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  1. Has Cation done a coastal?

    I guess Kotuku and Rehab don’t have lift creating

    Daggers, correct?

    Kotuku yes, Rehab no.


    Cation & Kotuku are quite similar I think, but Cation is owned by a sailor very involved in skiff sailing, and I think has a very disciplined approach to weight, which I imagine will pay off as they get the boat worked up.


    Roger Hill's current work in both sail & power cats is cutting edge, some beautiful examples of NZ boat building there.

  2. I'm just wondering if marine salvage laws apply to a beached digger?


    Hypothetically speaking, if you rowed over to it, tied a line to it, could you call it yours?

    Marine salvage laws have never said that if you put a line on something on a beach it's yours.

    But I guess if you want to pay to salvage a useless steel sculpture from an Auckland beach you could give it a go!

  3. Crikey now no boom the wonders never cease.


    Awww crap, Clissold will be beside himself with excitement.

    Another summer of drunken ramblings from the soapbox about all that unnecessary weight all us Neanderthals are carting around. 

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  4. I don’t agree with that. Mine is in its own track, just needs a the sheets run and a halyard. It’s pretty easy. Oh, and I have a pin thru the track to hold it down so the sail can’t be washed up the track by a wave. Learned that by experience! It has a custom bag at the mast on deck, where it lives on passages.

    Yep that's what we've got.

    I'm just struggling with the idea of dealing with cock-ups with using the same track as the main, getting the main right down & then going in over the top etc. etc.

  5. And the picture yourself in x conditions? 50 knots, 6 metre seas? trying to get the trysail in the track over the main?


    Not sure that's entirley practical, but I guess it depends a lot on what you conditions you think you may be sailing in? Although that's not always the same thing as the conditions you end up sailing in.

  6. Jeez Fish, how long have you got?

    Unless you're paranoid about weight then e glass & epoxy is fine, carbon is lighter but you can get too clever on panels & they will suffer pressure damage from a knee or foot.

    On lower tech things that us mere mortals sail, unlike foiling beasts etc. then carbon more comes into it's own when you get to beams, rudders & stuff that needs lots of layers of glass, or much lighter layups of carbon.

    1 layer of carbon or 1 layer of e glass on a flat panel is hardly worth the difference. 

    No, you can get by without a vacuum pump, but if you can scrounge one they keep resin weight down in the laminates, and do give a good finish. 


    Peel ply is God's gift to composite building, goes on top of the glass or carbon reinforcement, and once you peel it off you have a great surface that can be laminated to without grinding or further surface prep, or finished & painted.

    Seriously, don't build without it.


    Probably plenty of stuff on youtube about composite building, and Adhesive Technologies is great for epoxy & fillers, and Gurit for glass or carbon.


    Go create!

  7. Well very generous of you Philstar to suspend the Collision Regs for  anyone that can't be stuffed following them, however they do actually serve a purpose.


    If the snot nose brats in the dinghy had blown past even a few metres away, probably no one would give a sh*t, but showing off at less than a metre away some people rightfully get irritated. 

    So I guess the said brats are on a path to learning when you can be a dick & when it sometimes pays to use a bit of discretion.

    I think for me it took about 40 years, they might be more mature & come right faster?

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  8. We've got one on Bad Kitty, as said, it heats the hot water cylinder, so it's not like a califont.

    But love it, and if you're doing it then I'd add a heater or two, makes the boat warm & dry in the wet or winter.

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