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    Female winch socket

    Harken sell them at Westhaven
  2. Get it surveyed And get it surveyed
  3. Here’s another 5min job that’s only taken 2 months
  4. Jon

    Life raft hire

    Probably what boat ? Its in a fibreglass container
  5. Jon


    Maybe the council could have put up some signs as follows Don't Drink the Harbour Water (it’s most likely contaminated with human effluent) Don’t Eat the soil under the grandstand (it’s most likely contaminated with petrochemicals)
  6. From my understanding it’s not a pre purchase survey more a condition report I had the same thing when I asked for an offshore extension to my Vero policy then they changed their mind and said a Cat 1 certificate was all I needed So if you have had a Cat 3 for say coastal done then try them with this ?
  7. No but saying that the number of people we met in Fiji this year in cats mostly, that said ‘we motor or motorsail always on passage” surprised me ‘There doesn’t seem to be the level of sailing skills in the cruising fleet that you would expect
  8. The organising authority decides the CATEGORY of races they run, they need sign off from YNZ but they (YNZ have very little current knowledge on running keelboat events. Advanced Sea Survival is a standard set by world sailing, I did my 4th one earlier in the year where a 2hr online refresher would have been just as much use. Just to give you a bit of warning Razz, SSANZ is now organising a Two Handed Northern Triangle for 2025 (only 15months away). It will be Cat 3 plus AIS and a qualifying race/passage required, have stopovers at Mangonui and Marsden Cove. Be a total
  9. Jon

    NZ Registration

    As Booboo said, it is usually done in a few days at the NZ end. They probably just have that statement to cover any outlying issues The old owners usually need to do the deregistration and then get that to you, this can take time depending upon where it’s currently registered
  10. Our dinghy string is a “Decorator” as it can not only paint but also hang wall paper
  11. Asking and selling prices can be very different things
  12. I’ll accept that it’s 20k if your starting from scratch, that’s why it’s always cheaper to start with a boat that’s well setup storm jib, trisail and Jackstays aren’t once costs but will have value on many passages and secondhand storm sails are cheap as most never get used comms have never been cheaper when you compare starlink to setting up ssb from scratch anyone want to buy my Irridium Go ? Can’t see myself using it again
  13. Many yachts in Fiji this season have it, probably better than half. Spoken to a few that sailed up with local plan and they said it worked fine. ‘I’d say most if not all will have it next year
  14. It really comes down to where you are starting from and how much time you have to put into the prep versus paying for it. I’m in the middle of it right now (cruising in Fiji) and have spent less than $15k, let’s telly it up Raft. Second hand 3yr old, $1500 - ASS plus Offshore medic $1200 - first aid kit $200 - sail overhaul $2500 - flares, life jacket service, fire extinguishers, eprib $1000 - Two Cat 1 inspections $500 - offshore insurance $4000 On top of the above but would have done this regardless, you can include or not, haulout and Antifoul including out of water inspecti
  15. Medical kit can be done for a few hundred not thousand, however the ready to go kits are close to that. Get all the non scripted stuff from a discount chemist chain, skin stapler and Israeli bandages from online, then take the list of restricted drugs to your doctor when your doing a regular visit, then take this to Belmont Pharmacy or the likes that are used to doing this. I did the above and already had a trauma kit that was out of date so used that but you can also just use click clack plastic boxes. mine was well under $200
  16. History would account for a lot if cruising but the Organising Authority will probably require it, but I’ll ask
  17. Send me an email with all the relevant details and I’ll ask the question, current we don’t have a head inspector as he’s decided to go off and do another lap, but I’ll get you an answer. Include some photos please symaara@icloud.com
  18. Yes M they are generally budget and inexperienced sailors, but not all, some are very experienced sailors that have been there done that and have very expensive boats and will be doing it for tax reasons. So the regulations are missing the ones that need it most in my personal opinion ( this is what I’ll take back to YNZ ) not sure what the answer is here, met some great guys on my 4th ASS course earlier this year that planned to head off. like you said we hauled a month out so we could depart with new Antifoul and that would be one less issue to worry about up here and on returning
  19. These are the reasons they are giving me for not registering in NZ and finding an alternative
  20. Insurance companies factor their rates accordingly and accept Cat 1 inspection rather than needing to get a marine survey
  21. I’ve been asking kiwi owners on foreign flagged boats that are currently in Fiji why they did it this way with the idea to take this back to YNZ. I sit on both sides of fence (boat owner and YNZ inspector) I’m getting they all seem to use the YNZ template as per what gear they take but ASS course costs and 5 year renewal, MARINE medic course, out of water inspection ‘But if you want insurance then your paying one way or the other, cost of insurance is less if you do it properly just to start with.
  22. K Dee is up here in Fiji L 10.6 Is Malaysian flagged and heading to AU
  23. Yes plus they need to be approved by them as suitable We came up with 4, 1 first timer offshore even though he’d done plenty of local stuff in this boat. have got 4 experienced for trip home
  24. Only speaking from my experience with Vero this season, initially they wanted a survey from a boat builder but then said they were happy to accept the Cat 1. Plus some boats I did the Cat 1 on had the same experience, but everyone can have a different experience from the same situation. However each boat will have different requirements due to age and history
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