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  1. Did a fishing and dive trip to the Three Kings two years ago, great fishing weather and we motored or motorsailed the whole way at 8+ kts There was five of us and we were away for ten days, it took $500 to refuel on arriving back at Westhaven So $100 each or $10 each per day, cheap game fishing / dive trip
  2. Pretty much but actually another 1.5 kts so first 6kts are at .43l per nm last 1.5 kts are at over 6l per nm
  3. WOT = Volvo Penta Diesel D3 110 110 hp 21.5 LPH
  4. Volvo D3i 110hp Common rail diesel Full noise is 3000rpm at 10kts burning god only knows as I’ve only ever opened if up for short bursts no real advantage in going over 2400 as not much more speed just a hole behind the boat
  5. Only real way to know is measure consumption We did this sailing back from Europe Started running motor at 2400rpm at 8kts and burning over 10l/h In the Med Then crossing the Atlantic we ran at 2000 doing 7kts and burning 5.6l/h By the time we got to the pacific we were down to 1500 doing 6kts and burning 2.6l/h We would record engine hours and Ltrs every time we fill up. Tanks hold 500lts, So at 8kts can motor for 400nm but at 6kts we get to Fiji or 1150nm huge difference
  6. Possibly, I’d heard 16m and up, surprising how the market drops when any new berths come on stream but within a 12 months they are all gone and demand dictates price again
  7. May change when A-, A— and A—- come on line but I doubt it
  8. Momentum is your friend when your ahead
  9. Latest is no racing tomorrow But all on for Saturday onwards
  10. Commercial operators/professionals are still allowed to operate under L3 Sounds like we have 3 more attached to Papatoetoe High Talk from officials is it may go ahead this weekend but the above may change this
  11. I’ve used warpaint for years and really like it. It can be scrubbed which is good if your racing The travel lift guys always are surprised How easy it cleans up when I do a lift and wash. I also buy cleaning product through the company so maybe I do a deal ?
  12. As a Course Marshell I was told at level three there would be racing but no spectator fleet so no stake boats required Haven’t heard officially yet but the levels and plan was set way back last year., but then again the one constant in the a whole event is change.
  13. Jon

    Maxpower suncover

    3D print one ?
  14. The problem isn’t the recreational take, it’s less than 4% off the top of my head. The problem is quotas were issued on historical data, so if you caught x tonnes of fish for the last x years then that was your allocation Problem being that they brought in the quota system because of over fishing so nothings changed they were and still are taking more that can be sustained. With minor tweaks, Personally I believe all commercial fishing should be restricted to small operations fishing with long lines ( one hook one fish ) and enclosed waters like the Hauraki Gulf should be recr
  15. Just a slight correction Suguru came and worked on our farm for a year from Okinawa about ten years ago. He now owns and operates this NZ style F&C shop in Naha Sells deep fried battered Hoki and chips plus other Okinawean dishes
  16. Where YNZ come in is they issue your Cat 1 cert ( required for all NZ registered vessels) However they do this under contract to MNZ
  17. Adrian, I thought the idea of a cat was that they redundancies built in ie two boats strapped together 🤣🤪😜
  18. Normal procedure is as follows Make an offer subject to survey, maybe just hull but can include motor and rig etc If accepted you pay a deposit, usually 10% Minor issues are accepted as ts not new your buying Major issues are either fix by owner, or you take the cost of repair off the price. You can only back out and get your deposit back if the owner isn’t prepared to fix or negotiate a deal acceptable to you. Survey costs are on you but owner often pays for the haulout. You can also ask for a sea trail as a condition of purchase. But all deals are a
  19. Keel fell off apparently Lookedlike this a little later
  20. We were one of the closest boats to the top mark and not far from incident We heard a bang when it crashed down, we thought at the time that it was the rig slapping the water, but with sound taking longer to get to us, and now looking at that hole, if looks like as the whole weight landed on the end of the port foil, which looks to have blown out the side of the hull were the mechanism is. maybe, but guess we won’t ever know
  21. Out on stakeboat duty last two days and again tomorrow Chill guys and gals When they drop off the foils they are still as faster than most keelers But At 8kts of wind the are doing 30+ think of it like a F1 car in the pit lane, they look stupid, but suddenly their off at 30 to 40+ Who would have thought just a few years ago you could sail at 4x wind speed
  22. I chimed in because I’ve got history with these sorts of dickheads. Many years ago it was a hot summers day about mid January, Saturday if I remember, and I wanted to go to the marina and replace the spreader covers on the yacht we had at the time, kids wanted to go to the beach. So we compromise and sailed from PH to Waiheke, found a nice little bay, we were the only ones in the bay, kids had a swim and the admiral hoisted me up the rig, I was replacing the upper spreader ones when this jetskier launches off the beach and decides we need a demo on his skills, using us as one of his
  23. Yes fully justified
  24. I second the countersink the holes from the deck so you create a good washer of sealant between the track and deck plus tighten nuts and don’t let the bolts rotate Did mine twice, then found water was coming from around windows and tracking along track bolts, fixed that and now tracks don’t leak. 😂
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