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  1. Are none of the 30 foot Tri's racing this year ? Timberwolf, Frantic drift, Dragon
  2. How do you attach a pic, it seems to not be there
  3. Can get a bit rough in there.....
  4. I will dig it out and let you know if it's the same
  5. Hi BBE88, I have a good condition rudder in Wellington if you need one.
  6. The Strip you are looking for is available from Jaycar and commonly used in the large digital display units, you simply open the display unit remove the strip cut it to the desired length on the instrument and put it all back together. I have done about 3 of them including wind and the multi and it works well. The bigger problem is the water getting in the back through the 3rd hold on the Multi, once you fill that in you have less issues.
  7. They really are determined to keep this event small with none of the big boats turning up again this year. This used to be a great race held as the last race of the year, it had boats such as GBE's 18 skiffs etc coming from as far as Auckland to compete in, now it's held on a Saturday mid season on championship days of other clubs so nobody turns up and this year on the same day as the RPNYC Regatta and now a revised day on the Island bay race.
  8. Has somebody retired ? There is a yacht coming back into the harbour that was out with the RNI fleet
  9. At about 5.40 I was cooking dinner on the Barbie when the first boat came out the heads, I have kept watching until now and I can still count 12 sets of nav lights from the lounge with a few look to be going backwards into cook straight.
  10. The tracker is great and free on the laptop, but if i chose to check up on the fleet while sitting on the couch with the i pad it costs me $4.50, seems a bit crazy to me.
  11. The Saint


    Looks stunning Tim.
  12. The Saint


    Simple, How about I take the hulls off your hands and you a you build some new one's a bit shorter
  13. The Saint


    If we had a wind limit at 20 knots I would never get to go for a sail.
  14. The Saint


    How did the hole happen? it seems ok in the pics when the boat is in safe mode
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