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  1. Never had one but came close when browsing Kiwi design options a couple of boats ago. And to my eye the Davidson designs - big & small - all had a certain ‘X’ factor that many others just didn’t eg Wright.

  2. 2 hours ago, Waa1066 said:


    have a look at their website, essentially they provide a small receiver (modem) that has a better signal reception (more bars) than your phone and that allows for “more” coverage.

    your phone or laptop or iPad can connect to it and that means you get connected to the internet.  

    We find that we can be anchored in some bays where the phone signal “bars” is zero or low, but the modem has a connection, so we can continue to be connected to the internet (read the news, email, make calls, etc).

    Correct. I’ve had one of these onboard for 2 seasons now. As you say it cannot turn zero signal into a signal but as soon as there is something then it does consistently have at least 1 bar more than either of our cell phones onboard (Voda & Spark). The signal allows me to do work video calls and the family can stream content or do WhatsApp calls from most locations around the Gulf. Abd it gives any guests onboard ‘Fogg wifi’ too.

    To make it slightly better again I have just ordered a  6db booster aerial set as pictured here (one for upload one for download). According to a friend with same setup this can further boost the modem reception by another 1 bar in low signal areas.

    This seems to be the most pragmatic / affordable setup without spending gazillions.


  3. 6 hours ago, DoT said:

    Follow what the paint system says. My tin of Ultra 2 says no closer than 30cm to any part of the drive.

    I’ve always gone a bit wider to avoid possibility of interaction with a 50cm x 50cm square around the saildrive leg.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Yingtong1 said:

    Has anyone registered their yacht in the Cook Islands to get around the extraordinarily complex Cat 1 requirements (instead of good seamanship and common sense as in most countries) ?  My yacht was registered in the UK but needs to be re-registered and that seems to require the owner to be domiciled in the UK for 186 days a year. Any ideas welcome  :-)

    If you want to explore options for Cook Is registration suggest you contact very helpful lady below (she’s a MCI rep based in NZ):



  5. 1 hour ago, Jon said:

    Once you anchor before leaving territorial water you have returned and then need to clear out again. I may have done this lots of time to avoid bad weather, stop at an amazing atoll or avoid clearing out on a weekend/wait for Monday or I may not have. But officially it’s not allowed and I wouldn’t want to get caught doing it in either Aus or NZ

    Even more cautious option would be get crew onboard and literally all live on boat in marina for 3-5 days nobody goes ashore - pretend you’re at sea. Then skipper alone steps ashore to check out and off they go. Really minimising the risk.

  6. 17 minutes ago, alibaba said:

    Thanks for the info. I have a spare old one, so once lockdown is over [ ?? maybe??] I'll whip it into Burnsco and try to match it

    Try just taking it to the store now - then sanitise it in front of them and lay it on the table - then step back and ask them if they can give you similar on the spot. I did this - Paywaved - worked fine.

  7. On 19/09/2021 at 2:27 PM, marinheiro said:

    one of these, Whale Gulper 220


    or Jabsco


    or Johnson



    any of the wire mesh strainers will do







    I've bought the big Johnson L4000 but need a smaller diaphragm pump for the lower sump.

    I really like the look of the Whale Gulper 220. Any idea if there's a supplier in NZ?

    2nd choice the Johnson SPX - I couldn't see one on the marine deals website that looked like this - any idea of the model?

  8. This sounds like a hydronic heating system (that sends hot water around the boat in small pipes) rather than an airtropic (forced heating) system which blows hot air around the boat in big tubes. Both use diesel heater at the beginning but hydronic (water) much more efficient at transferring heat long distances without big losses. Airtropic become useless on say mono over 45ft or most cats (might be why BK has it)?

  9. 7 minutes ago, darkside said:

    And China have lifted 200 million plus out of poverty in a generation. Never happened before. Ever. Good and bad in all systems.

    Yes indeed they have. Which is exactly the justification John Key uses when explaining his commercial interests in China and his close personal ties with Xi Jinping. He says they are just trying to do better like any other country. Which supports my view (and BPs) if you try to restrict yourself dealing with any state on ethical grounds you’ll end up talking to nobody.

    Cowes then Auck would be great. No idea if still an option - seems unlikely though.

  10. By ‘we’ I mean the collective NZ psyche (pardon the pun! 😊) including the opinion pieces from the sanctimonious journalists & media commentators who question the ethics of the Emirates arrangement on moral grounds but daren’t write a piece challenging our relationship with China.

    With the exception of Guyon Espiner and John Daniell of course, who did a great job with The Red Line podcast series.

  11. 48 minutes ago, Psyche said:

    As I said whataboutism, two wrongs do not make a right. 

    But I’m calling out the double-standard / hypocrisy that’s says “We can take trade money from China all day long but we couldn’t possibly touch the UAE’s dirty money!” Do both or neither.

    But don’t do one and claim the moral high ground on the other.

  12. 38 minutes ago, harrytom said:

    Wonder Blakes take on this would of been??

    Agree with BP,its not Team NZ,its team Dalton and whos got the $$. Wonder how many in the team are thnking."we ae out of here""??

    Yes but again I don’t care.

    I care more about NZ’s international brand.

    Remember that 99% of the global spectators who will (hopefully) watch a fast / sexy / innovative / successful boat with “NZ” branded all over it, are totally oblivious to the inner machinations of the latest Dalton-Dunphy games. All they will see is another slick looking performance from a boat & crew branded “NZ”.

    That’s more important to me than the small details of ‘who said what to whom’ over the previous few years bitching leading up to race-day!


  13. There is a selection process. It's a self-selection process whereby anyone who thinks they have enough money and can bring together the right talent could launch a 2nd challenge out of NZ. The reality is that nobody else has.

    On your rationale, every other team in the event would become nationality-agnostic regardless of where they hail from.

    Look at the recent Olympics in which Russia was officially banned so they entered as ROC (Russian Olympic Committee). Everyone knew who they were and where they were from.

    And what is to be gained from that? Why would that make you feel so much better?!

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