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  1. Also Fortress Fasteners in Rosebank Rd, Avondale (very close to Anzor store). They have a pretty good website
  2. That was a good listen - thanks Aard. Sounds like a great guy.
  3. Ta for the thoughts. I should mention that I don't have a trailer sailer. I did years ago, then for 10 years a keeler which I sold a few months ago. So I was just curious given that a keeler has that large heavy beast underneath it and trailer sailers don't. Hence the question as to how a trailer sailer would react to a drogue or lines chucked off the stern. And I've been in seas on the northern side of Rangitoto in a 40' keeler that were not nice. In a trailer sailer those conditions would have been dangerous. I've sailed from Kawau back to Westhaven in conditions that started as benign,
  4. I've been pondering. I've read a lot about drogues and other options when running before large seas. As someone who only tootles about in the Hauraki Gulf, I've not experienced these conditions - I avoid them like the plague. Or the pandemic. However these sort safety procedures apply to keel boats. Does the same principle apply to trailer sailers? Your average Noelex 22 or any of the myriad of other designs in NZ? Obvious answer is to not go out in those conditions BUT, in NZ, we have very changeable weather and it can get gnarly very quickly. What say you ex
  5. Can they (whoever 'they' are) use that land for non boat use? Surely there's some land ring fenced for 'marine' use down there? And if pier 21 is not used (in the future) as a haulout facility - then Westhaven is down to one facility (apart from floating dock). And whats to stop Orams going? And then there's none? No point having a boat in Westhaven if you can't haul it easily.
  6. Hi 2flit, I googled "boat painter in fiji willie" and came up with a few boat blogs that named Willie as doing a great job. Maybe send the bloggers a message thru their blogs and ask for Willies details - they may still have them?
  7. Hi all, a 'crewer' has messaged me so these are now gone. Glad I didn't have to dump them!
  8. That's right - FREE! They're used but still work fine - but not full capacity any more. It's just the flexible panels and wires you can see in the photo, no other gear. I was gonna throw them but I thought maybe some fine 'crewer' might want them? Just PM me if you do - first in wins........... And you need to pick up from Sandringham, Akl.
  9. Not sure if there's been a thread on this before - if there has I can't find it. I have a number of kids life jackets in very good condition and want to donate them - but can't see anywhere on-line that takes second hand ones. I'm in Akl............. Anyone know of anyone who takes them? Apart from my local suburban small yacht, yacht club ...........
  10. Awesome, I've been semi following the build - great to see her in the water. Those junk rigs have always fascinated me. Something about the way they look.............
  11. Um, it's not 935 years old, it's (35 years old) - didn't use the shift key very well
  12. Am I right in assuming you use a 'treatment' to prevent diesel bug? I've had my 935 year old) yacht for 10 years and never treated the diesel. Never had the bug either. But I always keep the tank full. I hear (and read) all sorts of theories on the diesel bug - have I just been lucky so far? I'm starting to think that, for the small extra cost, maybe I should start 'treating' the diesel, just to be on the safe side......... any comments/thoughts? I'd appreciate the advice.
  13. Steve, you happy with the composting toilet you installed? Thinking about one next time the jabsco breaks down. Which will probably be the next time I use it Apologies for the thread drift..........
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