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  1. That's tough, Iridium is bloody slow with data.

    Worth talking to Predict Wind, they have some new gear for receiving sat weather & I believe the price has comedown a lot over the last year or so.

    Check out the web site for a bit of info,

  2. Hard to say, & may never know. It looks like the deck under the main beam may have buckled?

    Was the rig tension much higher than before the refit?

    Also there is no continuity in a lot of the laminate at the break, almost looks like the main hull was built in 2 sections & joined at that point?

    Very sad, obviously a lot of work has gone in there in there since she arrived in country. As Scottie says though, it's not too bad to repair, best of luck boys, I'll try & get a bottle of Mt Gay down there once you get back into it!

    Moral Support that is! :D

  3. We use Micron 66 and it's been great. Call Akzo Nobel & talk to a technical rep and they will help sort you out.

    Our's has been on for 2 years now, done about 5000 miles and been cleaned with those green pot scrubber things and it's still good. We're out at the moment, was going to redo the anti foul and their rep saw it and said just touch up where we've fitted the new rudders tubes and keep sailing.

    Wouldn't use anything else, but it costs a bit extra to start.

  4. Cheap rum, dark dusky women, plenty of fish and fresh seafood, good music, good company. I'm not asking too much am I?


    Well it's funny, because all the places I've been with palm trees, warm water and trade winds have "Cheap rum, dark dusky women, plenty of fish and fresh seafood, good music, good company"


    Some technical brainy person may be able to work out the correlation, me, I just enjoy it!



  5. Yeh Tim How Dum " One Club (ring) to rule them all, one Club (ring) to bind them" Oh sorry wrong fantasy my Precious...


    Come on guys how hard would it be for the clubs to work together a little better. Perhaps the time has come for the Greater metropolitan club of Auckland to be born. With the reduction of membership and the loss of some of the old clubs do we really need so many clubs in Auckland?


    H28 club could've rolled into a tramping club, chess club and a "watching the grass grow club". Oh yeah also the used to be a sailor club too! :wave: :evil: 8)


    Soon Pedro, we'll sail & drink!

  6. WOW !


    Jason Sager has just finished the antifouling.


    He used Micron 66 and gave the Middle hull an extra lick as well as two coats on the amas.


    Jason, Thank you very much ! You are a true Multihull legend (talking about your Antifoul Painting here, Jase, not your sailing ability!)


    Can someone give me Jasons' contact details please?


    Just remember Nate he doesn't do scratch, only coloring in! :evil:

  7. oh god - not the apple vs pc debate. Those battle lines are almost as bad as the multi vs leadswinger debate! There's always an iPad if you can live with the power demand and accuracy!


    Hey ScottiE, it's the ipad that started it all really. Everything we have is pc based, then got an ipad and "omg the ease with which it all happens now"


    But they are a bit limited for offshore, predict wind, sat downloads etc so I was considering an apple laptop for that. Sounds like I'll have to keep a pc laptop, :(

  8. So, time to tell you what the mystery trimaran is.


    She was built for the 1988 single-handed transatlantic race as "Spirit of Apricot" for Tony Bullimore. She was designed by Martyn Smith and Barry Noble.


    The photos were shot in the harbor of Waxholm just east of Stockholm.




    Well that's not a fair quiz. If you are going to have these sorts of competitions then it has to be a question that can be answered.

    It's just not possible to recognise a Bullimore boat when the photo is showing it up the wrong way.

  9. Hey tim


    you could have saved yourself a whole lot of bother by building symetrical bulkheads and making a proa. Acorrding to a proa builders you would have had your boat built and be sailing this weekend. Not only that you would take line and handicap in your 400 million knot boat :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


    And it would be so light you could just carry it down the ramp yourself & chuck it in the water. Save crane costs.

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