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  1. I live at Stanmore and spoke to the leopard seal people last week. They get almost daily sightings of her and said it was super weird her hanging out round this side of Whangaparoa. When my dinghy got sealed I sent them photos and the leopard seal people were able to confirm it was her. They said they have had seen damage to boats caused by fur seals as well.
  2. That couldn't have been her. She has been in whangarei until recently and then hanging around Whangaparoa. There have been no sightings of her near the city.
  3. That couldn't have been her. She has been in whangarei until recently and then hanging around Whangaparoa. There have been no sightings of her near the city.
  4. These aren't your average vets dealing with cats and dogs. These vets have trained in handling native wildlife and are specialists when it comes to gunshot wounds. Massey University particularly has years of experience carrying out post mortem examinations of native wildlife.
  5. Not sure about NZ, but in Antarctica they use Armour to protect the zodicac's from being punctured by leopard seals.
  6. I'm not sure I agree with DoC's classification. Just stating their classification under current law. I have lost several fenders and had my dinghy punctured a couple of times. But wouldn't want to see an animal hurt regardless of the damage it has caused. Out of curiosity has anyone found ways to stop their fenders being eaten
  7. Your looking at the wrong information... You need to be looking at the conservation status of New Zealand marine mammals, 2019 Report. They have been classified as naturally uncommon common which means they ate at risk of going extinct.
  8. Being made a resident species does not make any difference to the level of protection these animals are provided. Under current legislation all marine mammals are protected. However, this reclassification does mean that leopard seals are considered to be an endangered species in NZ. Common sense would dictate that Westhaven being issued a permit to move our friend on when needed is a sensible measure??? While she does not seem aggressive (unless you are an inflatable or fender) you do not want just anyone walking up to her and chasing her off the pontoon with a hose.
  9. Fish I don’t agree with you. The happy teeth researcher is not going round slandering boaties. Last year someone offered $1000 for happy teeth's head on here. Someone was bound to take matters into their own hands eventually!
  10. My point is if you know that your dinghy may get eaten if you leave it in the water why leave it in the water?
  11. Why do people continue to leave their dingy’s in the water when they know that there is a chance they may get “sealed”? Where I’m from in the states there a signs everywhere reminding people not to leave food out because of bears. It’s not rocket science.
  12. I met a dude at Hobsonville who was studying them. I finally found his details. He was keen to hear about any reports of damage. http://www.leopardseals.org
  13. https://www.doc.govt.nz/get-involved/have-your-say/all-consultations/2018/applications/panuku-development-auckland-limited/ Will this include marina users?
  14. I think any sort of seal deterrent is illegal without permission from DOC. So tuna bombs would likely be ground upon. Have you seen Panuku have applied for permits to use hoses to get rid of Mr seal?
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum. I recently saw the seal for the first time at Hobsonville marina. It swam underneath my boat on B pier. I was told it had been living here for several years and was not aggressive. Why do you think its behavior have changed.
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