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  1. Looks painted. Take a sample of your topcoat colour to Wairau Paint Centre and they will colour match and sell you a 2 pack epoxy paint in an aerosol can ready to be applied. Buy a couple if you have a larger area to cover. http://www.wairauvalley.co.nz/stores/wairau-paint-centre
  2. Do you have any details on the Folkboat?
  3. Hah just perusing her vitals refrigeration for 300lbs of meat fuel 500 gallons fresh water 500 gallons 16hp Lister swinging a 24x24 prop with a auxiliary Lister 8hp driving another prop or a 4kva generator both engines ran through a 20 gallon fresh water tank before exiting to a keel cooler for hot water shower. Waihape was no ordinary yacht designed and built by no ordinary character.
  4. https://yachtee.blogspot.com/2014/08/voor-ben-mijn-nederlandse-vriend-5.html
  5. And orchestra conductors poo pipe engineers fishing boat crews etc etc.
  6. Cup ain’t on this weekend.
  7. Always been like that.
  8. Be keen too. Some renderings from WBF. RB having a moan about plagiarism crikey man it’s a boat... http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?211858-Design-Plans-similar-to-PT11&highlight=pT11
  9. Don’t prams tow like a blunt turd?
  10. You will be very old and very grey by the time you get to and from North Head with the traffic the way it is and bugger all parking.
  11. Always liked the big deep cockpits on Clarks designs.
  12. Yup she went to Perth WA renamed Stealaway. She was moored in Motueka when we looked at buying her 20 years ago. I will dig out some pics and post.
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