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  1. Ralph is absolutely fantastic. Good quality stuff he makes, and he is a great sailor. We had some fun with him in Whitianga, but unfortunately haven't seen him since.
  2. Heya, Thanks for the kind wishes and check ins. Unfortunately, after being rushed to the hospital, we ended up spending the last 8 months in and out of the hospital system, and are only just now leaving the hell behind us. And....we are selling our girl, Satori. Sad indeed, but also many positive things to look forward to. We really appreciate all the kindness. Thank you! -Danielle
  3. SEEKING BOAT FOR 2-4 WEEKS ANY TIME APRIL/MAY/JUNE WHAT: I am seeking a boat in the Pacific Islands, Australia, or New Zealand to join for about 2 to 4 weeks (can be flexible). I am hoping to join a boat that is doing at least one multi-day passage, including crossing the Tasman. I would be flying to & from Auckland, New Zealand to join. BIO: I have been sailing since April 2019. I started out by getting my Yachting NZ Level 1 and 2 qualifications; sailing with the Friday Rum Races as Westhaven several times as well as on a few private boats for leisure; and doing a 5
  4. Hey Simon, I love the idea, but I don't think I'd be keep to help organise. That said, if you do get something organised, I am here and available. Warmest regards, -Danielle
  5. My name is Danielle, and I am seeking a boat to crew on starting around February for about 3 months. I have my Yachting NZ Levels 1 & 2, have raced several times, and I have been captaining my own 40 foot monohull for the past 18 months. I am an American Citizen based in New Zealand and have permanent residency here. So, here's my story, why I am looking for a boat..... youtube.com/sailingpivo if you want to watch it. Hubby and I bought our boat in July 2020 and we went full time in December 2020. In June 2021, we were rushed to the hospital where a massive 8cm tumor was dis
  6. We're looking for crew to join our boat for an indefinite period of time. ️ Must be dog-obsessed, be okay with copious amounts of beer taking up the space of hygiene products, able to crack a *good* dad joke at least 1x/day, and able to cook up more than ramen noodles. Experienced sailors, handypeople, those with videography/photography experience, beer brewers, and professional chefs preferred. You will be expected to contribute to boat costs and shared meals and help out with all boat work/projects. If interested, send us a DM to meet for a beer & chat. We aim to be in Whitia
  7. Hello, My wife, dog, and I have recently bought a boat here in NZ. We are still relatively new to sailing but we are keeping a vlog for memories and family back home in the USA. Check out our channel if you want to come along for the adventure! We are not kiwis but we are permanent residents. https://youtu.be/NwwxcsZYOX8
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