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  1. That is weird burying sewage tanks...and just leaving them there. I suppose a poo sewage expert will be along shortly advise this is normal practice for Marinas....
  2. Is it just me, but in modern society I have the perception that everything good and free eventually will either (if it hasn't already) be banned or a fee be required. Sailboat cruising has not and will not be spared....I expect licenses required to use your boat (sail or stinkpot) within 10 years, irrespective whom is in power
  3. (You will need a Herald subscription to read in full) https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/mainfreight-founder-bruce-plested-battling-waiheke-island-marina-development/BLM4LORE7WYVXKLGARVC2R4XUY/ I can see pros and cons of this new marina. But I am sort of against it because the thing will be aimed at the stink pot Riviera crowd with enormous berth rentals to match (if Orakei marina is anything to match it against), and not your local Yachtie in his 8-10m Keeler. And the environmental impact has to be taken into account - though the marina developer appears to have taken reasona
  4. Zozza


    Too right. Looking forward to seeing your enlarged premises too.
  5. Zozza


    But since when does the guy at the top not play golf, go sailing, drink pina coladas
  6. Zozza


    The small team I manage - their productivity is outstanding when working from home. You can't eff about - the stats don't lie. However, it seems old habits die hard with the top brass. Some just can't get out of old ideals. It's all about being back in the office for them. MInd you, we have a few sailors like that, that can't accept new technology
  7. Zozza


    As one of those office wombles, working from home has been a lifestyle godsend. 1. I get one to two hours more sleep per day, or if I wake up early I just scroll through sites like this online until I fee like getting up to put the kettle on. 2. I no longer sit in morning and evening rush hour traffic 3. I save a heap of money on petrol and parking. 4. I don't have to listen to idle and not so idle office chatter bollocks 5. I don't have to worry about winter colds and flu that other office wombles cough and splutter throughout the whole building However, I do find a bit of resi
  8. Yet it was exciting enough for non sailor NZ'ers to become enthralled with AC yacht racing - so your personal contention versus the masses does not equate.
  9. Is it because the course should be out further in the Gulf to provide more chance of windshifts, but they want the course close in for the "benefit" of the spectator fleet? If the latter, utterly ridiculous, because at the moment its a bit like cricket in that if you win the toss you win the match, and if you win the start in this AC you win the match race.
  10. SNAPPER BAY: As per the chart below: "CAUTION NOTE: Mariners advised that uncharted reefs may exist in this area " I'd be given it a wide berth too if rounding that area - I'm not a fishermen so I indeed will stay well the fark away from Snapper Bay
  11. So, rather than a case of "Stay the f**k from Waikalabubu Bay", are these the three rocks below that we need to be an eagled eyed beaver about when sailing or anchoring in that area? One little nasty to the north west of Billy Goat Pt, and two little nasties to the south east? This guy didn't hit some uncharted rock that remains uncharted?
  12. This is very good. Where is this? Up at Barrie's Bach?
  13. Zozza

    Boat Names

    Agree...some people need to lighten up. Mind you, we are now in an age where Dr Zeuss books get cancelled, and Fawlty Towers "The German's" episode gets banned in some countries
  14. I never make fun of anybody that got / gets into strife on the water - just seems like an invitation to karma of the wrong kind.
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