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  1. Well, we all knew the council was full of sh*t, and now they are shedding it into our harbour. I thought Wellington Harbour had the title of 'A-hole of NZ', but now the Waitemata can rightfully take that title. Yet one more reason I never wish to sail in that harbour ever again if I can help it. You North Harbour lot will have to put up with me when I finally relaunch my boat.
  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/video/local-focus-speed-radar-in-tauranga-harbour-targetting-jetskiers/C4XUZP2YD3R5Y7X3T7BJMYSTRI/
  3. I would like to beat the %$#@ out of that guy. Unfortunately, a scumbag like that is not worth doing time in the clink.
  4. Not a write-off soon to be on Trademe at a dollar reserve then?
  5. Heh heh, that's the spirit armchair! I mean, thanks to your National Party we now have bike paths galore where I can go bikey bikey while you lot in your white collar crime purchased Mercedes and BMW's keep on polluting the planet, so I reckon you could be right. Anyway, we better go back to Smalltalk before Fish slaps me flush across the chops with a snapper! (Legal size of course).
  6. Settle. Was just having a laugh. Picture a few guys having a beer and a laugh after a round the cans race in order to get the 'tone' my post was intended. Maybe I didn't put enough smiley or laughy faces.....??
  7. LOL. You'd make some poor bugger work that shift over the festive period? "Sorry kids, can't make Christmas, been asked to guard a rich pricks (David Seymour's?) boat stuck on a reef" I'm half surprised KM didn't take some time out from Barry's Bach to kayak out there see if his ground tackle was up to the mark. 😁 I'm also half surprised Armchair Admiral and Elliott 47whatever haven't blamed the whole incident on Jacinda. 😁😁 Ooh, ok sorry...this belongs in Smalltalk...but you can Grant me a bit of Robertson Covid Relief while I have a bit of fun.....
  8. Price reduced to $875 and now on Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2913787125&bof=VEFNm68T
  9. I will be removing the windlas, motor & solenoid this weekend. Also comes with the winch handle/clutch. You can use this as a manual winch too in case of electrical issues on your boat.
  10. There are really scary stats out there if you can be arsed to go google them, about how many containers are lost overboard in the worlds oceans each year -- and they apparently take an age to sink....just lying in wait for sailing yachts to hit them at just the wrong angle.
  11. Used for four weeks over Xmas last summer. This WIndlass is in perfect condition, as you would expect from a near new piece of equipment. 6-7mm chain Gypsy. Only selling as I am changing my windlass and anchoring set up due to the low freeboard of my boat. I am going retro and changing to an electric windlass that does not incorporate an integral chain pipe as almost all the new ones do . Selling at $975 firm. Solenoid included. $1700 new these days. https://www.burnsco.co.nz/shop/12v-electrical/winches/anchor-winches/anchor-winch-maxwell-rc8-6 There is one
  12. Any idea of if these VG boats would have a Series Drogue? Or, is the thought of towing a warp to slow the boat just not something done in these types of races? The GGR boats that had drogues worked pretty good from what I read, although one drogue did give way which is why the English lass Suzie something, was pitchpoled.
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