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  1. Give Nick at Adhesive Technologies a call. They do west system resins and as far as I remember pricing was better by far
  2. crazy ivan moves are pretty hard to avoid.
  3. anybody know why the disparity in corrected elapsed times? I assume they are similar sizes.
  4. no argument there Sloop.
  5. I dont have an issue with licencing if it reduces the number of dickheads out there on the water, but regrettably regimes like this dont guarantee anything. I'm about to introduce my 6y.old boy to the sea, and to be frank it scares me that incidences of dangerous behavour seem to be increasing. I've never been one to throw sh*t at other vessels or confront other boaties at anchor, when they do dumb things but with precious ' cargo' on board, i can see it happening.
  6. Putting aside my negativity, I just realised its a Sydney to Akld race ( yes I know. DER. Its all in the leading lines!) and it occured to me how much more awesome would it be if it was a 2 legged event with boats leaving both side's at the same time (i.e doubling the tasman) 2 weeks to re-gather/repair or withdraw and off we go again). Winner to be determined on total elapsed time. My ramblings aside, the sad fact is that this sort of event probably is now (& may well have been for years) the domain of semi-pro or professional teams. Its good to see something new happening.
  7. In which case - assuming Akarana are actually not involved - I retract.
  8. Don't worry though it will come to nothing. Letting off steam is all.
  9. The attitude that RAYC have demonstrated toward maintaining haul-out facilities. nothing personal.
  10. Awesome event. Shithouse organisers. All boats should, as a condition of entry, have to stay in the water for 8 weeks prior to start without being hauled and /or cleaned in any fashion. Even if I could I would not enter or support the organiser by entering.
  11. and bugger - wind on the snout.
  12. Whats happened to Vixen?
  13. I see skipper has decided to shoot the gap and do 'just' a RNI. Fair call. I'd be thinking hard about getting to Cook and turning around. East Coast with all the potential for floating timber seems like a scarey prospect to me.
  14. You're never there until you're there, so near the end, beware... Fair winds to skipper & crew
  15. Good on him (?) but why? Is it fund raising for a cause, or just because.
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