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  1. I accept your opinion IT but I’m with BP

     Cell coverage in most of the world cruising destinations are more than adequate to maintain normal life.

    on a passage satph is a tech we all understand even if much more expensive however for a short time, however SSB is fiddly and often suffers from problems with either grounding or antenna or operational error.
    Where I’d still use SSB is in a longterm liveaboard world cruiser that going to spend extended time in remote areas. Then you would probably have a satph also.

    just my two cents worth

  2. your correct Fish , a deep reef for a squaretop needs to leave only 35% of the luff, you will get away with 50% left if it’s a pintop and you have a trisail for Cat 2 anyway but also comes down to the inspector and your explanation of how you can handle such a situation 

    As can be seen in the photo above Deep Throttle had plenty of sail with storm jib and tri sail up out in the Strait and coming up the main channel, but it looks overkill in the photo on the reach into the finish. Anarchy shook out their deep reef at the head of the channel for the reach in then wiped out as they crossed Evens bay. Just shows you don’t need a lot of sail in big winds



  3. String line qualifies as depth sounder, and will work once your struck by lightning and all the wires in your mast get damaged 

    last RNI (Cat 2) yachts with squaretop mains were required to have 50% reefing ability were as pinheads were ok with 35% and a tri sail. There’s still a lot of sail up with 50% reef in a squaretop especially in 50+kts on the noise short tacking into Wellington  


    I haven’t gone deep into this latest round ( can’t be assed until they become official )


  4. I’m betting there was a few diehards that keep their bucket of tar until they couldn’t row out to their boat anymore 

    “Can’t trust them new fangle flare things you know”

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  5. The only place I see flares having an advantage is all electronics down including battery powered, and your insight of another vessel or land and you don’t want to use your epirb, signaling torch/mirror/flags/v sheet or wave your arms slowly.

    For that situation they are perfect 

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  6. We have this system and it’s great, use the heating here a lot in the winter to keep the boat dry as much as us warm and the cooling is great in the tropics 

    like all AC run it regularly to keep it working well

  7. Did a fishing and dive trip to the Three Kings two years ago, great fishing weather and we motored or motorsailed the whole way at 8+ kts

    There was five of us and we were away for ten days, it took $500 to refuel on arriving back at Westhaven 

    So $100 each or $10 each per day, cheap game fishing / dive trip

  8. 26 minutes ago, Fogg said:

    I’m guessing the difference between 2400 and 3000 rpm is about extra 40-50hp and extra 10lph but only 0.5kts boatspeed.

    Pretty much but actually another 1.5 kts

    so first 6kts are at .43l per nm

    last 1.5 kts are at over 6l per nm

  9. Volvo D3i 110hp Common rail diesel 

    Full noise is 3000rpm at 10kts burning god only knows as I’ve only ever opened if up for short bursts

    no real advantage in going over 2400 as not much more speed just a hole behind the boat


  10. Only real way to know is measure consumption 

    We did this sailing back from Europe 

    Started running motor at 2400rpm at 8kts and burning over 10l/h In the Med

    Then crossing the Atlantic we ran at 2000 doing 7kts and burning 5.6l/h

    By the time we got to the pacific we were down to 1500 doing 6kts and burning 2.6l/h

    We would record engine hours and Ltrs every time we fill up.

    Tanks hold 500lts, 

    So at 8kts can motor for 400nm but at 6kts we get to Fiji or 1150nm huge difference 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, marinheiro said:

    Different market, I think they are all 20m+

    Possibly, I’d heard 16m and up, surprising how the market drops when any new berths come on stream but within a 12 months they are all gone and demand dictates price again 

  12. 22 hours ago, Fish said:

    I would have thought that even if racing could be held safely at L3, they wouldn't, purely because of the perception / optics of it.

    Apparently we aren't supposed to go boating under L3, so for the rich foreigners to be allowed to do it would cause some angst I suspect. Not being able to go boating at L3 was a key driver for me taking up windsurfing, so I can get a water fix and some exercise when the gyms are closed and I can't take the boat out.

    Commercial operators/professionals are still allowed to operate under L3

    Sounds like we have 3 more attached to Papatoetoe High


    Talk from officials is it may go ahead this weekend but the above may change this

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  13. I’ve used warpaint for years and really like it.

    It can be scrubbed which is good if your racing

    The travel lift guys always are surprised How easy it cleans up when I do a lift and wash.

    I also buy cleaning product through the company so maybe I do a deal ?

  14. The problem isn’t the recreational take, it’s less than 4% off the top of my head.

    The problem is quotas were issued on historical data, so if you caught x tonnes of fish for the last x years then that was your allocation 

    Problem being that they brought in the quota system because of over fishing so nothings changed they were and still are taking more that can be sustained. With minor tweaks, 

    Personally I believe all commercial fishing should be restricted to small operations fishing with long lines ( one hook one fish ) and enclosed waters like the Hauraki Gulf should be recreational only. Small operators will fish for sustainability, corporations will fish for profit then move to another area once no longer profitable.

    Plus the recreational take is still too high, no one can eat 9 or 20 fish as it is now, 4 fish of any size makes more sense to me, in other words you can take any size fish but just 4 of them.

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