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  1. 8 hours ago, Fogg said:

    I thought the whole point of setting up your rigging correctly is to ensure that if the rig is overloaded and ‘wants’ to drop the weakest link is your standing rigging not the boat? In other words the mast can fall without ripping your boat apart too? Hence when I’ve explored upgrading or ‘oversizing’ my rigging I’ve always been advised against it by pro riggers.

    Yep and on our cat either the rig falling over or the boat tipping over is kind of coin toss once the load gets to that point. Maybe why the resident engineer gets a bit edgy when half the rudder is out of the water?

  2. 6 hours ago, Capella said:

    Any advice on my side stays. They are 20mm dyneema. Not sure if they are 2010 or 2016. Apart from inspecting for chafing or uv damage by looking for snapped fibers what else can I do apart from just replacing them as a preventative measure?

    Well hopefully the bondage & whips guy will jump in here, who specialises in string, but for me there's a bit difference between 2010 & 2016.

    One is fine, the other would have a question mark over it for me?

  3. On 20/12/2019 at 7:48 AM, Priscilla II said:

    Aren’t all Underwoods home builds.

    This one was a home wrecker.


    So the estimated weight was a bit out then?

  4. On 11/06/2021 at 10:04 AM, Black Panther said:

    Yeah, bloody national voters. Just a vocal minority. 😁

    I'd be surprised if anyone is still voting National? But that doesn't change the facts that the Waiheke anti marina group have exhausted every legitimate avenue to stop the Marina, and now will resort to more illegal bullshit to try & force their opinion on everyone else. After getting  a free pass on a massive legal bill, that they had no way of paying?

    WTF has that got to do with National or Labour? 

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  5. Lagoons & more commonly Fontaine Pajot cats have a lot of issues around global structure, or lack of.

    Looking from the aft cabin to the bow with only a couple of poorly designed & constructed bulkheads gives lovely flow, aesthetics etc, but is not conducive to holding a cat together.

    Hull deck joins are another issue, very common in FP cats.

  6. Hiya all, I've got 2 Yanmar 40hp 3JH4's I think they are, went into Bad Kitty in 2006, with SD40 sail drives, flexofold props, and looms & instrument panels. Panels are mounted inside the saloon, so not too weather beaten. Engine hours around 2500 each.

    Will have new alternators, off the replacement engines.

    All being replaced later this year with shafts & v drives.

    Will suit a cat build, or replacement, or can split the pair. Not splitting engines & drives.

    Engines are fine, always well maintained by Westpark Marine Engineering. Changing drives, so putting new engines in at the same time, but these have plenty of life left in them. 

    I'll work on pricing, and get some photos up, but who's building a cat out there & may be interested?

  7. Get rid of the plough, doesn't matter whose it is or where it came from.

    Go see that turkey Grant at Chains Ropes & Bondage or whatever they are called, and get the Crew discount!

    Any of the high or super high holding power modern designs will deliver you to a new world of bliss when the wind comes up overnight.

    We use Rocna's, Excel & Manson Supreme on various work boats, and the Sarca Excel on Bad Kitty, changed from a Rocna but only because it fits better without the roll bar.

    Both excellent anchors. And don't scrimp on chain, I'd add 20% to what you think is plenty.

    The last time a plough could be considered a good anchor a big wooden boat loaded up with animals was about to run aground on Mt Ararat.

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  8. Main benefit of SSB is free weather & email via sailmail. (paid subscription though)

    Cheaper than sat phone. And if you scream mayday there may be a boat handy that's listening, although I'd put my 10 cents on an EPIRB for that. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Fogg said:

    Even IF you could find the money and commitment to restore this wreck and even IF the total cost came in close to fair market value for a similar boat - forget it. After this much publicity this boat will always be recognisable and carry the stigma - I’m guessing the true market value would be discounted by 30-50% as a result. The only likely motivation to take this on would be someone with an existing emotional investment in the boat eg family or former owner etc.

    A lot of well known boats have been on the bottom. Nothing wrong with a good pickling! But I agree it's a big project. Someone may well learn that a boats hull is the easy & cheap bit.

  10. Tonga boats are tired & not really well maintained.

    Whitsunday boats were much better, and it's really nice cruising there.

    No bare boat charters in Fiji, has to have a Fiji skipper.

    I think there's bare boat in New Cal, but the waters a fair bit cooler than Fiji or Tonga!

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  11. 12 hours ago, Fogg said:

    Have you looked closely at the upgrade kit and what it does to apparently mitigate the SD40/50 problem?

    Also the choice of lubricant apparently makes a huge difference.

    I’m still learning about this issue myself but this kind of info is interesting me:


    Yep we're running that mod. It's helps, but doesn't overcome the inherently sh*t design.

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