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  1. Ok, looks like the 1103C is the best option for me.

    To save me shopping the world and getting a friend in US or Europe buying + sending to me what’s your best price for the unit itself + carry bag + protective cover all inc?

    Or if you prefer to do via PM then drop me a note.


  2. 2 hours ago, Dtwo said:

    I see the usual suspects out enjoying some Level 4 cruising:

    Ski - bottom end of Waiheke

    Hineawa - anchored off Ponui (but has been cruising around a lot)

    Geniet Lewe - approaching Gannet Rock

    And a new entrant:

    Kohara - just cruising through the Kent Passage

    Thanks all, really appreciate you taking one for the team.

    The same day Deodar was going to bay to bay at the bottom end and visited Pacific Sunset they were also checking around these guys. So they must have had an explanation that satisfied the police enough to let them stay out whereas PS got sent home.

  3. 11 hours ago, syohana said:

    We (electric boat co) can arrange for you to view and/or pick up a Torqeedo 1103c at the distribution warehouse in Auckland after lockdown ends. We have two units of our stock down there and no Torqeedos left in Kerikeri at the moment, just a Combi 2.5kw H-Thruster left up here and 5kw inboards. Anything else we can order in from overseas. Not sure when new stock is coming in yet. We'll give you a better price than anyone in Auckland.

    Shipping is expensive due to the lithium battery so Auckland pick up is a good idea if you can.


    Ok thanks for the offer. Let me do a bit more research and I’ll let you know if I want to take you up on the offer.

  4. How ironic - I’m right in the process of selling my Suzuki 6hp 4S (long shaft)!

    The drivers are both weight plus ease of use. Last year my wife pulled her shoulder starting our o/b and I want to make it easier for her (she loves fishing from the dinghy and goes off alone and often back with supper which makes me happy).

    I will keep my Yamaha 15hp 2S on the pushpit in case I need a bigger power / distance option for those 10% of occasions. But I reckon an electric o/b will be on the dinghy for the other 90%.

    Where can I view / buy around Auckland?

  5. On 19/08/2021 at 2:16 PM, Fogg said:

    Talking of books has anyone else read this? It’s a new story to me and so far it’s been harrowing reading. 😳


    Still reading this. It’s certainly very different and I’m struggling to recommend it as a great read if you’re wanting cover-to-cover sailing.

    The sailing bit is over early on and then the rest is about (1) the post accident investigation and the disgracefully sluggish and inadequate response of the S Korean authorities, ship’s owners & crew and (2) the devastating mental impact on the sole survivor (mother/wife) after watching her husband and 2 kids die in front of her.

    If you were contemplating your first offshore family cruise and feeling a bit nervous about making the leap then reading this book could put you off for life. Unless you believed that carrying a full AIS transponder would massively reduce your chances of collision at sea at night to an acceptable level.

  6. Yes it’s all about context. I was a tiny bit worried because I recently remembered I had left my gas on (at the bottle).

    But today a helpful friend living at GH was out for a walk so he checked on Fogg for me including turning my gas off at the bottle. He also checked that my recently re-sealed saloon windows were watertight with no signs of leaks. He was in & out of the marina in 5 mins. That’s all I would have wanted to do.

    As a bonus he sent me a pic to remind me what I’m missing…


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  7. 4 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    oh pulease.

    Your boat is in a marina.  It doesn't need you to tuck it in at night.  The marina has security to ensure it is as safe as reasonably practicable and its no less safe during lockdown than any other time of year. 

    Pretty sure your insurance agent isn't losing sleep over an increase in risk.  In fact, its risk has probably reduced since you are not out there nudging up against rocks and sh*t.

    Baches get left for months at a time.  Its a non-problem.

    But I think you’re taking the narrowest definition of ownership. The concept under UDHR doesn’t just mean the right to own something on paper - it means to enjoy ownership in the broadest sense which includes the amenity (to be able to legally access and enjoy utilising your property). Which we can’t.

    And in terms of protection - I know my boat better than anyone else and how I last left it when I was expecting to return a few days later. And so it’s for me to decide whether my boat is doing OK without me - not anyone else!

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  8. 18 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

    By that logic people should be able to travel from Auckland to Whangamata to check on their bach... See the problem? 

    Yes we should be able to do that! But it’s a problem for the govt because they have failed to vaccinate enough of us. Hence they’ve made it everyone else’s problem and hammered us with L4.

    In practical reality, you could do it OK if you got into your car and left your home area with a full tank and drove non-stop to your destination / bach / boat then no problem. The risk of course is that you might be tempted to stop and mix with the locals at some point. Which becomes a problem.

  9. At L3 I fully expect to be able to travel within the region (like we did last time) and I intend to drive  up to GH to visit my boat.

    Pontoon distances are fine - last time at GH at L3 if you saw another person one of you just paused a few feet to one side at the nearest finger, whilst the other person(s) passed. Was fine.

  10. Yes I know insurance contracts can never require you act illegally or benefit from illegal acts but this is a v grey area open to interpretation and I can easily see people being caught between two unfavourable interpretations - govt on one side and insurers on the other. Cantebury, anyone?

    I know you and I have slightly different interpretations of UDHR but Article 17 sets out everyone’s basic human right to own (and protect) property, such as a boat.

    So regardless of the the insurance angle, once again I see this lockdown as denying us freedoms that are enshrined in our human rights, such as freedom to travel and protect our property (all be it in a fair & reasonable ) way aka “a kind way” to use ‘their’ vernacular.

    The latest restrictions on boating and even access to check on our boats breaks a basic social contract, in my mind. I can kind of accept a load of rules & restrictions if I get something in return, namely if things work better. But right now the state is hammering us with new rules & restrictions every week and they are mostly because things aren’t working well.

    We’re in a downward spiral to the bottom…

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  11. 24 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:


    Previous lock down orders had a clause that classified 'protection of property' as essential travel.  So one could go to the boat, empty the bilges or check the batteries each fortnight. 

    This time around that clause is gone. It might come back with level 3.

    That is seriously disgraceful and where is the media outcry on this BS? 😬

    Where can I find that CD?

    And I wonder if insurance cos got that memo? Because every insurance contract has a clause that says owners must do their bit to take reasonable care of their property to prevent avoidable harm occurring … leading to an otherwise avoidable insurance claim. So if the govt is now preventing that this will cause some insurance claims to be declined because insurers can invoke their ‘failure to take reasonable care’ clause. At which point you should send your repair invoice to Dr Bloomfield.

  12. Very quiet down there this morning (on the water at least). The ever-popular boardwalk was another story - too busy for my liking full of essential exercisers so I finished my coffee and headed back home.


  13. Yes Karman vortices are interesting things and were a key consideration for my father when he was leading a team of supersonic aerodynamicists for the design of Hawk, Tornado and Concorde amongst others. They were a team of scientists working for UK Govt (MOD) but frequently got ‘loaned out’ to help with crucial civilian projects in UK and other friendly allies including civil aircraft (Boeing & Airbus), NASA, the big cross-channel hovercraft fans and various heavy industries eg huge scale airflows through British Steel’s furnaces etc.

  14. 3 hours ago, Jon said:

    My must watch is Sailing Yacht Florence 

    No hype just a pommy couple circumnavigating on an older 37’ Oyster

    Worth going back to beginning if your really bored

    Ditto. We’ve been Gold Patreons for ages (think we were their 4th or 5th).

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  15. As a liveaboard I think you’re exempt because you have no choice - you’re not recreational boaters. If you have AIS your voyage history will support your case that you’re spending long periods as static liveaboard. If no AIS maybe keep a log book!

  16. Maybe this has been covered before but what’s the wisdom on community edits? Do savvy sailors have their charts set to hydrographic survey or community edits? Is there any data out there comparing accuracy / reliability?

    What is the scope of community edits? How to you make updates? Is it automated or manual? I’ve never looked into it but I understand for example the benefit of combining data from 1000s of boats’ depth sounders readings at different states of tides in popular areas to augment existing surveys. But can anyone just add a totally new rock? What if it’s a scam?

    I get the idea of crowd-sourcing for things like Wikipedia where the only risk of bad information is a distorted political statement or flawed scientific findings etc. But navigation & pilotage can be life & death stuff so the standards for validation need to be far higher in my view?

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