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  1. Do you set the alarm at the bow when dropping your anchor....or wait till you are dug in and set it at the cockpit?
  2. Yep these are reportedly great units, as you seem to confirm. If I get the little bit that has fallen off re-soldered in due course, the price will go back up to my original price - which is still a bargain. At the moment, my price is a little ridiculously low, but then again I am preoccupied with other things right now....
  3. The nor east swell from the cyclone definitely played its part....
  4. So, is it time for the question: Is Tutukaka an irresponsible place to have a marina? No way, if I was a local, that I would be parking my boat there. Can't see Insurance companies now willing to insure your boat if you park there, without a massive hike in premiums....
  5. Via text Pscyhe, just like we got from the Govt for the Covid lockdowns etc I think the media are indeed all over it now, but the point is, before hand, people were told the threat had passed, then Tutukaka promptly got smashed.
  6. I agree Fish. What is worse, the media seems more worried about a Tennis player getting deported from Oz, than the absolute failure of the Tsunami alert system down here in NZ. I was in Tutukaka marina around this very time two years ago, and I feel for the community as the marina appears mostly destroyed with a lot of boats smashed up and sunk to boot.
  7. In my opinion, everything the council has done, including Panuku, is all illegal, it is just that no one has the time nor money to take these scumbags to court. Glad I am out of Westhaven, never to return if I can help it.
  8. 2flit sent me the below PM, and with his permission, I am posting it here as advised to him via the new owners of Pelagic (Scanmar) so that if anyone wants to buy a brand new one, versus my second hand one, the below info might be useful... "There are some dates that are important. We took over in January of '19 and support units sold since that time. Units mfg prior to that are supported by Brian, the original developer. I wouldn't let that be a showstopper". "The most important thing is the color of the control head. If grey in color, I would pass, if white probably ok. The white
  9. No idea - I am not a techy guy, never used this Pelagic, and I really don't care why or how. It's not a 'break', that little thing I point to in the photo came loose when the initial fella that bought it took it away - a few hours later he returned it as per my post earlier. If not enough information for you, that is fine, go and buy a brand new one at triple the price.
  10. I have slashed the price to $550 for my Pelagic. I actually sold this for my asking price of $950, but then accepted its return as some little metal thing has fallen off (see where my finger is pointing in the photo attached) as the fella was off on a cruise and told me he does not have soldering skills nor the time to find someone who did as he was basically off sailing the next morning....so it's probably a 10 min job for someone with soldering skills, and as I cannot be a*rsed to get it fixed by someone, then this is your gain for a well respected auto pilot at a knockdown price. No retu
  11. Y'all lucky buggers making me jealous...the wind last couple days would have blown me all the way north with joy....but I'm stuck at GH Marina trying to get the last job(s) done so I can go blinking sailing...still, maybe I'll miss all the anchorages filled with the Riverias manned by Captain Piddlemarks by the time I do get going
  12. Get ready for many more Outboard and Diesel Engine problems? https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/458668/what-is-the-real-cost-of-a-switch-to-biofuels
  13. Saturday nights I thought Anyone back to Fagan....tough little boat, good bloke, will be following with interest
  14. I see he has what looks to be the Series Drogue chain plates bolted on aft
  15. Oh yes I remember." What about "Ready to Roll'
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