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  1. Fogg

    NMEA 2000 PGNs

    From this I’d say IT knows his stuff!
  2. Sorry no prop help but just curious what’s your new boat?
  3. Addem - well done and thank you for posting a refreshing dose of well-educated insight. Please stick around and post here more frequently! 😊
  4. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Ed - to clarify yes I was referring to coverage on the CC website itself not publishing to mainstream media. I’m thinking of those of us who are specifically interested in sailing and prepared to hunt down the best website for good info whether it’s crew.org (the old days) or CC website (more recently) or LSD (headlines only). And if all the other options are providing unpredictable coverage then I’d expect the official CC website to be the one source you can rely on. But not so this time. There were no hourly updates or any juicy coverage on progress and individual boat stories there.
  5. See what I mean - this is a sh!tshow being run by a bunch of muppets. Seriously, we’re one more clusterf@ck like this from another lockdown. In which case I’m dropping all my previous law-abiding tendencies and jumping on my boat (assuming it ever arrives) and heading off out of Suckland. Covid screwup
  6. I think this ‘close to home’ example demonstrates how slack the system is. It’s got more holes than a colander. If I understand correctly a person visited Burnsco on Sunday (and was infectious at that stage) but the authorities only alerted the store on Thursday. That’s 4 days of potential surface contamination (remember the lift button that triggered the last cluster and L3 alert)? And the cafe literally next door had 50-60 people in same afternoon to watch the game.... they had no alert or precautionary messages eg deep clean. Are we sure someone didn’t visit Burnsco next door befo
  7. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    I wasn’t expecting front page Herald coverage but just sone updates to the official CC website. In previous years the organisers had a pretty slick media machine that issued regular updates to the website (and here on Crew) plus media press releases. This year it seems like they sent their comms team home straight after the start gun.
  8. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Pretty disappointing coverage. The official CC website news hasn’t been updated since first boats crossed the line early on Sat am. And nothing on LSD since the start either. So a bit of a non-event for competitors and followers alike. How did the coverage die such a death from what it used to be?
  9. Fogg


    Yes if it turns out our Cruisair really is a heat pump that offers hot & cold we’ll try it for the next 12 months and see how we get on...
  10. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Yes looks like the new race is to make the 3pm deadline. There’s a load of boats just the wrong side of Brett that are probably 50:50. And a load further south who have no chance but probably continuing for the party tonight.
  11. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Where’s all the pre-race CC gossip? It used to all be here (back in the good ole days)‘
  12. Fogg


    Hah! Yup. Although....even if it’s reversible it’s still electric so wouldn’t it need the genset running all night? So wouldn’t diesel be quieter & more efficient?
  13. Fogg

    Coastal 2020

    Who said that? 😊
  14. Fogg


    Yes I’m curious to find out if my unit is reversible too. All I know is that it’s a Cruisair system factory fitted at new with a digital thermostat control.
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