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  1. Definitely NZ registered says so on the side
  2. Don’t expect it to be quick or comfortable
  3. I’d be keen to join your group We are heading to Tonga via Minerva early June then Fiji early August Not interested in rallies either but be good to get and share some collective knowledge
  4. One other thing, make sure you can get to your batteries fast One of the yachts in the current RNI had a small electrical fire in the back of the panel and the main battery isolator didn’t kill the supply Power was from something that required permanent connection and lid was securely screwed down and tools were well stowed Luckily it was controlled but could have been disastrous
  5. Mechanical issues looking at options at this point
  6. Finish line between tower and ODM CU decided 600nm upwind wasn’t fun anymore Tiny said they are doing the rum race
  7. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy
  8. My batteries are all below from factory Talk to your inspector and develop a working understanding and most things are doable
  9. All batteries must be installed securely in adequate battery boxes. The bottom of the box must be above the level of the cabin sole. Battery boxes must be acid proof unless all the batteries are fully sealed units.
  10. Tracker only pings the position every 10min then uploads these every 30 so if you tack between pongs you get a track that looks like that.
  11. No works on all devices
  12. Just because, plus he needs to do a qualifying passage for the solo Tasman, this should do it
  13. We anchor in there after starting the SSANZ triple series races and go into the cafe for brunch brunch
  14. Doesn’t look like it. Think they will sail around it or clear in to top of South Island then come up possibly Arbitare mid BOP and Distraction arrived in Westhaven at 5.30 this morning
  15. Jon


    Great boat, when I get old I’d like one
  16. As Steve says above, but another way is rather than running the sheet through the pole use a outhaul line through the pole and clip to clew of the genoa This way you can sheet it aft and haul it out, this will also give you the chance to experiment with the perfect length if you decide to make a dedicated whisker pole or shorten what you have. Keep an eye out on trademe also, sometimes it’s out there
  17. Not long now, 16 days to go. Nearly all the boats have arrived in Auckland Poulpito mid Tasman Arbitare approaching East Cape Relapse sitting on the hard in Whangārei without a rig Simply Irresistible sitting in Westhaven without a rudder Its all about to get real for 33 yachts and 66 sailors
  18. No, we have a quite flat teak deck and over winter the southern side, in around the mast base, handrails and Genoa tracks were it didn’t dry fast enough after rain it would start to grow green, then dirt would build up. The first time I did it the results weren’t great as you really need to clean everything before you apply, I’ve found the best results to be to give the decks a light scrub, then spray it on and leave it. Don’t rinse the boat, let it dry in place then it reactivates each time it rains. Definitely not slippery, if I see grime buildup after a while I just hose the decks ever
  19. I spray my decks beginning of each winter with Wet and Forget, not the cheapest by a long way, but I know it won’t do any harm Sailmakers use it on sails also
  20. Either of them will do it, but won’t last too long as cheaply made I use one of these, not because it’s any better but because I can put it in tricky spots and hit the button https://www.burnsco.co.nz/transfer-pump-diesel-water-2xd-battery
  21. As above will be very interesting to see who fronts, maybe every other club is missing something Cant see how it’s classic if it’s never happened before Want to get numbers “ then don’t put obstacles in the way - make it cheap, use racetrack, have a party afterwards. Once it’s established and classic then it will stand on its own feet, just my thoughts but I could be wrong, hope I am for their sake Maybe it has something to do with it being on first of April
  22. Spirits Bay is also a good anchorage if it’s SW and your waiting for it to go more W
  23. West coast every time ‘Get to top and then only need a two or three favourable days and your there East coast you will get hit somewhere
  24. Never seen one there but there’s usually one in Man-o-war bay Waiheke this time of year There maybe a skip on the coromandel wharf ? It comes under Waikato Regional Council and TCDC
  25. Jon

    VHF radio help

    If you’ve replaced the aerial and radio and still not working can only be power ? are you receiving on any channels ? Try listening on 60 or 62, there should be endless chatter of trip reports with Coastguard, especially on weekends Turn volume to max, adjust squelch until it screams at you then back until it stops. Check your on International not USA or Canada As long as the Ariel is screwed in tight and the red wire is connected to a positive supply and the black wire to a ground/neutral they just work. Maybe post where your cruising whilst away and someone can row
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