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  1. No that’s if you lose it they send you a physical copy but also electronic move got multiple laminated copies on board
  2. I charge a small fee on top if a first timer wants me to walk them through the prep which includes a preliminary look over the vessel Usually works out to between $30/$40 per hour, sometimes less for the whole process and usually I can save them more with ideas that I’ve pick up from either doing myself or from others that I’ve inspected
  3. Fee for Cat one varying from $300 to $400 ynz get $115 of that
  4. Ok, small up date as we don’t know much yet but this much I do know If Olly’s boat was closer I could start the process on the 30th and he would have 60 days or could get 30 day extensions o top of that As of 1st July I lose both my delegation to issue Cat 1’s and my ability to issue Cat 2 and 3 certs The New process will be something like the following MNZ will call for applications for new positions of VAA (vessel assessment advisor) some of these will probably be ex YNZ inspectors ‘YNZ will also ask current inspectors to reapply as cat 2,3 inspectors (however they
  5. I can do your cat 1 up until 30th June which is valid for 60 days
  6. your offshore, have you run out of wind or something ? Starlink must be working well
  7. I can’t see it Sounds more like you will probably need both sign off from YNZ to race and MNZ to depart as YNZ won’t have the delegation to issue the clearance cert
  8. It’s conclusive now Only Cat 1 that will be handled by YNZ inspectors is for Cat 1 races Plus all inspectors are going to need to apply to be reinstated as inspectors for Cat 1-5, so I’d read between the lines that there will be a cull
  9. will possibly know more as in why today but we’ve been told 30th June last day for Cat 1
  10. It’s going to get worse YNZ are giving it back to MNZ I’m considering offshore registration now and Polish is 395 euros for lifetime rego and all done online in less than a week
  11. If the guy standing at the back put his back into it they’d be away
  12. Firstly we’re in the tropics are you ? Some chart data is very unreliable and other isn’t, plus is it fog or just dark night ? And have I been there before ? Stand off until daylight. Or use satellite imagery data, radar, chartplotter, navionics on another device, in other words all available means including someone on the bow as you can always see or hear something no matter how dark the night is.
  13. Yes Navionics, if you look at the two images Vanuatu Vatu is only visible in one also all systems have there risks, it has a declutter mode effectively that drops stuff as you zoom out, I always create a route not to follow directly but to use as a reference line so I can zoom in and out and still know we are heading in the correct general direction I guess this is so it can be run on mobile devices I’m assuming I like it as I run an iPad in the cockpit and encourage all crew to use it while in watch, when I first sailed offshore navigation was a dark art that was guarded by o
  14. GPS aided groundings are more common than you’d like to think All speculation on my part at this point
  15. Plotting a course from Minerva to Savusavu Put in a few waypoints to go up between the islands in the Lau However you then need to zoom in and follow the route as many things don’t show at low zoom
  16. An Outbound 46 hit Navutu reef in the Lau a couple of nights ago ’Thursdays Child”
  17. Sort of But more like driving a school bus to the limits in bad conditions and 5 kids got killed when you lost control
  18. Swell looked a lot different tonight on news than it did in the doco that was screened earlier A lot more like I’d have expected as we were sheltering not far away
  19. Entry tonight is for SSANZ members only However, with the discount it’s a better deal to join then enter anyway
  20. Entries open tonight at 1900hrs Last time it sold out in minutes, you will be able to buy a ticket from 7pm tonight which will allow you to complete your entry form later on the race portal. The link will only become live at this time, so you may need to refresh your browser You will need, a credit card, your name, email address, ph number, boat name and design. The ticket isn’t transferable however you will be able to swap out co-skipper or boat if you upgrade either https://www.ssanz.co.nz/nt.2025/ Entries are limited to 40 yachts, after this you will be able to join th
  21. Yes we are watching that may need to re asses courses and destination yet but still a week out so lots can change
  22. Entries close tomorrow 30 yachts so far
  23. https://www.ssanz.co.nz/enduro-2024/
  24. Come to the barrier and make Anzac into the last long weekend of the summer season. Starts Thursday 25th at 1305hrs 21 entries already, entries close this Friday 3 courses, Cruising (bring the kids and motor for up to 2hrs if need be) Shorthaul 60nm bit of fun Longhaul 140nm reach, reach, reach. This is a qualification race for next years Northern Triangle (lm doing this division on Pipi) BBQ / Pizzas prize giving at Smokehouse weather permitting
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