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  1. Defining what you really want is important.

    If sailing is important then it limits your options somewhat.

    If a cat doesn’t have boards it will struggle to point upwind.

    And if you want boards the options are again more limited.

    I’d have a Seawind over a lot of the European production cats, most of which are very charter, floating apartment oriented.

    At least the Seawinds were designed & built to sail, although they are also quite charted boat oriented.

    As mentioned, Fusion 40 are a good all rounder.

    Also some of the Schionnings are great boats, but not production so you’d have to check out the build quality.

    They are also quite lightly designed & built, to me a better coastal cruiser than an offshore boat.

    But plenty of people will rightly point out they do lots of offshore miles.

  2. Flares are only useful if there are other people/vessels/aircraft in view. If not, they are very likely to be wasted.

    Sometimes they are the right option. Sometimes other things are better.

    Carry multiple options. Imo.

    Yep what he said.

    Anyone that thinks that going with pyro or electronics exclude the other option needs to take a deep breath.

    When you’re in a desperate situation the more options available the better.

    Electronics are getting better all the time, and we have AIS MOB’s on lifejackets.

    Great for rescuing your own crew, or if another vessel is within about 5 miles.

    Useless if the mothership sinks & there’s no one else around.

    And EPIRB’s on board. Awesome, except sometimes they don’t work.

    So I still wouldn’t go out without flares.

    Easiest thing to see from a helicopter? flare or orange smoke. And a human head in the water is near invisible from a km away. That’s if it’s flat calm, in a chop, you are invisible.


    They are all tools in the toolbox when the sh*t hits the fan.


    Hard to fathom 6 pages of “my ways better than yours!”

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  3. Try & ignore your aversion to power boats for a minute, I'm looking for a monohull launch, around 50 foot, twin jet powered, capable of 25 + knots that  I can use to film some wake shots of for a couple of days.

    Anyone seen anything aroaund lately?

    Rum or other suitable rewards for a successful tip off!


  4. The Yanmar engines have been good, but not the SD40 saildrives.

    Terrible dealer support for a well recognised problem, and never really sorted.

    I’d look hard for an alternative, given that you know the dealer won’t back them up.

  5. I really like the melges 32 and flying tiger concept of lifting keel on a trailer . Really competitive boats for the Everyman slot in NZ fleets and you could land one here for under 100k . If you bought the F10 in Aussie currently for sale for 38k it would be well under 100k . Wouldn't work for everyone but I'm spoilt with an excellent cheap facilty for parking trailer yachts at our club .


    As for trailer tinnies and some glass boats it seems to be a rite of passage for tradies to get a wopping great tinnie and one hell of a tow wagon , most of those boat / wagon combos would be worth 200k and there's hundreds of them up here in northland . it's definitely a growth industry right now .

    Yeah I guess you can service a decent loan for the price of a marina & the increased costs of  maintenance on a boat living in the water.

  6. Lot's of sanctimonious pri#*s on here showing how gracious they are, having never made a mistake or had a mechanical failure in their life before.

    Makes me feel like I'm part of a very special community here. 

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  7. Places like AES & maybe General Marine sell a thing like a flexible screwdriver with the hose clamp size socket permanently on the end. Works in really shitty locations & round mild bends, saves a lot of skin. 

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  8. Owners comments on the YouTube post

    “ started with 2 reefs in main and jib, later rolled away jib, the deep reef was not necessary “

    Haha! Ok so that shows how well they sail then, 50 knots, deep reefed mail & 10-13 knots!

  9. I don't think it had any sail up.

    Instrument shots showed 50 knots & 10-13 knot boat speed.

    Wind about 170 apparent.

    Even that block of flats would probably have been doing 10-12 with no sail up. 

  10. Anyone know of a private launching area into the Kaipara Harbour?

    Needs to be capable of taking a triple axle trailer, about 6 tonne all up.

    Big 4WD tractor will be there also so it doesn't need to be immaculate.

    Privacy is very important, and we'd like a decent tide window, so a bit more water than some of the estuaries up there would be nice.

    PM's please, bottle of something nice for a referral that works out?

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