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  1. If we ever get out of lockdown, I will be keeping my boat at GH, so would like a look, even though I cannot afford the B&G systems at this time....but one day I will be able to afford at least a portion of them, so will be fun to have a look
  2. MX Mariner appears only to be for Android. My apple phone is of course IO$
  3. Well that's the answer then! Redirect the Waikato pipe line to all the estuaries that have the fan worm, and that'll kill 'em off. Us dorklanders can die of thirst...or go crack open a cold amber one.
  4. Yeah, sounds like UK , part 1 register (not the Small Ships Register) is adopting almost identical rules to Jersey. Very easy from what I have read, just need a tonnage survey, and get an agent to open a UK company - which gets around you having to live in UK
  5. If you were a skipper like Billy Zane in 'Dead Calm', then you'd probably make 'em walk the plank!
  6. My mate has a copy, but he is up at Sandspit, and I am down in Auckland level 4 lockers uppers. I do remember the boat, Shantung, being on Trademe a year or so back. Good solid Junk rigged boat that can take you places.
  7. Free Range Sailing have dyneema rigging that plays music too
  8. Pretty majical this one....
  9. Great little vids BP really enjoyed them. What next? I reckon a composting Head. Would have perhaps. avoided the blocked sh*tter and resultant backdoor trots!
  10. I will start it off..... Robin Knox Johnston - Running Free
  11. Cav 32 $10K no reserve https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3219722208?bof=2t8fQENP
  12. Mine all accounted for to other crewdotorgers now...
  13. I have X 4 Rutgerson 750's that are spare and in excellent condition. Your's for $100 each. (Retail is $170 -$180)
  14. I'm sure I had a pasta dish once at an Italian restaurant that had that name
  15. Cool I had my Haulot receipt handy , but as I say, never got inspected.
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