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  1. Terry B

    Coastal 2020

    Nice story on Stuff this morning about the Tri 'Timberwolf'. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/300138081/a-girl-and-her-wolf-attack-the-coastal-classic
  2. Legend! Growing up on the Mercury Isles must have been an adventure!
  3. Hi Dutyfree, I think you'll find that Salty Seadog has actually been here for a long time - just his videos are being drip fed to the net.
  4. slight thread drift 🙂 These are the exact words on an instruction manual for a portable DVD player I bought for someone a cuppla weeks ago: "When the dvd have unusual sound and smell such as splintering and poop, please switch off the power line as soon as possible." I have a photo of the instruction book to prove it.
  5. Terry B

    American Magic

    Came back from Waiheke to Westhaven yesterday after a 5 day tiki tour on the boat (lovely it was too). And the Yanks were foiling around out between Rangi and Browns Island. It's a beast. I (very unscientifically) timed it going from browns to Rangi wharf area in less than 2 minutes. Chase boats struggling to keep up (it looked like it anyway). And, at the time, I had rolled the sails away as there was sweet FA wind (although it was from behind me).
  6. Rightio, thanks Gappy & Sabre................
  7. Whoops, I thought I'd deleted/retracted/altered my last post but I didn't - clearly. No offence meant to anyone. I'm talking about the STRUCTURE on the stern the AB and Cloughy mentioned, - bamboo - or other - please read what they said before posting a reply to my post.
  8. I give up. do none of you go back and read what
  9. Okay, I'm beginning to regret restarting this thread. Cannot see anything on Sth Pacific that is remotely what cloughy or AB were talking about.
  10. Okay, clearly I did not explain myself well? I'm talking about the apparatus that holds the inflatable on the stern - not what/which dinghy to buy/own. I thought I had made it clear - davits? Cloughy & AB1974 comments in first part of thread?
  11. Hi all, back on page 1 of this thread, 'Cloughy' and 'AB1974' mention a system for attaching temporary davits for putting the inflatable on - however the picture Cloughy attached isn't there. Anyone got a pic or diagram I can have a gander at please?? Ta in advance.
  12. If you don't use charities like 'Save the Children' then how do you get money to families in those countries?
  13. Welcome to NZ! If you can by/borrow the "Royal Akarana Yacht Club Coastal Cruising Guide" it would be well worth it. Covers Auckland to far north. Continually updated and written by cruisers, for cruisers. Most chandlers have it or buy on line.
  14. When I did my vhf course 15 years ago I have to say it wasn't great. It was Coastguard. They taught the theory but buggerall on practicality. The tutors were/are volunteers but not necessarily great teachers - but they're volunteers - so big ups to them! I learnt more from a seasoned sailor afterwards (in 1/2 an hour in the cockpit of his boat as opposed to 3? nights course) than I did on the course. Having said that, I'm a huge supporter of Coastguard and I hope/think their courses have improved since then. I've done 3 Coastguard courses - and my belief is they need
  15. Ooops, slip of the brain there BP! 😵 I've had the privilege of being on your SCHOONER so I knew that. Look forward to hearing how the heater goes.
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