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  1. Awesome, I've been semi following the build - great to see her in the water. Those junk rigs have always fascinated me. Something about the way they look.............
  2. Um, it's not 935 years old, it's (35 years old) - didn't use the shift key very well
  3. Am I right in assuming you use a 'treatment' to prevent diesel bug? I've had my 935 year old) yacht for 10 years and never treated the diesel. Never had the bug either. But I always keep the tank full. I hear (and read) all sorts of theories on the diesel bug - have I just been lucky so far? I'm starting to think that, for the small extra cost, maybe I should start 'treating' the diesel, just to be on the safe side......... any comments/thoughts? I'd appreciate the advice.
  4. Steve, you happy with the composting toilet you installed? Thinking about one next time the jabsco breaks down. Which will probably be the next time I use it Apologies for the thread drift..........
  5. This what I put in the appropriate section...... not the best wording perhaps but it was very early this morning..
  6. BP - did you click on the link that IT provided at the start of this thread? As Fogg says, it's easy enough to do on the phone. They ask you to log in but thats easy - takes 30 seconds to set up a login and password...........
  7. Please go on line and fill in the survey - it only takes a few minutes. I've just done it - at the moment the 18 knot votes are winning the survey. Bloody hell.
  8. So the first thing they talk about is increasing safety, then the first change is to increase the max speed in Waitemata 'zone' from 12 to 18 knots!!! Makes all kinda sense. Not.
  9. I have a friend (I swear I do!) who has owned his Clipper for 30 years. Has raced it in the (distant) past but just cruises her now. Looks after it very well - 'nurses her along' as he calls it. She's one of the ones named by Arco above. I did a Coastal Classic on her 20 odd years ago. Lottsa fun, took a week to get back to Auckland Good all round yacht, usual story - she's old, get a survey............. good luck.
  10. Terry B

    Coastal 2020

    Nice story on Stuff this morning about the Tri 'Timberwolf'. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/300138081/a-girl-and-her-wolf-attack-the-coastal-classic
  11. Legend! Growing up on the Mercury Isles must have been an adventure!
  12. Hi Dutyfree, I think you'll find that Salty Seadog has actually been here for a long time - just his videos are being drip fed to the net.
  13. slight thread drift These are the exact words on an instruction manual for a portable DVD player I bought for someone a cuppla weeks ago: "When the dvd have unusual sound and smell such as splintering and poop, please switch off the power line as soon as possible." I have a photo of the instruction book to prove it.
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