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  1. Hi Sailing Pivo, Life certainly is a journey isn't it. I am sorry to hear of that sad part to yours but I think its great to see you making positive steps forward and not ruling anything out for the future, that's great. I also have a story which I can share at a later date but basically I need to organise a trip from NZ to Melbourne and back again to pick up 'a friend' I need to find either : 1. A skipper with a boat who wants to do the trip ( me paying for everything obviously ) 2. To crew on a boat over there and then both of us crew on a bat back 3. Buy a bo
  2. sorry yes i should have said - I'm based in mana / wellington
  3. Hi, Im very keen to enter the 2020 SSANZ round north island race with my current boat a 33ft mercedes clipper. This will mean a lot of boat preparation and warm up races and trips. My current sailing partner while very encouraging doe not have the time to commit to such an endeavour or the energy for the extended sailing itself - hence my search for a sailing partner / co skipper to come on board and for fill a sailing ambition. Please message me back if you are interested or know of anyone who maybe, thanks
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