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  1. 5 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

    An exhaust riser also solves it. 

    Are your shutoffs wired to be closed when power is present? I would be worried about these closing unintentionally due to a power failure. 

    I'm more worried about engines full of salt water every time we sail over 15 knots to be honest. Which is a lot.

    In 15 years & 30,000miles we've had exactly zero power failures to the ignition circuit. Which doesn't mean it won't happen, but you can only have so many redundancies & fail safes built in?

  2. Anti siphon loop won't stop it. We have electric shut offs between the saildrive & the raw water pump that close & stop raw water flow when the key is off. 

    It's not siphoning, its pressure pushing the water past the impeller, and filling the engine. Slow cruising cats won't do it, but it seems that somewhere above 12-15 knots sailing there's just too much water pressure and you end up hydraulicing engines. We did it several times before we fitted the shut offs, luckily Yanmars seem to love salt water. Not very pleasant though in a seaway removing injectors, cranking things over, raw diesel in your face etc. etc.


  3. 21 hours ago, NorthlandYS said:

    . Certainly does make me wish we were happy and free in Fiji and lending other cruisers a hand getting ready for this storm instead of dealing with this mindless bureaucracy!

    Head out of the Harbour & turn left. Fair winds & all that stuff. Oh, there will be 2 weeks in quarantine when you arrive there, like everywhere else in the world at present, so maybe take a book?

  4. 1 hour ago, NorthlandYS said:

    my point here is that Customs are not following their rules and apparently have Carte Blanche to alter people’s life’s as they deem fit.

    Yep, great isn't it? Means that we are in a totally different situation to most of the world. And shortly you will be enjoying that freedom behind the very same borders you're currently bitching about. Happy Xmas!

  5. But on a less grouchy note, boats can be expensive toys, but don't have to be. And if you & the family get into sailing and the time out on the water, it may be the best money you spend in your lifetime.

    Sailing, fishing, making some great friends out on the water, discovering awesome places that the average non boating Kiwi never sees.

    The yacht is the last thing I'd give up,  

  6. 6 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    Might be wrong but I think the boat B00B00 sailed to NZ was always planned to be imported and sold when they got here. I don’t think his choice is necessarily anything to do with euro vs Nz production. Pretty sure if there was a pogo 12.50 at the right price he’d be all over it like a virus at a GOP convention. 

    Haha too funny, and too true.

  7. 43 minutes ago, Fogg said:

    Cool. Or rather hot.

    Do your 3 matrixes (matrices sp?) each have their own fan blower? And individual thermostat?

    And does yours link to the engine(s) i.e. pre-heat the cold blocks before starting and take heat from the hot blocks when running engines as well as heating?

    And finally, who installed it?


    Each little heater has a computer type fan behind it. Switched with high & low blower speed. No thermostat, no concierge either. :-)  

    We don't have ours plumbed into the engines, just simple turn it on if you're cold sort of stuff. Yanmars have to take care of themselves.

    Westpark Marine Engineering looks after the boat now, they are familiar with them. It's pretty simple stuff though, and Dometic who are the agent may recommend an installer?  

  8. Yep, Eberspacher, wouldn't boat without it. It heat's the hot water cylinder, and pumps thru 3 heater matrix's, 2 single ones in the aft cabins, and a double size one in the saloon. Warms the whole boat in about 20 minutes.

    In summer you just shut off the heaters & leave it heating the hot water.

    If you got really creative you can bend up some stainless tube, run it thru that on the way to the heater or hot water cylinder, and have a heated towel rail!


    The fuel line is about 3mm, uses very little diesel. Like .3ltrs an hour or something. And to heat the water is about 15 minutes,


  9. Forgetting whether you agree with it or not, one huge difference between 1 super yacht coming in & spending 3 million dollars, and 300 small yachts coming in & spending $10,000 each to reach the same 3 mill spend, is it takes very little cost, manpower or resource to safely get a superyacht in & quarantined safely. And like the film industry, the superyacht picks up the bill. 

    Same as getting 250 overseas film crew in, Directors, Producers, Actors etc. who enable projects that employ thousands of Kiwis, & kickstart 1.5 billion in film projects.   

    Vs 250 fruit pickers, who generate a few thousand apples?

    If you want to say 1 rule for all, then no-one comes in, and we kill a whole lot more businesses.

    Even crayon eaters like our present Govt. aren't that stupid. Thanks god. 

    Anchoring several hundred yachts in a bay for quarantine is easy if you say it fast. Doing it & ensuring the security of the border isn't quite so simple.

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  10. 16 hours ago, wkavinsky said:

    With ze Germans - i note that French Polynesia is up to 2,000+ cases of coronavirus at this point, which might indicate why they wanted to leave somewhere they knew they could stay,

    With regards to the ultra-rich and their superyachts - while a single superyacht might well spend more than the entire cruising fleet of "normal" rich people that want to get here, they (the super rich) should also be told to politely f-off somewhere else.

    Closed is closed is closed, with one rule for all.

    "Closed is closed is closed, with one rule for all."

    Haha, what colour is the ocean on your planet?

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