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  1. Main benefit of SSB is free weather & email via sailmail. (paid subscription though)

    Cheaper than sat phone. And if you scream mayday there may be a boat handy that's listening, although I'd put my 10 cents on an EPIRB for that. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Fogg said:

    Even IF you could find the money and commitment to restore this wreck and even IF the total cost came in close to fair market value for a similar boat - forget it. After this much publicity this boat will always be recognisable and carry the stigma - I’m guessing the true market value would be discounted by 30-50% as a result. The only likely motivation to take this on would be someone with an existing emotional investment in the boat eg family or former owner etc.

    A lot of well known boats have been on the bottom. Nothing wrong with a good pickling! But I agree it's a big project. Someone may well learn that a boats hull is the easy & cheap bit.

  3. Tonga boats are tired & not really well maintained.

    Whitsunday boats were much better, and it's really nice cruising there.

    No bare boat charters in Fiji, has to have a Fiji skipper.

    I think there's bare boat in New Cal, but the waters a fair bit cooler than Fiji or Tonga!

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  4. 12 hours ago, Fogg said:

    Have you looked closely at the upgrade kit and what it does to apparently mitigate the SD40/50 problem?

    Also the choice of lubricant apparently makes a huge difference.

    I’m still learning about this issue myself but this kind of info is interesting me:


    Yep we're running that mod. It's helps, but doesn't overcome the inherently sh*t design.

  5. 44 minutes ago, Veladare said:

    BK, I just motored to North Cape, and then back again, at 7 knots. And then just to kick myself in the nuts again I motored up to Kawau for the weekend, and then back again

    For $693000 I have a the solution to all your problems.....

    I still remember your dipstick shooting out of the engine bay at Barrier! 

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  6. 43 minutes ago, Adrianp said:

    You could always swap down to the smaller Yanmar 3ym30AE and SD25 saildrives with the basic dog clutch. This is what we have in Lady Nada (well the older 3YM30 and SD20) and 95% of time is more than sufficient. There are some times when we feel a little underpowered with a big headwind, but that's more just being a little slow than a safety issue. If we had to repower the boat, I'd chose the same engine/SD20. The 3ym30 is a great engine and very smooth.

    Big weight saving too:

    3YM30AE + SD25 - 160kg x 2 = 320kg

    3JE5E + SD50 - 220kg x 2 = 440kg

    But then last time we saw you, you passed us while we were both motoring, doing about 0.25kts faster with a little smug smile on your face, so I'm guessing the extra HP is essential :-)  

    No I've actually been doing the calcs on the 30/SD25 myself. The SD20's & 25's have a great reputation.

    Dog clutch, no frickin cone clutches! It's definitely an option.

  7. 2 hours ago, Tamure said:

    Shafts and struts are very reliable, lighter too. A consideration on a cat may be "taking the ground" i.e if you have kick up rudders then will the props will be the lowest most exposed part of the boat? If so then maybe a SD is a better option? 

    Yep but no, the carbon rudders are the lowest point, no sitting on the beach for us!

  8. On 7/02/2021 at 8:58 PM, Jason128 said:

    Seems to me there’s a LOT of extra work in changing the drive configuration, I bet if you add it up, you could swap replacement saildrives in agin in 10 years and still  be better off.  I would look at how much extra work and cost you are creating for yourself - especially when there are bolt in replacement options.  You are talking about being out of the water for a week vs 6-8.

    remember nothing is without maintainance....  theirs still seals, thrust bearings, and all the other fun stuff to fail




    It's not about the money. I want reliability, the boat is very well maintained, but the SD40's need the cone clutches lapping, sometimes after 200 hours, sometimes after 50. That's not an acceptable situation for me.

    I'd rather spend the money up front, and not have to worry that it won't last the xmas period. 

  9. 21 hours ago, Fogg said:

    I’ve just had clutch cone issues with my SD50 (which affects SD40s the same way). My understanding is that the upgrade kit addresses the majority of the issues (slipping cones and oil seal expansion etc).

    Also I understand a move to SD60 is a popular option - a fundamentally better clutch system but it requires some boatbuilding work as the mounts are different.

    Like you I like Yanmar engines and have several over the years with had good experience apart from this SD50 issue. My plan is to do the SD40/50 upgrade and see how well that lasts - and then probably change to SD60 medium term.

    Hiya Fogg, I've heard of issues with the SD60's also, at very low hours too. And my big issue is that Yanmar NZ have proven that they won't stand by their product, so that's the deal breaker for me.

  10. 11 hours ago, Tamure said:

    a conversion is not going to be cheap or quick. Its a new installation from the engine beds upwards unless I am mistaken. Not sure about the sd’s but a friend has an SD20 that’s been in the boat for 30 years trouble free apart from oil and anodes.

    Yep SD 20’s are fine, everything bigger from Yanmar is junk.

    And yes, changing the drive system is somewhat involved. But I know what’s involved, I’ve run the crap SD40’s for 14 years, and I’m happy to spend the money. 
    Wheels I don’t see any diesel over electric systems that offer an advantage over more conventional drives at present.

    Thanks for the input all, I do appreciate it.

  11. Thanks everyone, this is great info, and just what I'm looking for. IT I'll give you a call re the Nanni/Beta comparison, interesting.

    Thanks, keep it coming, really helpful

  12. Ok open the popcorn.

    we’re changing the 40hp Yanmars in Bad Kitty.

    I want similar horsepower, but we’re going V drives & shafts.

    what experience has any of you had, good or bad, with various engines?

    I really like the Yanmar engines, their sail drives are sh*t & the won’t stand by them, but the engines are great. So they are probably the front runners.

    But it’s  a chance to look around though, and see what options we have.

    Lombardinis are a lot lighter, but I don’t know much about them?

    and with the greatest of respect, if you don’t have genuine technical input, or experience about the subject, please head over to small talk for some great trolling opportunities?


  13. 18 hours ago, TBoon said:


    Next question, should I get a survey before I buy her? What would a ballpark cost be for a steel boat of her size/age? 

    3 suggestions, get a survey, get a survey, and lastly, get a survey. No matter how good it looks, no matter how many receipts he's got, etc. etc.

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