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  1. Well, I sold them to a guy building a carvel planked double-ender, so yup I guess so. Cheers.
  2. Get one made as I doubt you will get one 2nd hand https://cambrianplastics.co.nz/product/domes/
  3. The video will start in alignment with the subject line, but if you have 40 mins available to wind back from the start, I found the whole thing quite interesting even though it is a much bigger yacht than I'd ever want to own - the principles of maintenance are the same I guess and he tells good stories. The old salt is Walter Schulz who started and still runs Shannon Yachts, a line of heavy displacement cruising yachts out of the USA....
  4. Zozza

    Rocna anchors

    I have a Rocna 10kg and a Sarca Excel 9.5 if anyone is looking for a couple excellent anchors that I will be willing to let go - if interested then PM me
  5. Zozza


    Nice. Better post some photos at some stage, always a good antidote to view than some of the modern boxes that people call sailboats these days
  6. Zozza


    Some sort of William Atkin design?
  7. Cruise Ships, Freighters, Fish Tank nerds.... take your pick or probably all three are responsible. It's here and it 'aint going away.
  8. https://marinehowto.com/bed-it-tape/
  9. No. Order from America. Get 'Bed-It' Butyl. It is the best. Only drawback is the cost to ship it over here is rather wallet lightening... https://shop.sailboatowners.com/prod.php?55717/Rod+Collins+and+apos;+Bed-It+Tape
  10. Not meaning to get political here, but NZ is opening its doors - post Covid - to the world like never before, from Cruise ships, to immigration, tourism, overseas yachites, new trading partners (meaning more trading cargo ships). What did everyone expect to happen when you do that? First it was Mediterranean fanworm, now it's Mediterranean Caulerpa, and next time it will be something else....there are always shades of gray, but I am black and white on this: Either close NZ, and definitely close Hauraki Gulf and BOI - ban all boating for five years, and embark on a multi $Million if not
  11. Banning sailing and boating in BOI, which is basically what you are doing if you ban anchoring in that area, would be a bit of a big financial hit to BOI in summertime would it not?
  12. Correct - 'baffles' - that is the word I was looking for instead of them little thin 'mini bulkheads'!
  13. ...they were definitely not structural Seems I should be using 'real wood' not ply for structural floors when I do eventually glass them in?
  14. Ah right, they were thin little bulkheads separating various parts of the water tanks...couple taps of the hammer and they broke off..
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