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  1. Fogg


    No that’s the other 99% of the population. Run out of sailing videos to watch though - I’m up to date with all my favourite vloggers.
  2. Fogg


    Jeez, I can’t believe I’m reduced to posting pics of my cat to the internet… The family call it “Star”. I call it “ABC”. Work it out.
  3. Fogg


    Ok cool thanks
  4. Fogg


    I want to ask a Q via a poll - but can’t see it how to do it (from mobile)… anyone?
  5. Fogg


    That was the plan ie. to get the damn thing acclimatised to boat living ASAP. I don’t need to tell you why that hasn’t happened…
  6. Fogg


    So I caved. And we got a cat. No, not the kind with 2 hulls but the kind with about a million claws. Plus fur. At first I persuaded myself that I could turn it into a ‘ship’s cat’ and everything would be OK. But over the last few weeks I’ve been watching with growing dismay at the prodigious amount of poo & pee that the thing emits. And that is growing too. What am I going to do? How the hell do others cope?
  7. In a cruising context it’s a similar but different issue. If you mingle socially particularly on other people’s boat’s it’s hard to know if everyone else onboard is vaccinated. So if I’m invited to a gathering on another boat - should I stay or should I go? If it’s just me at this stage my instinct is to go ahead - because if I’m fully vaxxed then I’m protected, so what’s the worry? But if I’ve got the family inc kids who are <12 and can’t yet be vaxxed then I’m still pondering that… for example they might be mixing with unvaxxed families at school so no different to doing so
  8. Yup I reckon TNZ are really testing kiwi loyalties right now. As a Brit turned NZer I’ve always avidly supported ETNZ - bought the merch - you name it. But my support is now slipping back towards Ineos Team UK…
  9. Much as I love watching the AC spectacle and would love even more for it to be in Auck again, I’m really struggling with this one right now. The world and everyone’s priorities are changing so fast that anyone doing the rounds with ‘cap in hand’ begging for a few more $m to stage a sporting event, just feels a bit of a folly in the current climate. I know we just had the Olympics and it was a welcome distraction once it got underway and we’ll probably feel the same way about the next AC whenever & wherever it happens. But it’s the way they are going about it that just feels
  10. Many of these stories create a bittersweet feeling making me feel both awestruck & inspired and a pathetically inadequate amateur (which I know I am but don’t need reminding). In terms of feel-good enjoyment I still rate this as one of my fav reads and hard to beat:
  11. Faroe Islands: Anger over killing of 1,400 dolphins in one day Hunting is under scrutiny after more than 1,400 dolphins were killed in one day - a reported record.
  12. Fogg

    Electric outboards

    Not a fan of overhead wiring. Poor flexibility for routing buses. Plus way to make the streets look ugly(er). Reminds me of when I lived in India.
  13. Thanks Josh, I’ll take a look. I’ve already bought & read the book but didn’t realise they had made the movie too!
  14. Is that the one when he ditches (or switches off) all his nav instruments sails from the islands to NZ using sun / stars / waves / birds?
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