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  1. Ex Veldare, Please explain that? I don't understand your point. Cheers
  2. Agreed IT. My point was more about repeating whispers heard on grapevine. Having said that, it would be niave to think operator gets it 100% all the time (although thats not out of the question), but certainly if the facility is not up to the task they have a much more difficult situation. I think all thaf stuff about operator errors is utter bollocks anyway and has not contributed to this. RAYC are amongst the major villans here and should be taken to task for their attitude. At least, they should front up and put up the facts leading to their stance.
  3. Dangerous things grapevines. I'd be careful about potential for a bitter crop! STF may not be responsible for the infrastructure ( I think earlier STF post said they provide plant and labour - which i guess is tractors n stuff and people, not retention/detention tanks) but subject to criticism when it is inadequate for the job required. The classic hospital pass.
  4. You are at the top of the slippery slope so to speak. Good luck to you
  5. A momentary thread drift, but Western Springs Speedway, now Okahu Bay haulout. The Fun Police and NIMBYS represented by some who also are on this site, are coming to a street near u. Its time they were told to f*ck off in tradesmen like language
  6. Kev this is not the time or place to grind yer axe. I'm going along and suggest anybody who has a boat, or plans on buying one should too. Whatever u do, dont bring any axes or agendas other than putting a good case for the facilities continuing operation. I hope St Chads has a lot of chairs and sandwiches. As others have noted, personnel can be changed, but make no mistake - once the yard is closed we are rooted.
  7. Oh well i better bust out my 16 grit discs
  8. Thanks for replies. Yesterday i did more and 1:1 is about right so I'm going with beginners luck or lack thereof, as the reason i used too much. Another question for those of u who know... i watched a boat builder who is working elsewhere in the yard, and was intrigued/impressed to see him do a fibreglass layer on now ply, and then 2 or 3 hours later apply fairing to that same area.. no sanding! That made sense to me cos it seems that freshly laid fibreglass prior to final cure is the ultimate surface to receive fairing. Is that common practice or just a cunning old fox at work?
  9. I've been advised by the product supplier (not a Burnsco/NZ Fibreglass type retailer) that the ratio is roughly 1:1 ;I.e. resin weight/m2 = matting weight - so, using 290gsm woven cloth u would expect to use approx same in mixed resin per m2. Maybe a liddle bit more to account for soakage, but user based f*ck ups like leaving it in the sun. Doh. Last week i did some glass on my cockpit floor, which has had the old cork/resin non skid over the top of glass sanded right back to almost fly sh*t thickness, and allowing for the solar issue, I reckon i used 1.5 times that weight of resin.
  10. a paint brush would fix both.
  11. Thanks - makes sense to do oil change 1st then flush with some clean diesil. Cheers
  12. Can u use these vacuum extractors to take diesel out of a tank too, or will it end in tears, or worse?
  13. What is a mooring in Weiti R. worth on rental market these days? Seems like these things are like rocking horse sh*t nowadays. Deep enough for 1.9m draft, fore and aft moorings (so think piles but no sticks ruining the vista), recently surveyed. Right outside the Stillwater Boat Club and while I'm out of the water I need to make it pay. If you know anybody on the hunt let me know? Short term (he says with hope in his voice) - hopefully back in the piss by xmas Shift me to a more appropriate forum if you think you should
  14. I got told off a few years ago for saying this but its just a boat race. Really - who cares or gives a flying f. Fays departure from the squaddie is just another display of someone who thinks there opinion matters - and on the realisation that it doesn't, having a tanty. So far as I can see the AC has always been this way. Good riddance.
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