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  1. What do you expect when over 2000 Council employees are on 6 figure incomes? Similar sized Brisbane in wealthier Australia has 149 on 6 figure salaries.. The Super (Size Me) City is out of control and needs some Jenny Craig therapy, however Turkeys seldom vote for Christmas.
  2. RNZYS Wednesday Night Racing - MRX 1x Crew needed for tomorrow night! (- ongoing sailing available if keen) call Andrew 021 3088 608
  3. Perhaps they are concerned that I'll get a cut of the $8 fee.. Heck, if they give me 15%, I'll make roughly $1. I think mowing lawns is a better get rich quick scheme...!
  4. This is my response: This is not an advertisement! this is an opinion from a user about an app I have used for a year regularly and found very useful. I had no thought, nor intention of stepping on the toes of advertisers, who ironically, are after monetary gain... Yes I have used Navionics, but prefer MX Mariner, sorry if that doesn't appease the money trail as this site deserves support, but not at the expense of censoring people's opinions.. It's Crew.org.nz, not Russia Today..
  5. For anyone using Android phones / tablets who wants a great, offline, Marine GPS (or as a backup). I have been using this for almost a year, including at night in tricky coastal and narrow harbour areas. It is super accurate and has yet to let me down. Advantages : - Doesn't require a data connection (once initial free charts are downloaded) - Uses free to download LINZ actual marine charts. One or two downloads gives you all charts for NZ and South Pacific Islands. (This alone would cost many hundreds of dollars to buy the paper versions.) - Super accurate to a couple of meters -
  6. We have a full crew for Friday, but are still looking for 2 crew for Saturday & Sunday on a Farr MRX Ph: Andrew 022 3088 608 http://www.aucklandregatta.co.nz
  7. Pacific Keel boat Challenge - Farr MRX, Crew wanted When: 22nd to 24th March (Fri, Sat, Sun) We need a couple of extra crew for this great fun event with international crews competing. If possible, it would be great if crew can do Wednesday night race as pre regatta practice. http://www.mrxyachting.co.nz/news/2012- ... -challenge Phone: 022 3088608
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