice) - hopefully back in the piss by xmas Shift me to a more appropriate forum if you think you should
  5. I got told off a few years ago for saying this but its just a boat race. Really - who cares or gives a flying f. Fays departure from the squaddie is just another display of someone who thinks there opinion matters - and on the realisation that it doesn't, having a tanty. So far as I can see the AC has always been this way. Good riddance.
  6. Make no mistake people, unless this madness is stopped we are fucked. This practice of demanding vessels are maintained 'pest' free and then shutting down facilities that enable that to happen strikes at all levels of the boating fraternity. After all - if you have a 15k keel boat or a multi million dollar stinkpot - if you have nowhere to haul and antifoul/maintain what would be the point of retaining it. I'm ready to become a landlubber.
  7. .."the tides in French Pass can kill John Dories".. & not just fishes by the sounds of it. I have been through that gap in a yacht - it looked scary even from the safety of big white floater, so I am not sure what would possess someone to actually jump in .
  8. Thanks for reply. Its probably not as complex a question as I think, but wondering if u would call me sometime? Easier to explain my query 0212408404 Nigel
  9. Anybody here a qualified wooden boat builder? I've a question about something on my ship
  10. "... and health and safety officials need to get involved..." Prick. The guilty parties probably still have the ringing in their ears, as they should.
  11. did it fall or was it pushed. Maybe she needs to talk to her partner.
  12. Romany

    sign writers

    how rude am I, Thanks Dagwood too. I'll try Ron and see if he is interested.
  13. Romany

    sign writers

    Replied Rangi, cheers
  14. Romany

    sign writers

    Anybody know a good sign writer who uses an artists brush . Old school. Not looking for some one who knows how to stick a sticker on. Silverdale area, 3 signs (port, starboard and transom)
  15. Is there a tracker thingy online
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