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  1. Perhaps, but we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’ve found my cat1 experiences pretty easy. Plus I think a seaworthy vessel should be to that standard anyway, with a few obvious exceptions in some circumstances - like a throw line for a single gander etc. but I must say in those situations, the inspector has just ignored those items.

    Gotta agree with IT here, no dramas whatsoever, and I don't think it required anything on the cat that I wouldn't take anyway.

  2. I'm impressed that most of the crew.org mob understand that weather is just that, weather.

    Anyone that expects that a forecast is cast in stone will have some disappointments, and occasionally the forecasters get it totally wrong, even Predict Wind, whom I idolize. 

    Welcome to the world, it's an imperfect life!

    Forecasting in Arizona is pretty simple, NZ, not so much.

    Happy sailing kids!

  3. If you are relying on only 1 forecast, being the free public service, for your boating planning, then you’re in for some disappointing & probably dangerous times.

    Personally I really rate predict wind, but there are other options also.

  4. Or you can get an Eberspacher that heats glycol rather than just air, & circulates it thru little heater matrixes.

    Put a few of those where you want. You can even run it thru some pipe in the head & have a heated towel rail.

    On Bad Kitty it runs thru the hot water cylinder also, heats the water.

  5. When it comes to oil, IMHO, it is worth considering how much you can save buying some crap from supercheap over the manufacturers genuine oil.

    And how important oil is to the life of an engine.

    Just my 2 cents worth, I'm sure there are people that will tell you the $5 saved is worth it,

  6. There's always 1 ars*#ole isn't there booboo! We're putting up photos of Waiheke, Rangitoto, maybe Barrier if we're being really adventurous, and you slap up a photo spread like that!

    I hope you drop your bar b mate in 3000mtrs of water & have to cook for 6 weeks without one.


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  7. Bottom photo of KM's, bottom right of frame under the strut that holds the wing on is where I mean to anchor.

    Much further than that and there's a whole lot more moored boats, & it will shallow up.

    I think you'll be ok at 1.8, tricky bit is every tide change you'll swing 180 & fall back the other way in the channel.

  8. Entrance is fine unless it's a really good easterly & swell.

    Don't cut the corner outside the entrance, there are rocks to the NE of the stbd mark.

    Motor up thru the moored boats & take the channel to the south toward the wharf & boat ramp.

    I'd anchor just past the moored boats in the gap before the second lot of mooring up by the wharf.

    Pretty crowded once you get up there.

    Reasonably strong tidal movement, maybe 2 knots?

    Holding is good though.

  9. Cape Maria Van Diemen 2.jpgWell it's been a mixed bag of weather out here, from hiding out in Whangaroa with 50 knots & plenty of rain, to this at Cape Maria Van Diemen a few days later!

    Had 3 nights at 3 Capes, North, Reinga & Van Diemen, still glassy calm up here with days of it still by the look of it. Hope everyone came thru the blow ok,

    Bad KittyCape Maria Van Diemen.jpg 

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