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  1. Are you sure you haven't knocked any wires off? either from the alternator or a return wire bolted to the motor frame?
  2. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/75709626/Plush-Wellington-apartments-causing-waves-for-salty-dogs I don't have any connection with this story, but it seems to be a genuine issue. Seems logical that a new structure below the waterline would bounce waves into the marina.
  3. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/75665328/sheila-in-trouble-at-evans-bay-marina Glad they got this under control, she is just across from my berth, wouldn't want a big steel yacht like that drifting down onto my one.
  4. Actually, I have to show some respect to this guy, Have seen this yacht being used constantly since. Clearly the engine is running and pushing the yacht around at a reasonable speed. A couple of days ago it spent most of the day anchored in Oriental Bay. It moves around Evans bay, usually appears to have 2 young guys in her. So at least the old derelict is getting some use. Unlike plenty of flash looking yachts around that never seem to move.
  5. I had 2 trailer sailors before I brought my current keeler. I started with a Kestrel 18 but very quickly grew out of that. I learnt a lot in her but they are not very stable and quite small inside and I wanted something that I could cross cook strait in and cruise the sounds so I brought a 25 ft trailer sailer, which was much more seaworthy and comfortable. But when getting up to this size TS I had to buy a bigger towing vehicle. But I did cross Cook Strait several times in that TS, sailing as far as Abel Tasman park. In general terms bigger does mean more seaworthy and faster more co
  6. Could be a bit of overreaction to a short test sail?? After all, if it took 5 hours to sail to the mouth of Evans Bay it would have taken another 2 days to get out of the harbour and a week to get out of sight of land. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/75369686/wellington-boatie-stopped-without-engine-radio-or-navigation-equipment.html
  7. Yes, a rudder test would work I expect. If it did work it could be a good little business for someone to import it and sell on Trade Me. But that is looking too much into possibilities, too much speculation. Even if it did work, wouldn't it rub off on the strops used to put the boat back in the water.
  8. As IT said the output may be rectified but probably not regulated. But at least on the older smallish outboards I am familiar with they are only capable of fairly low current output, enough to run a light or provide a trickle charge but no more. So they could be left charging a battery safely for hours. If you connect a voltmeter to the terminals with nothing connected yes with some revs you will get over 20 volts, but with a load connected it is drops right back. Do you have any details on the voltage and current output on your outboard? Yes terminals should be protected from salt spray, a
  9. When I said the voltage is about right, I was assuming it was approximate using an analogue voltmeter on the panel, such as many yachts have. it is a good idea to check with a digital volt meter to get an accurate idea as messages above state.
  10. I would want to see a trial of at least 6 months before I would consider it. Not necessarily on 2 yachts, even an old hull, cleaned and half treated and half not.
  11. Look at the home page of the website and they show two yacht hulls, claiming it is a 1 month test, The growth on the un treated yacht looks like much more than 1 month to me, It is a new product, so not much testimony around, But I would love to have some trustworthy trial show that it works, but until then will wait. Reading the FAQ it is not recommended over ablative anti-fowl, so I would have to sand back first.
  12. A little unusual, but the voltage readings sound about right. So it sounds like the AMP light is telling you that the system is charging at more than a threshold level, when it goes out it would not mean that the batteries are 100% fully charged, more like they have finished the bulk part of their charge, perhaps up to about 80%, it takes a lot of time to charge any further which is the absorption phase. My other thought is that there may be a modern smart regulator fitted. Such as this one http://www.smartregulator.co.nz/ These supply an initial high current and then after a period swit
  13. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/75055639/yachties-in-the-drink-on-way-home-from-acdc-concert
  14. That really sucks, sounds like someone drove the price up and then backtracked when they saw you had reached your limit. Not a fair auction. And even if the auction is re run they know your limit.
  15. You get a lot of boat for your money with a Ferro Cement. They got a bad reputation in the 80's or so but mainly because so most of them were home built and build quality varied a lot so water got into reinforcing and blew out the hulls. But as a FC owner told me once, most of the bad ones are now are the bottom of the sea. Generally heavy and slow, they make good cheap liveaboards. Anyway, I am in Wellington, have a yacht in Evans Bay marina. Have years of experience sailing Wellington, to Sounds and Nelson/ Tasman bay area and have sailed Tonga to NZ once. I could be interested in helping w
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