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  1. SD40's have an oil expansion issue. A good fix is a brass fitting tapped onto the top fill plug, with a hose to a bottle.

    Oil if pushed out just flows in & back out of the bottle.

    Yanmar, love the engines, hate the saildrives. But the 20 is the best of them, very few issues with them, unlike the clutch/cone problems with their bigger brothers.   

  2. On 30/06/2020 at 8:48 AM, John B said:

    We always stop at the Cavalli islands, several anchorage spots depending on wind direction, you can always hop into mahinepua if it's too west or windy.

    Flax seeds marking our usual spots. The Eastern side is nice if there's been a SW for a few days and the swell is down.

    Whangaroa harbour is a jewel and a destination suitable for all weather, you just anchor where it's pretty in one of four arms. The must not miss is the walk from Lane cove up to the dukes nose. About 30 minutes and involves a climb up a well set up rock face with handrail. Quite luxurious now, it used to be a chain.



    Yep Cavalli's a favourite spot for Bad Kitty, just love it there, 

  3. 17 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    You give the impression that the people attempting to subvert quarantine are making rational risk/reward assessments when they do so.

    This is, like any argument for penalties after the fact, irrational itself.  The mycoplasma bovis event identified that, despite a legal requirement to maintain records of stock movements, up to 70% of farmers knowmingly ignored this requirement, in a large number of cases because disclosing would mean that a "cash sale" would have had to be declared...  So despite both biosecurity and Inland revenue legislation, over 2/3 of farmers chose to break the law and expose their industry and the country to what turned out to be about $1b of damage.

    As you say, the quarantine is crucial.  It needs to be kept clear of a profit motivation and firmly in the hands of enforcement agencies.  The current consequence of community transmission is too great.

    No I think the people that do this are too stupid to make good decisions. But throw them in the slammer for a month, at least it sends a message, and may discourage the occasional slightly smarter muppet from the wrong decision. If a few farmers had been penalised appropriately it may have encouraged better compliance.

    And before anyone starts with the whole bleeding heart garbage just save it. Jail may not cure criminals, but it certainly stops criminals visiting harm on decent citizens while the ar#*holes are locked up. And until our Government, whatever flavor, starts prioritizing education, healthcare, education, breaking the cycle of uneducated trailer trash & domestic violence, education etc. etc. jails should stay populated. 

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  4. Yep all of that Fish, but the quarantine, and the quality of it, is crucial. We're only one a#*ehole away from being like Melbourne, and after going thru the pain I'd hate to go back to a lockdown.

    It would be terminal for much of NZ's small business, and a fair chunk of medium to big business I suspect.

    Any quarantine jumpers, including the special sort of dumb that broke into one of Rotorua's quarantine hotels, should spend a month in jail.

    Just to drive home to some of our IQ challenged just how big a deal this is.

  5. On 4/08/2020 at 9:12 PM, Aleana said:

    Sadly I think you’ve got an uphill struggle arguing this point with most of this crowd here.

    Meanwhile my contacts in the film industry tell me 100s if not 1000s of film crew have snuck in last few weeks from Amazon, Netflix and others. Because making movies is more important than offering a safe haven to cruisers.

    Numbers of film crew coming in is public record, no-one needs any special info to access it.

    Film crew are being allowed in because 350 people coming in allows 1 billion + in work to continue. It's a net gain to NZ. Nothing more sinister than that.

  6. Hard to go past a yammy 15 2 stroke. The small 4 strokes are just too heavy for what they do. But yes the Tohatsu 18 is a great little outboard also, same weight as a 15 but 20% more power!


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  7. 13 hours ago, Sabre said:

    I use metvuw first for big picture then Windy for shorter term planning. Also monitor nowcasting when sailing.

    I've found Coastguard forcasts are so general and vague they are practically worthless.

    I'm very similar, metvuw then PredictWind

  8. 22 hours ago, ScarecrowR31 said:

    I used a 2 pot product from the guy who makes dry suits in Wellsford. Its stuck on like the proverbial with no lifting on the front lip 2 years later. Maybe give him a call?

    Dolphin drysuits

  9. 26 minutes ago, marinheiro said:

    I was talking to Barry Jones today (we are marina neighbours) about edging on plywood (I have a plywood locker door that has sucked up some moisture as it does not have edging on the end grain) , he said that treated timbers can still go soft over time if they are in a damp/wet environment. He said heart kauri was an exception and as we know even it can be susceptible to dry rot if fresh water gets in its end grain.

    Des produced very good designs but he did not supervise the construction of boats built by others. There are plenty of Twilights  (and other wooden boats from that era) around with soft decks and other problems and Waimanu's loss shows how there can be hidden problems.

    Agree, Designers rarely supervise Construction. Look at all those Given powercats, built by Silver Tiger! Great design, built by gib stopping labourers! One of NZ boatbuilding's great horror stories. 

  10. I guess it depends on a lot of variables, and your appetite for junk. We only use 2 surveyors, 1 who's pretty tough, and the 2nd is even more discerning.

    We have to buy boats for various projects, some very demanding, some pretty straightforward. But I'd rather have someone with a critical eye than a Surveyor with low standards. Even being tough on things we still get a nasty surprise now & then. And when you're caught out in 50 knots one day with a hard day upwind getting the sh*t kicked out of you, do you really want to be wondering about your boat?

    They rarely fall apart, but ………………………….

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