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  1. Halsey

    Marine Card

    Just looking to upgrade my card for a simrad Platinum Plus or Cmap Reveal? Regards
  2. Thanks Wheels I heard you could sand the area then use a heat gun to bring back the gloss but couldn't find any info on that repair. Maybe yours might repair is the way to go.Thanks
  3. I have the two back corners of a rubber rub strip (black) slightly damaged and I want to repair them to enhance the look of the boat. I have lightly sanded them and need a product to bring back the shine? Any suggestions Thanks
  4. are there plans for the townson 2.4?
  5. Halsey

    Elliott 13

    Does any one know how many were built? I see one for sale on TM
  6. Just started looking for a new boat. Considering maybe 1020 any pros and cons when looking at these or what to look for either good or bad
  7. Halsey

    Trailer Yacht

    J J in your 780 did the board tend to bang or thump around up wind in a swell??Any you know of for sale at the moment
  8. Halsey

    Trailer Yacht

    SBR exactly what we are looking at (race/cruise) nothing on the market in this bracket.I did see a 740 sport for 14.5k on TM today under moored boats maybe worth a look
  9. Halsey

    Trailer Yacht

    Around 25k R780,N25 or Farr7500?????
  10. Trailer Yacht. Whats a good boat around 6 to 7 m that sails well and has some interior for cruising for three ( 2+1 ) any suggestions??????
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