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  1. Respect for what he has done but me thinks he might have lost his marbles a bit there.
  2. Romany

    prada cup 2

    Sorry couldn't resist
  3. Romany

    prada cup 2

    Monique thinks thats dumb
  4. Good on Hutchinson - backing the helmsman & says it like it should be... "when you're racing the boat, you're racing the boat.."
  5. drive it like you stole it gone wrong.
  6. And be very, very careful who u engage to survey 4 you.
  7. well done to the poms but god this is boring.
  8. Hi Saline - I might be interested. Whaf kind of condition is it in; how does it compare functionally to an LPG system?
  9. Greed does seem to bring out the worst in people dunnit.
  10. To be fair Tamaki Dr turns into a rolling prison of sorts most weekends and public holidays anyway
  11. BTW welcome to NZ/home. Relax, and know that we're all gonna get along just fine if we play by the rules, so think of the greater good. But yes they do have carte blanche to protect our borders, as do most border protection forces and I am sure many here would suggest that at times the line has been overstepped by the authorities. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary steps.
  12. Fish, I neither said, nor intimated u couldn't/shouldn't go boating because of Amcup boats. I commented on the wino guys showmanship, and bravado, that is all.
  13. Cheap publicity stunt. Hope they used a mothership to get out there - its a foolhardy man out in the bay with the amcup missiles flying a round plus normal day to day lunatics.
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