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  1. Terry B

    Pier 21

    Pier 21 is for sale but as a marine business (as I understand from several articles I've read) - see link below: https://www.cbre.co.nz/about/media-center/large-central-city-waterfront-property-on-the-market Anybody know anything different? Tamaki Marine Park is useless for yachts unless you're happy to remove your mast before going under the bridge to get there.............
  2. Um, my whiting 29 had full headroom................even in the head.
  3. As the good Doctor says, that 6 extra feet is huge. It's not just 6 feet in length, there's (usually) a 2-3 feet extra in beam as well. And that 6 feet (as a mate of mine describes it) is all in the middle of the boat i.e. where you eat, sleep and dine. I had a Whiting 29 and in the berth next to me was a mint Beale 33. I couldn't get over how much bigger it was internally. And yes, I know they're different designs etc.
  4. And that fine is a frickin' joke. You can own a very expensive (or not expensive) boat/yacht/powerboat and create mayhem and the fines/justice is a joke. There are plenty of examples of this in NZ in the past. Fines of $200 are meaningless to boaties - you own a boat (in most instances) $200 is peanuts. No deterrent .
  5. I used Alibaba's method for years when I had a trailer sailer. Really easy to set up and adjust. Works well. However it can be a pain if wind/tide etc changes at 2am and you have to get up to adjust it or remove it altogether. And 'ditto' on the flopper stoppers - I could never get them to work really well plus they took up a lot of space on the trailer sailer. But maybe it was just my inexperience with them
  6. Awesome, thanks Gappy.
  7. Sorry Gappy, who/what is RFD?
  8. Hi all, we have an Aquapro inflatable with aluminium hull that came with our yacht. It needs a few parts - but I'm struggling to find anyone in Akl who is a dealer in Aquapro. Might be my inability with google search Anyone got any ideas please?
  9. Went to Westhaven friday arvo to check lines etc. 3 yachts (not launches) on our pier were loading up to head out for the weekend!! I asked one guy if he had checked the forecast......"yea, don't think it'll be much" was his reply.
  10. What Harrytom says Years ago when I had my trailer sailor I read a good book on sailing single handed. So I set my sheets up as per what the book said: the leeward winch became a turning block, the winch on the windward side was the winch I used for the sheet. It meant I could adjust/release easily as I was sitting next to it. You can also set the sheets up as 1 continuous sheet so that no matter what happens the sheet is always in reach. I did this too - made it really easy as the sheet(s) was always within reach. The book was by Andrew Evans; Thoughts, Tips, Techniques
  11. As someone who, for various reasons, won't be out on the Hauraki Gulf until february - what's it like out there? Normal amount of boats parked up overnight? Less? More? I thought there'd be more than normal (the Covid effect) but I'm not sure...........
  12. Terry B

    Rum Race

    Sad, but predictable. I'll miss waking up with a serious hangover on my boat (or someone else's) the following day............... Some of the yacht clubs down at Westhaven must be feeling the pinch financially this year. No weddings, big parties etc. Next year WILL BE BETTER. You heard it here first
  13. Um, Harrytom was saying POSTS. IS, your chart cannot possibly be POSTS per day - maybe views? If it's POSTS, buggered if I can find that many POSTS. Maybe the figure is VIEWS?
  14. So, 2 years and a few months after starting this little project, she's finished. I'm gonna name her BLOO. After the colour and also because I made so many bloo's making her that I swear she has more construction errors than any other dinghy ever made. I made her with the intention of fitting her on the foredeck of my Whiting 29. Which I sold 6 months ago. So I no longer need the dinghy. Plus, she doesn't fit in my vehicle so I can't get her to the water to do the maiden voyage. Still, she looks good sitting in a corner of my garden shed No idea why these loaded upside do
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