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  1. You have to remember that simply changing the weekend won't work for some people. This has been on the calendar for probably quiet a few people for a while now and they will have organised other things for other weekends. I can understand the reasoning though. Predict wind is only showing 30 knot gusts averaging mid twenties for most of Saturday and Sunday. Iv found them to be reasonable for the past few weeks. I reckon let it pan out and see what happens.
  2. We should be there in the 780. keep us informed please!
  3. 203

    B&T 2 Handed series

    We're in on the revamped rafferty rules, can't wait..
  4. Went for a sail in town for a change... Ponsonby cruising club open day turned out a stunner!
  5. All thats changed in a years time! She has nearly all new deck gear, all of the electrics now work, squabs are being re covered and have been cleaned, c-board has been repaired, faired and painted, with the winch being fixed at the same time, She's practically a new boat, and the new paintjob will help! She's actually a really fun boat to sail on!
  6. Has to be a winner... not sure who would win. philstar or candela...
  7. had the combined weiti gh winter race.nice sunny 5-10knots. good close racing with it being abit too close at times. with a little bit of carnage! to put it lightly we were in the wrong and demolished the prod.. Wild thing was honking along and chasing a 45fter all the way to the finish. with whats news not far behind. But im sure we will get a write up form WT anyway.. even got some work done on the little 3.7 yesterday!
  8. Could be keen to come down with the r780 if i can convince the owner!
  9. Looking forward to the simrad.. Should be good!
  10. Hey guys, So my old man and I are looking at trailer yachts. Would it be too much to ask for a opinion? positives and negatives? which goes better etc etc There is both a rocket 780 and a Ross 780 on trade me at the moment, both of them we are looking at. Any thoughts much appreciated! Luke
  11. agree about the 780's. There is enough boats from both classes to get enough for each class. just a matter of convincing.
  12. Good to see im not the only one to not be able to use the you tube link while replying. I usually give up after two try's and let someone else to fix it. Squid usually does it I am rather glad we didnt go sailing. Would of been a very wet day with lots of rain... After all, were going out to have fun right?
  13. quite glad really. 63kts at tiri this avo apparently. much nicer to stay in the house..
  14. someone on here got some explaining to do?
  15. Went out for a sail. Squid if you could make it work that would be great
  16. Who is this run by and is there aNOR? Thanks..
  17. not sure, havnt downloaded it yet, but the camera was fixed on the cockpit the whole time. Too scared to unscrew it when its blowing 25-30kts! Ill have a look when i get a chance.
  18. will get the footage up at some stage... But watch out phil. I heard rumours at the club of someone having a camera out on the boat with them!
  19. WELL... that was interesting. 25-30kts at some stages with it never getting below around 18. slight chop. got 10kts under main only in the little ross 780 before the start, but crew work and in-experience put us behind a little bit, next race we hope for a better result. Really good to see some city boats come up for some awesome close racing with 25 boats out for today!
  20. Awesome Booboo, the next race is run by Gulf harbour, 2pm start, with everyone going back to Gulf harbour club after wards. Ie who ever runs the race, thats what club the sailors go to.. But im sure you know that Races run around the river tide. Forecast is looking like 16-18kts from the north so flat water. But knowing auckland that will change. See you there!
  21. Repaired a rather large soft spot in philstars hobie 16. All fixed now! Did some small jobs on the 780 and measured sails for our phrf for the simrad. now today I re-spliced the prod lines as one came out racing on sunday. Now their whipped! What else is there to do Philstar!
  22. fitted some jib tracks to the r780 ready for the winter series. Broke a rivet gun riveting a mainsheet track to philstars hobie 16 and did some dodgy electrics . allgood fun.
  23. 203

    tack hammer

    just make the center rudder longer, by about 500mm i reckon
  24. So your gonna buy a MEGA quick ross 830? only takes 5!
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