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  1. I'd agree with Corella - IF the option is varnish vs Awlgrip. But for just handrails which are a small area and easily up kept every other year I'd go for an oil or a stain. Something Bunnings have that is used for decks for instance. Really easy to apply, easy to clean when re application is needed. Plus (assuming the rails are teak) there's plenty of easy to use once-every-year teak products at Burnsco etc that also have the benefit of CHEAP (in comparison to varnishes/Awlgrip etc). But - if you want the full GLOSSY - go for Awlgrip My 2 cents worth............... :)
  2. Re insurance (going off on a tangent here), a mate has a 28 foot Keeler made of ply, a well known Townson design. Owned for 15 years, insured same company all that time, no claims made. Company has told him that because boat is ply and now reached 20 years of age he MUST do (and pass) a survey every year in order to re-insure. He's in Westhaven so has to have insurance. Annual expenses just got a lot more expensive. And a little scarier.
  3. Okay, FYI, no interest here so I'll Trade Me list them today.
  4. Paid $129 for them a few years ago, never used but have been out of the box for a day Happy to let 'em go for $65 - 1/2 price. Pick up in Sandringham Akl.
  5. Terry B


    Unless you mean West bay on Rakino?
  6. Terry B


    Hmmm, where is this West Bay you speak of? Been tootling around Waiheke a long time but I don't recall a West Bay anywhere near Oneroa?
  7. I've given up on January, will try again early February - being semi retired I do have the choice of when I go - many of you don't. A mate sent me a snapshot of Coastguard nowcast at Channel island this morning - ave 50, gusting 69. I suggested storm kite and a reef - or maybe two.....................not that he was there, he was safely in Westhaven wondering (like the rest of us up here) why summer lasted for 8 days.................sigh.
  8. I might be wrong (it has happened) however these decisions on closing/retaining boating facilities seem to be taken on an individual and ad hoc basis. Pier 21 is a slightly different issue but falls roughly into the same category as Okahu Bay hard stand and the Bayswater Apartment decisions. There doesn't seem to be an overall AUCKLAND WIDE plan for boating - facilities like haul out, all weather ramps, car parking at these facilities etc etc. It seems that each individual case is taken as if it were a stand alone - not affecting anything else. If Orams closed for any reason (and we
  9. I always used the chlorine 'pills' you can get from the likes of Burnsco and camper van places. Yes, marina water is chlorinated but my tanks aren't. Pop a cuppa pills in (after reading instructions) and away you go. Not every fill, but frequently. Never noticed a taste change - but 30 years of smoking may be the cause Plus every year or so (whenever I remember) a bit of bleach with serious flush through. No filters (have never had filters at home and never had a problem so can't see why it would be necessary on a boat that only travels in NZ where chlorinated water is very co
  10. Okay, I'm lost - who is STF? Who actually runs the hardstand? And even if he/she/they are doing a poor job - we still don't want to lose the hardstand do we?
  11. Hi all, got this in my email yesterday. Thought some of you might want to attend.
  12. Unclear from the article EXACTLY what they're doing as down towards the bottom it says:
  13. Terry B

    Stuck tiller?

    BP might have nailed it re the heat. I just freed a 12mm bow roller bolt that would not budge by using a heat gun on the threaded end for 2 minutes. Came apart easy after that. Yours may have either epoxy or thread lock goo in there - both will 'melt' with heat applied. Just be careful as the bolt will stay hot for a while :)
  14. Thanks ex Elly, just watch the videos. Awesome down to earth stuff.
  15. Hi Toltec, be up your way next week so we'll hopefully catch up. Searched for Sailing Monanaroa but no success - spelt correctly?
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