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  1. Priscilla II


    Rudder too…
  2. Did she mean she has been listening to the Akaranas plans and vision for the hardstand.
  3. Not the America's Cup but the "Dung Cup". https://zeilvracht.nl/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Classic_Boat_Dutch_Barge_Race.pdf
  4. Not good ferry skipper in critical condition hit by a Boston Whaler ferry sank later at the wharf.
  5. Life is a journey not a race more so whilst seeking to purchase the right sail boat….
  6. Not much yachts in evidence too….
  7. Did David Richwhite cut up his RNZYS membership card in solidarity with Michael Fay?
  8. Crikey crew lighten up I was just being sardonic after reading yet another finely crafted piece of local journalism... Liz Alonzi doesn’t want to sell her 10-foot trimaran, but may have no choice. With the closure of the Okahu Bay Hardstand in Ōrākei, the next-closest location she can service her vessel is in Whangārei. “It’s either that or pay $1500 an hour to hire a crane, which I can’t do,” she said, explaining that other Auckland marinas were not equipped for trimarans.
  9. Crikey one would think Liz could wash her 10ft trimaran at home rather than pay $1500 for a crane. What a potpourri of territorial local authorities and private vested interest ship yard rats have crawled out of their nests to once again rob Auckland boaties of necessary access to reasonably priced hardstand facilities. If you are a members of the Akarana you should hang your heads in collective shame. A plague on all their houses I say.
  10. What a tosser Mellars couldn't give a flying fish for those who risked their lives to save his unappreciative hide. When approached by the Herald for comment on the rescue and the lengths authorities went to save him, Mellars said: “I don’t give a rat’s arse about the rescue, and I have nothing to say to you.”
  11. Could be an expensive 150mm when the marina nazis require you to move to a longer berth.
  12. All right what about a cockpit heater then.
  13. If you can get your hands on some Jet A1 aviation fuel it’s way cheaper and burns a whole bunch hotter. Better add one of these too….
  14. You will now need a toasty iron.
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