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  1. I like that as a notion - but I'd add, all boats in a 'parc ferme' situation in NZ for the interim period. No alterations permitted, or if there are, every team is able to review/redesign a common component of the COR's choosing (i.e calling all teams calling all teams, there's a window of 8 weeks and you may alter your appendage/control system/thing-a- me whats it. Go for it and then submit design to ensure measurement is compliant) then it all gets wrapped up again. And, come back again next winter for 12 weeks training, then hold another early summer pre regatta. say Nov 2021 followed
  2. This is turning more epic by the looks of things. Running before the breeze onto a lee shore with not many (if any) hidey holes - yikes! I hope everything's ok.
  3. The plans i have wouldnt be good enough for anything other than a look and an idea but if u r happy with that pm your email and I'll share wot i gave SeaEaglii. Its gotta be worth trying to contact the designer if u want something more to build from
  4. Crikey. I need not have worried about him closing on the coast in 50 knots. He has had a plan the whole time. Cunning fox!
  5. But whats your point IT 🤔? Not posting uninformed opinion would be the death of ZB and -dare I say it, forums like this.
  6. I would be rude not to acknowledge that NZTA does seem to have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Temp repairs underway tonight is a pretty good response. Who woulda thought that a 61 year old bridge was as technilogical as it sounds eh. I just thought it was a giant meccanno set
  7. The more I follow this the greater the feeling that it would be poor form not to donate. This guy really is risking life and limb. I wonder what it must be like to live in a country that values and funds the protection of its heritage?
  8. I'm not sure what the problem is there Dtwo. I don't believe that anything in my reply indicated a sh*t job was acceptable, just that it seemed the engineering was already available and has been proven by father time.
  9. I'd think that one of the pollie parties would sieze on this as an election issue. It surely is something of national importance - when the biggest motor in the economy develops a knock, and we are as Lateral puts it, paralysed, that is the real problem. BUT whoaaaa - this is the wrong place for that discussion and may even a thread drift. I saw/heard a report indicating engineers have to consult/design/peer review etc, and while we all want things done well, it seems farcical when u consider how long has the bridge been up for. What they did back then seems to have been ok and it pr
  10. Good decision by the looks of it. Hope he sleeps well tonight - certainly deserves to. Are catabatic winds a probability in Milford under current circumstances? And how / what do u do to deal with them. Just watched a video taken in Charlotte sound - viscious looking event.
  11. There are a whole heap of more experienced people here than me, but seems to me that giving away sea room under these circumstances is a mistake, and I wonder what would be wrong with doing a 180 and running off to the N or if he could, NW. Surely he would gain some room? Lee shore, big seas, 50+ ? A beating is an understatement. Sure hope he stays ok.
  12. Hell of a trip and I am watching with great interest.
  13. Surely Doc its time to go back to the builder? Presumably he was contracted supplied a vessel avec iron sails - in which case your best way forward may be with them not the engine manufacturer? While undoubtedly your problem, the fault is not yours and all the while this goes back and forward - the closer you move to end of warranty.
  14. out of interest Rigger - which gave way - the bit of rope or the cutting edge metal/cardboard derivative? Whichever - I bet it made a hell of a noise.
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