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  1. I don't have a Cav, but had the same issue, so I raised my cockpit floor, glassed in two angled stern drains above the waterline with rubber flaps. No chance my boat sinking when I'm not there, no seacocks to eff about with or worry about failing. I hate holes below the waterline period, so I have none. But each to their own. Edit. Found a pic. You can see the gray coloured flap to keep water out, but let it drain from cockpit.
  2. The actual tiller in that pic, who can make those in Auckland? and, -- is it just as simple of giving them my wooden tiller and say "make me an exact copy in carbon"....? Edit: LOL a google search after I posted popped up with my answer... goggle never ceases to amaze: https://www.c-tech.co.nz/products/tiller-arms-extensions
  3. On sort of a related tangent.... why am I starting to see trademe adverts for mooring rentals saying you need full insurance! To rent a mooring!! For f**ksake... one of the main attractios to getting out of the marina for me would be that I don't have to eff about and pay insurance for my 70s classic plastic that isn't worth insuracing other than to satisfy marina red tape. These moorings were in the Mahurangi area btw
  4. I'm not accusing anyone of anything here.....but is this all 3rd, 4th, 5th hand? He may have wanted to keep things on "the downlow" but there is no way a media personality like Andrew is going to be able to keep a rescue out of the news. There is not one iota of info on the web about this rescue, and I just find that next to impossible in this modern online age . Some of the things I'd like to know is what of Swirly World? Left to drift, seacocks opened & scuttled, or was she towed to port somewhere and salvaged (unlikely way out there in the Pacific). And what of the suppose
  5. Thanks Booboo. What happened to Swirly World itself?
  6. I would have thought a 'name' like him, being rescued on Swirly World in the Pacific, would have made the news. No news, and nothing on the internet apart from that old story Ex Elly has referenced. Maybe Priscilla can come back and quote his source about this apparent rescue?
  7. First I've heard of it. Didn't even know he was sailing Swirly World offshore at this time.....
  8. What was that Covid boat buying boom all about you think? Previous non sailing people locked down watching the Bikini Sailing Youboob channels?
  9. Hey, Ex Elly, nothing against you personally mate, but do you know why the new organizers of this race made it 9metre min loa. Why? Past finishers such as Roger Taylor's ROC, Bill Belcher's RAHA, Andrew Fagan's SWIRLY WORLD and some others, all well under 9m - why put in a rule that takes small boat sailors out of the mix, and turn it into yet another humdrum run of the mill AWB commercialised wank off yacht race? Size is not an overall indication of sea worthiness. Just my opinion, and as I say, nothing personal.
  10. Richard Raea, top fella. Did solo tasman on 23 footer Early 2000's
  11. Zozza

    John Lidgard

    John & Heather Lidgard ‘Prince(ess)s of the Pacific’ https://www.rnzys.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/lidgards-wall-star.pdf
  12. Saw Chico 30 'Gentle Touch' on the hard at Gulf Harbour a few weeks back.
  13. I phooked up -- Not ETNZ. I was thinking of Blakes ENZA - the big cat he and Knox-Johnston once held the fastest circumnavigation
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