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  1. I have a near new an RC 8-6 that will be for sale remember KM (Being replaced by a Quick R1. kindly sourced for me by KM, & replacing only due to my want of a separate naval pipe / spurling pipe)
  2. Flasher than Sailing Anarchy even
  3. Zozza

    Interior ply

    Yuh, your driveway is generally the cheapest boatyard in town!
  4. Zozza

    Interior ply

    I actually left interior as is as far as adding anything, but like you, I will need a refit in a year or two and need to add lockers, shelves etc....If I did it all at once I'd end up like that Dane on Youtube 'SailLife' who does no sailing, just works and works and works on is boat....
  5. Zozza

    Interior ply

    Giday Sabre, Do I sense a refit series of a Raven on Yootoob? I really only used ply for the new companionway, and it was a good quality marine ply - which name I can't remember. I soaked it all in resin too - not sure if needed too, but I did anyway, just to make sure.
  6. Is it just me or has it seemed like its rained daily here in Auckland the last 10 weeks.....
  7. So glad Im getting out of WH soon, never to return.
  8. When keels fall off modern yachts, is that bad boat designing, or bad boat building?
  9. Zozza

    Larry Pardey

    Maybe slow, but good enough for a non-stop circumnavigation... https://www.sailmagazine.com/cruising/a-nonstop-solo-circumnavigation
  10. Zozza

    Larry Pardey

    A yuloh at work.
  11. All joking aside, the hair testing is not sophisticated enough to know 'blood lines" as anything more than a bit of a guess. I mean - blonde hairs are unlikely to be those of Maori woman, so its easy to say that therefore it is "250,000 times more likely that the hair was Olivia's than the Maori lady". And yeah, Ok, before any smart alec says anything, no that is not a verbatim quote from the case files, it is just an paraphrasing of something similar that the forensic hair lab lady said at the trial - if you want to know her exact words, go read Keith Hunters book. The jury were basic
  12. Spot on Wheels. Yes, the time issue IS the biggest hole of all in the prosecution case. Simply impossible for a boat that would make 5 knots max under power. This is best covered by Keith Hunter in his documentary and book. Once I saw and read Keith's work (many years ago now) , I knew the whole case was bullshyte.
  13. That's a very interesting read, Priscilla. While you feel for Gerald Hope, the guy is just so naive after all these years, both in the way the Police framed the whole bunch of crap, and also the maritime side of things. For example: "Like the scrub marks on the hull: he could explain how he’d genuinely cleaned his hull, but Hope could always claim this was covering up for where the bodies had rubbed weed off the hull" Jaysus christ, he actually believes the bodies could have floated up and scraped the side of the Blade's hull, when any sailor knows that's complete bullsh^t
  14. Strange. Nothing in the news about a Whangarei tornado, only Auckland and Mangawhai I kept my previous boat at Norsand so know the boatyard well, and recognise the parts of the yard I can see in the photos. That's going to be lots of $$ in insurance claims.
  15. Looks like there is hope that justice for Scott Watson might finally be served. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300043462/sounds-murders-scott-watsons-case-sent-to-court-of-appeal I wonder after all these years how Rob Pope sleeps at night. He must know deep down he is largely responsible for destroying the best years of an innocent man's life. I'm about halfway through this documentary this morning. I can't stop shaking my head at what Pope's outfit got up to as they set about framing the yachtie Scott Watson. Sickening really.
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