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  1. My overriding takeaway from this incident and report is a sense of unease that this continues a culture of “An accident happened and therefore something must be done to prevent a recurrence.” For sure do an investigation but don’t automatically assume there must always be a conclusion that a new guideline / practise / rule / law must follow. Sometimes that is the right outcome especially when a glaring omission is identified which can be readily implemented. But in cases like this I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. The giveaway for me is how impractical the recommended s
  2. Not simple for people like me.
  3. I think the best way to cut through the confusion is simply to recognise that you could view the event through several different lenses with different outcomes as a result: 1. Infrastructure - probably overall good outcome. As far as I’m aware nothing significant was built that is a dead asset ‘white elephant’ ie we can enjoy future use from the new assets for other events or services (not just AC) 2. Global spectator event - a world-class event took place in NZ despite Covid and took place successfully. Good outcome. 3. NZ spectator event - we enjoyed a world class event on our
  4. Not sure about that. Might have been true in the old days of smaller launches (when 40ft was big) but with today’s growing beasts commonly now in the 45-55ft range their wake is still appalling at 18kts. And there’s no way they were ever going to reduce the speed limit. So that’s why I avoided saying what you said (that 12kts is worst case scenario) in case it made them increase it. 12kts boats & wakes are annoying and sometimes dangerous. 18kts faster boats and bigger wakes would be even worse.
  5. Yes I made that point vehemently too.
  6. I did this last year (I think it was). Well worth it.
  7. The term 'Apprenticeship" seems to have fallen out of fashion. But whatever they want to call it they should be following the practice. It's only common sense (another lost concept). And in reality many other industries are still operating this hierarchical (oops - another dirty word) model to train newcomers and avoid screw-ups. Even if they don't call it an apprenticeship. And I'm grateful such a model exists. It makes me feel better when I talk to people about something important e.g. a doctor or a lawyer or a car mechanic.
  8. Yes. Up to a point. Many of the gripes I’ve had with shabby service would not actually cost anything to fix. These are real examples that would not cost a small business anything extra to improve but make the difference between me being happy or unhappy with the service: 1. Contractors not turning up on time with no courtesy call to explain why they’ve wasted 2hrs of my time to travel to/from my boat. But they have no problem charging me for their travel time FFS. 2. Contractors going to my boat in my absence (usually after they started a job when I was there but have to come back to
  9. The marine services industry is another NZ paradox to me. Over 20yrs of small boat (35-50ft) ownership in NZ I've experienced catastrophically bad service experience so many times that the number of providers I trust to work on my boat can be counted easily on one hand. Even if you've had a few fingers amputated. And I'm not alone judging from trusted friends' own experiences plus the marina banter about lawsuits from disgruntled owners who have run out of patience. But at the other end of town the NZ superyacht industry allegedly enjoys a worldwide reputation for great service. I use the
  10. Fogg

    30m x 10mm chain

    Listing on TM later. It’s DIN766 btw. $240 for 30m ie $8 per metre vs ~$20 typical new price.
  11. Listing on TM later today… Achilles large volume dinghy. Fibreglass floor, big diameter hypalon tubes (450mm) making a very stable platform for size. 2.8m overall length x 1.65m outside beam (750mm inside beam). 450mm dia tubes. Includes oars, 3x strong stainless lifting eyes suitable for davits and heavy duty sun cover (blue chaps) which increase comfort and dry quickly after rain shower. Had a fast puncture which I had fixed professionally couple of days ago but still has a slow puncture which I’ve just noticed around port rowlock - would be an easy fix for someone.
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