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  1. I can see both sides. We would probably still be employing child labour in Western countries if no one got of their chuff and protested about it a 100 years ago, in what ultimately became physical confrontations....but then again an innocent worker doesn't deserve to be physically abused by a protester for building a marina. The only winner I see out of all this is the lawyers bank accounts
  2. Zozza

    She's Back...

    We should be so lucky up North. that our Sea Lions stick to water and the occasional dock. Down in Dunedin they've taken to trying out for the local kids soccer teams...
  3. Just a shout out to some great customer service I received from Metabronze Marine. Amongst other things they make quality bronze and / or chromed portholes and deadlights and Greg will size up and advise you if their ports will be a good fit for your boat. Quality service in the marine industry is notoriously hard to find, so when I do get good service I do like to let others know...
  4. Hey Dtwo, what fuel are you using? I am contemplating a Cubic Mini or similar, but I want it to be able to burn briquettes, as they will be easier to store in my 8M boat compared to wood. Cheers
  5. At IT's suggestion, I will be Quilosa'ing my boat windows in a month or so, and will report back. Good tip re turps to remove excess while wet - check . Thanks
  6. few days ago had nice yellow suns forecast all next week
  7. A day ago metservice predicted a big high and 10 days of good weather. So much for that....
  8. Hi all, So do I have this correct those of you that eat this chart plotter / nmea / transducer stuff for breakfast. I am thinking of splashing out on a B&G Vulcan, which has the following: "Sonar Compatibility: Integrated CHIRP / DownScan / ForwardScan. Single 9 Pin Xsonic Connector" If I want a in-hull transducer, which I do as I hate holes in my hull - is this the correct Airmar purchase, being the: "Airmar P79-9N 600W 50/200 kHz In-Hull Depth Only Plastic Transducer Navico 9-Pin xSonic"? I know this is probably laughably simple for you electronic geeks, but for
  9. Newsflash: New Owner is.....KM! Now, that would be fun....jeez what a sh#t stirrer I am
  10. There is a fella, Ian GabrielI I think his name is, owns a Cav 26, advertises for Crew on the Crew Wanted section of this forum, and sails from a mooring somewhere on Tamaki River. He might offer you a few tips about your boat since you have the same model. Edit: Link to Ian's crew posts: https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/18897-cruising-crew-wanted/
  11. That is weird burying sewage tanks...and just leaving them there. I suppose a poo sewage expert will be along shortly advise this is normal practice for Marinas....
  12. Is it just me, but in modern society I have the perception that everything good and free eventually will either (if it hasn't already) be banned or a fee be required. Sailboat cruising has not and will not be spared....I expect licenses required to use your boat (sail or stinkpot) within 10 years, irrespective whom is in power
  13. (You will need a Herald subscription to read in full) https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/mainfreight-founder-bruce-plested-battling-waiheke-island-marina-development/BLM4LORE7WYVXKLGARVC2R4XUY/ I can see pros and cons of this new marina. But I am sort of against it because the thing will be aimed at the stink pot Riviera crowd with enormous berth rentals to match (if Orakei marina is anything to match it against), and not your local Yachtie in his 8-10m Keeler. And the environmental impact has to be taken into account - though the marina developer appears to have taken reasona
  14. Zozza


    Too right. Looking forward to seeing your enlarged premises too.
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