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  1. Found it: Eric from Nordkyn Design on the Contessa 32 and the weakness of that pinched stern in following seas: Heavy weather dynamics: the behaviour of yachts in following seas | Nordkyn Design These are his opinions, not mime. The Cav gets a mention: Hindsight is always a wonderful thing of course, but – assuming that a Contessa 32 can point acceptably in high winds and heavy seas, a very open question – had she turned it around and sailed upwind, she might have come out better off because designs like this one just won’t run in heavy seas. Another one is the Cavalier 32, wit
  2. You have any issue in a following sea with her little backside? There is some foreign designer / builder that lives down south island, that says some less than savoury things about the following sea capabilities of Cav 32's & Contessa 32's .... but I think he also doesn't believe in drogues, so maybe a crackpot
  3. Calling BP...think he went offshore in one years ago Edit: I have magic powers!
  4. Another question: Why do you think someone recommended in this thread that the athwartships structural floor beams that will span my bilge and tie everything in post removal of the glassed in integral water tank -- why should these be solid wood over plywood? I am going to glue and glass them in, so I am interest why they should be solid would. A boat-builder friend, albeit a DIY boatbuilder rather than a commercial one, reckons plywood will be fine and actually stronger, and it is going to all glassed in, so no need for solid wood. It is a GRP constructed boat from the the early 1970'
  5. I don't feel so bad about my old fashioned transom hung rudder on pintles and gudgeons.
  6. Very interesting article, thank you sir. The last paragraph: "AllDone’s story highlights the unseen but ongoing role of human workers on the frontiers of automation, and it demonstrates why it’s too soon to forecast a future of full automation or a world without work. The interdependence between generously compensated software engineers in San Francisco and low-cost contractors in the Philippines suggests that advances in software automation still rely not only on human labor, but also on global inequalities. While this may be true - for this particular company - as at April 20
  7. AI is real though - your grandkids kids are going to live in an unrecognisable world in short order -- I am talking 15 to 20 years from now or less.
  8. The same question asked a couple different ways: ________ You A yes or no answer only please. Is there a chance that all current "sit at desk" jobs could be replaced by AI in the future? ChatGPT Yes. You A yes or no answer only please. If it is true that there is a chance that all current "sit at desk" jobs could be replaced by AI in the future, then is there also a chance that physical and trade labor jobs could also disappear as well because the rest of the population do not have jobs and therefore do not have the money to pay for those trade services?
  9. I put this question to the AI system called ChapGPT . Make of it what you will.... -------- You A yes or no answer only please. Is there a chance that AI could cause the world's economies to collapse in on themselves as there is no longer enough humans working jobs to pay for goods and services? ChatGPT Yes.
  10. Brywnderwyns are currently open for Easter.... after that you are back to going the diverted route/s to Whangarei I guess
  11. Any 64gb Android will do the job, but I have found this couple give a very good run down of pros and cons, and cost v effectiveness... https://sailingkerguelen.com/en/best-gps-tablet-navigation-android-apple/ Edit: If you decided to go IOS over Android, pay careful attention to the difference between Apple wifi v cellular. You always want the cellular option if you are prepared to pay the Apple premium, because they have GPS, and Wifi only models don't. Android models (as far as I am aware) all have built in GPS whether it is cellular capable or not. BTW, I use the term GPS
  12. That's three options now - who knew! thanks very much lads.
  13. Edit A closer look at those outfits, shows they sell the gudgeons -- I am after the little spacer / bushing
  14. Anyone got any idea who could make me a bespoke set of these ? A google search shows off the shelf ones sold at various marine outlets, but surely there is an outfit that can make the exact OD and ID that you need for particular rudder's gudgeon's? Cheers in advance for any info provided.
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