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  1. Saw Chico 30 'Gentle Touch' on the hard at Gulf Harbour a few weeks back.
  2. Hi guys, I had to cut parts off the custom bracket in order to remove this gear from my stern as the bolts attaching it had seized and I was only partially successful at drilling a couple out - so out came the grinder. However, this should not be a problem as you would want to fabricate a specific / custom bracket for your particular boats stern anyway. I just want this gone so I am near giving it away at $300 See pics. I never used this in the short time I have owned this boat, but Aries do have a very good reputation, and they are back in production but will cost you $
  3. I phooked up -- Not ETNZ. I was thinking of Blakes ENZA - the big cat he and Knox-Johnston once held the fastest circumnavigation
  4. Good post Psyche. I googled 'Durepox' (which sounds like an unfortunate skin condition) and it sounds like good stuff. The fact it acts as both a sealer, primer, and top coat has got to be a game changer, yet I see it was used on Blakes ETNZ which was many years ago. Some of these companies are pretty useless at promoting their product - and Resene should have been promoting this product extensively years and years ago and getting it into the Burnsco's of this world. As far as 'International Paints' go, it may good stuff but it is ridiculously expensive...and they are also using the
  5. Yep I could open it and view all photos and I dont belong to facebook Looks a neat boat
  6. $250 bucks Needs a polish but otherwise works fine Buyer must pick up (Auckland) I think it is an 8mm Gypsy - but you can get replacement Gypsy for different size chain
  7. This is very simple: Android tablets = all have GPS. No need for the more expensive cellular version unless you want it to double as a phone. So, your new Samsung tablet will be fine. IOS (Apple) tablets = GPS only with cellular versions (thanks Apple...not!) Apple simply want you to pay more for the GPS version hence their sneaky ploy of only inserting the GPS with cellular models Here is a good article on choosing a tablet for sailing navigation: https://sailingkerguelen.com/en/best-gps-tablet-navigation-android-apple/
  8. Good question, and you are correct. For extended sailing you definitely need chaff protection. Some people use a suitable fabric upon parts of the aluminium battens, some pvc pipe cut as to make a sleeve. It is a definite concern and something I will be looking to upgrade the rig with as time goes by.
  9. Sometimes quoted as the 'bad tack' - this article explains why that is not necessarily so, better than I could ever hope to: https://junkrigassociation.org/Resources/Documents/Arne Kverneland's files/The Myth of the Bad Tack.pdf
  10. Hey aard, yeah pretty much - they called luff and yard hauling 'parrels' They basically pull the sail tighter and pull the whole of sail in closer to the mast, if that makes sense
  11. Went sailing yesterday after a long refit (too blinking long). Have a five other short vids from yesterday, so if interested just click thru on my YT channel and you will find them - nothing too exciting, no LaVegebond bikinis or anything as such!
  12. I will the sell the Actuator for $250 and the whole unit "as is" for $350 - first in best dressed - except the Sirocco one post tyre kicker - you are banned from buying it, this offer is for real members of this site. Cheers
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