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  1. Went for a sail in town for a change... Ponsonby cruising club open day turned out a stunner!
  2. had the combined weiti gh winter race.nice sunny 5-10knots. good close racing with it being abit too close at times. with a little bit of carnage! to put it lightly we were in the wrong and demolished the prod.. Wild thing was honking along and chasing a 45fter all the way to the finish. with whats news not far behind. But im sure we will get a write up form WT anyway.. even got some work done on the little 3.7 yesterday!
  3. Went out for a sail. Squid if you could make it work that would be great
  4. Repaired a rather large soft spot in philstars hobie 16. All fixed now! Did some small jobs on the 780 and measured sails for our phrf for the simrad. now today I re-spliced the prod lines as one came out racing on sunday. Now their whipped! What else is there to do Philstar!
  5. fitted some jib tracks to the r780 ready for the winter series. Broke a rivet gun riveting a mainsheet track to philstars hobie 16 and did some dodgy electrics . allgood fun.
  6. 203

    Shaw 550

    yes outboard, it must be the third or fourth one being started now. I do believe that it is cost of the materials +10% for the bare hull.
  7. 203

    Shaw 550

    its sitting here as we speak (or type) awaiting for a owner to paint etc... A new one is just in the beginning stages of being built.
  8. 203


    same here... I can see it being expensive, but also in-expensive for the sort of boat that you would be getting
  9. 203


    fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  10. 203


    it looks like a quick design downwind... but i think you might need abit extra weight to sail it in a breeze.... As for a over rated expesive dog? maybe expensive, but i dont think its over rated. Id for sure want to test sail one
  11. 203

    End of Year Rum Race

    A pirate theme, How very appropriate, sorta goes along with the whole drunken sailor thing..
  12. Shoulda come and said hello! but not run the slow red boat down in the process... Now.. was you the boat that couldnt get the black gennaker up properly or the one with the white one blasting along at sh%#ing your pants speed?
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