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  1. Interesting being accused of being selfish when advocating that a park should be able to be used be everyone not a just a niche group. The skate park thing is false equivalence - the hardstand was the skate board servicing shop (of which there are plenty more - albeit some may not specialise in your particular niche of skating), not the skate park (the equivalent would be the harbour) which I'm definitely against being paved over (looking at Ports of Auckland). I don't represent RAYC merely a member that agrees with the committee and I don't represent or have anything to do with Ta
  2. Ok I wasn't going to reply but I'll do one more. If a golf course, rugby field, cricket pitch, skate park, basketball court was under utilised and better served the community as something else then yes that should at the very least be explored. In this case it still serving the same community just in a different way. I'm not sure conspiracy means what you think it does. A conspiracy is 'a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.' So delete the word conspiracy from all my posts and add that phrase in if you prefer.
  3. I read all 10 pages prior to posting so I was definitely aware of the sentiment on here. My reason for posting was not an attempt to gain positive votes from forum users but to present the other side of the argument - That there are many, many people out there, myself included, that have genuine reasons for supporting the closure of this hardstand, which do not involve conspiracy or collusion. While I am aware that some people will be negatively impacted, I believe that on balance the boating community as a whole will see a large benefit in the longer term. I believe there is plenty of hardsta
  4. Ports of Auckland are struggling to hold onto their spot and they return millions to rate payers. Do you honestly believe a subsidised hardstand on prime, public, waterfront park land is going to last 5, 10, 15 years into future? Encourage the Council to allow club yards to expand their footprints, fundraise for better systems at these club yards, petition against zoning changes that allow property developers to build around marinas, and support the clubs that are doing what they need to survive.
  5. I didn't mean to imply the RAYC would - or ever had - control of The Landing space outside of their building footprint. My point is that as a park with a focus on maritime events the space is available to anyone including the RAYC, Marine Sports Centre, Triathlon New Zealand, Barry goes boating - anyone - can then apply for event permits to use the space. To think that as Auckland's population density increases and overall population expands that one relatively small user group can command exclusive use of prime, public, waterfront land - year round - to maintain private vessels is completely
  6. Well I'm glad you appreciate my writing. You're obviously hellbent on finding a conspiracy but all I can tell you is that there isn't one - that the clubs reasons for supporting the closure are genuine. You don't have to agree with their reasons, but I'm sick of seeing some of the absolute rubbish out there, a PR specialist - really?! Go to the club and speak with Nicky the GM or Nick the Commodore. You won't see hired communications consultants but you will find genuine hard working people that are passionate about the future of the club and rightly or wrongly believe that closure is in the c
  7. I'm not on any RAYC committees but I am a member and managed to write all that drivel myself. My understanding is the hardstand had in the region of 300 users a year. The Marine Sports Centre would easily do that in a weekend themselves, then add to that all the other groups that could use the space - other waka ama clubs, SUP and sailors that have nothing to do with the club. But the point is they are looking at long term sustainability and want to be bigger and better. How awesome would it be to have the Opti World champs, a Laser World Champs, Youth Worlds etc at The Landing which the
  8. In an era of declining participation and increasing compliance costs many sports clubs around the country face an uncertain future. Yacht clubs are no exception. So should they keep doing what they’ve always done with some tweaks around the edges and slip further into decline? Or make some fundamental changes to ensure a sustainable future? Royal Akarana Yacht Club has chosen the latter. Giving up their exclusive use of their site in Okahu Bay and opening up to a variety of marine user groups along with some very generous donations the Marine Sports Centre has taken shape. Visit the site
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