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  1. I watched your French Passage video - quite cool.
  2. Genset exhaust does actually exit underwater (to reduce noise pollution)
  3. I’ve got about 15 through hulls so not sure which one you mean but maybe watermaker (which has a grill cover plus forward facing scoop for making water underway)? The big units with growth on are ground plates for boat plus various equipment.
  4. Gulf Harbour. But last few weeks since antifouling I’ve spent about 50% in marina and 50% around Gulf inc Kawau and bottom end / Coromandel areas.
  5. Lifted Fogg this morning for an hours work on SD leg inc changing oil from GL5 to correct GL4. Took opp for a light pressure wash - after only 2 months the Vivid is showing a lot of growth. Maybe it’s the white that’s highlighting it more than black or maybe it’s the warm conditions or maybe Vivid is rubbish. Anyway, the painters took pictures to talk to the rep about it.
  6. Hope they told him to bring along his cheque book.
  7. Looks a lot like the old Gori I had on AC many years ago. Was ok in flat water but lost traction in a headwind and lacked bite in reverse - needed lots of revs to stop / reverse boat. I would say there are better options out there these days for folding / feathering props...
  8. Yup this guy is standout and my favourite by far. In his own words "Saving you from more snorkeling and bikinis in the Caribbean". I'm going to buy a NBJS t-shirt in fact!
  9. Fogg

    Dream boat

    Yes fair point I’d forgotten how critical Chichester was of sone aspects of heavy weather performance. But to be fair it was an early design and the later efforts with Moody, for example, were undoubtedly very successful. You can even see some hints of early Moodys in this Challenger.
  10. Fogg

    Dream boat

    No I couldn’t view it - was right in the middle of Covid for NZ and everyone else in that region. A few WhatsApp video calls helped give more comfort of the reality behind the brochure pics but buying sight unseen was still obviously a risk but in our view worth it to get the boat we knew we wanted. It took several weeks from initial online viewing to find and arrange survey, delivery skipper, shipping to NZ, insurance etc etc. Was a full-on project to manage (I didn’t use a NZ agent / broker to source the boat and arrange logistics I did that all myself). I only used a NZ clearing agent to he
  11. Fogg

    Dream boat

    Same story all around the world. That’s how I bought my current boat (it was in Langkawi and owner in China unable to get to it).
  12. Fogg

    Dream boat

    Yes despite overseas owner it’s in NZ and no more tax to pay. It’s a lovely boat but not a trendy one. I think it’s here at GH - if I spot it I’ll let you know. Based on what I’ve seen of similar era & style boats over the last few months, if it was me I would open negs around $70k and expect to close by $75k max.
  13. Fogg

    Dream boat

    They are great boats,Wheels. Remember Primrose designed Sir Francis Chichester’s rtw boat “Gypsy Moth”. Also a bunch of early Moody designs (another bullet proof top quality marque). And I think the Challenger shares the same hull design as Voyager which are also highly capable, widely travelled yachts. Go raid the piggy bank..
  14. Yes MNZ can investigate any incident commercial or private. My neighbour was once on the receiving end of a prickly MNZ investigation after telling his fellow drinking buddies in the yacht club about hitting the bricks the previous weekend. He suspects one of his race rivals dobbed him in - and it worked MNZ spring into action. Make of that what you will.
  15. Yes I’m happy with the look but the reality of cleaning to avoid looking scruffy might become tiresome. It’s Vivid White.
  16. I think that’s what was used in my case. And I wanted to chsnge from black antifoul to white - I think the tie coat / barrier was a silvery grey colour then the white AF went on. Early days but v happy so far!
  17. Yes put on a primer before the AF. I had same situation recently (painting over an unknown AF) and they said use it as a barrier coat first (not sure if it was technically a barrier though).
  18. Just to close this out (for now) I’ve now obtained the apparently better 90W GL4 oil so I’m going to give that a try and see if it improves my luck. I’ll report back in 300-500 hrs (hopefully) 😊
  19. Thanks. I’ve now secured the Mercury / Quicksilver 90W GL4 so I’ll drain the SD and replace shortly.
  20. Approx. 30m x 10mm galvanised. Age & usage history unknown but I found it on my boat in a locker - looks in reasonable condition. Retails new $20pm (eg at Burnsco). So make me an offer via PM if interested. If you’re not happy when you pick up then deal off no probs. It’s at Gulf Harbour but I can bring into Auck for pick-up.
  21. I’ve now discovered that the most widely used by happy Yanmar SF owners seems to be Quicksilver but they do 2 versions of their 80-90 oil, GL4 and GL5. I’m now trying to source the GL4 version:
  22. The link I posted above is a long thread with some great info but here are a couple of example comments from others' experiences (and why I'm seriously considering ignoring Yanmar's ambiguous advice that GL4 or GL5 oil is OK): "My own experience with our SD-50 was a unit that failed in just 2 years when using their recommended synthetic GL-5 oil. The replacement [GL4 spec] is still working just fine 11 years and thousands of hours and a second owner later. It just needed the correct oil." "[Yanmar] They actually specify either a Gl4 or a Gl-5 oil. 500 hours is about what we got usin
  23. This is why this might be one of those rare situations when you don't want to follow the manufacturer's recommendations: https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f114/yanmar-sd40-and-sd50-slipping-saildrive-upgrade-192693-2.html
  24. What oil were / are you using in your SD50s? I’m trying to make best selection and I gather it’s not necessarily Yanmar’s recommendation which is either GL4 or GL5 - which are both quite different and not normally interchangeable. I understand users of GL5 with trashed SD50s have reported no problems since switching to GL4. A real quagmire of conflicting tech advice around these units inc from Yanmar themselves...
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