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  1. Fogg


    Thanks. I’ll take a closer look when the boat arrives and I’ve obviously got some time to sort heating before the winter chills kick in. My last heating system was airtropic and it just about worked ok but not suitable for new boat. An extra complication (or maybe a solution?) the new boat has air conditioning running to all 3 cabins so it already has ducting. I wonder if I can somehow reuse that for a heating system...?
  2. Fogg


    Ok good info thanks.
  3. Fogg


    Cool. Or rather hot. Do your 3 matrixes (matrices sp?) each have their own fan blower? And individual thermostat? And does yours link to the engine(s) i.e. pre-heat the cold blocks before starting and take heat from the hot blocks when running engines as well as heating? And finally, who installed it? Cheers
  4. Fogg


    Has anyone here installed (or got) a hydronic heating system onboard?
  5. Cool thanks. Does she have a timetable she’s targeting?
  6. Who's saying it's an either / or?
  7. Actually it's surprisingly easy to get to the UK on commercial flights right now. One of my best friends did it last week - Singapore Air had flights every other day out of Auckland to Singapore and onto London. He sent me a video of the flight - here it is below. if it was other way around then a European government looking at NZ might be concerned how long the queue would be to get onto a flight here. But going the other way it's not an issue and unlikely to become one. My friend wasn't even stopped or questioned at Heathrow either at Immigration or Customs - just waved through a very quiet
  8. I don't think it could. Under international law no country can prevent a legitimate passport-holding citizen from returning home - assuming that citizen can find a way to present themselves to their home country's border i.e. via land, sea or air. The only exceptions are for security threats e.g. known or suspected terrorists. Otherwise, a country would effectively be making it's citizens 'stateless' meaning they could not travel anywhere - not even back to their own home country. Which is illegal unless done for the security reason above - which is very rare.
  9. It's a Discovery 55. Better than an Oyster IMO (the later ones at least). I think the difference between these guys and normal cruisers is the tragic death of their 14yr boy. This prospect would bring a chill to the spine of any sailing parent. So the family are obviously already emotionally traumatised and they are trying to avoid being financially traumatised as well- which as we all know would further emotionally affect them etc. So I do think there is an unusual (tragic) aspect to their case which few general policies would cater for - hence a fresh review is warranted in th
  10. Eh??? If they hold UK passports they can return to the UK anytime. They will have to do 2 weeks quarantine but there is nothing stopping a UK citizen returning the UK from anywhere in the world at any time. Same as NZ citizens coming home here. Or have I missed your point?
  11. Clipper the simple answer is that you can buy the basic WN modem and run it from a 12v socket (or mains if you prefer) and you’re ready to go. It seems to achieve a slightly better signal than a mobile phone even from it’s inbuilt antenna. Maybe it’s got a small boost function inside? Either way that will more than suffice around the inner Gulf. If you want to boost it (cheaply) you can buy 2x external antennas from Jaycar for about $50 each and connect then to the back of the modem (1 is upload and 1 is download). And this will boost a weak signal by 1-2 bars. And if you want t
  12. Love the vivid white antifoul! How did it go? I’m going to try that on my new toy although I suspect I might end up going back to black later...
  13. It depends on the source of capital and the alternatives uses you’re comparing it against. If you’re comparing it against investing $1m in new plant (also a depreciating asset) in a growing business that will obviously generate more positive economic activity for the NZ economy than the boat. But if you’re comparing it against sitting as dormant equity that could be released at relatively low cost (eg $30,000 pa) to generate new economic activity (eg $50,000 pa) then you’ve got a small net gain.
  14. If you knew what I did for a living you would realise you are way off the mark with pretending to understand how I think and believing it’s “classic NZ business”. 😊 Meanwhile, back in the real world, the most likely source of $1m spent on a toy like a boat would be from property equity release or other low cost borrowing rather than working capital from a business struggling to scale. If you seriously think that the only thing that stops a business successfully scaling is that the owner makes a bad decision to take excess drawings to buy a boat.... then you probably don’t understand how b
  15. It would net improve the economy because a NZ buyer would transfer $1m from their NZ bank account into a floating asset that requires ongoing spending and maintenance - even at just 5% of value that would equates to $50k pa average service fees pumped into the NZ economy forever. Unlike the $50k threshold for superyachts which would be a one-off spend this year only. Clearly Covid has not changed any of NZ’s thinking horizons - they are as short-term as ever.
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