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  1. Hi, So I thought Id give the latest update of my comms with MNZ regarding what they are calling Recreational International Voyage. (previously Cat 1) They have actually been very good on the info and fast on comms and have told me they can inspect the boat (and check the crews capabilities via certificates or self declaration) on the day and place I will have the boat out in early July. It seems to me like they are genuinely trying to make it work for me which was I wasn't fully expecting and I appreciate. The total cost for travel / inspection and certificate will be $490
  2. I am going to spend this weekend seeing what I need / attempting Polish registration. It's a shame but I am not a fan of dealing with MNZ and do not think I would be able to have it all work out on schedule. I have completed Australian Skippers and Engineers tickets in the past instead of doing NZ ones for the mere fact that MNZ was making it difficult for me. And now this hahah what a way to push people away from the system.
  3. Hi All, Here is my situation. I Live in Fiji. My boat lives in NZ. It has had CAT1 before and NZ Registration. I am coming to NZ to haul my boat and have CAT1 inspection on July 1 - July 8 and am leaving on the boat to Fiji after that. I have been planning this for months and had the inspector booked for July 1. I have been getting all the required stuff updated and spent the $ for me and my crew on that debate about hot soup which is the ASS Course. Now this change. My Inspector could possibly do the inspection before I arrive but in reality the boat won't be out of t
  4. Hi AndyD, Would you be interested in crewing on a Opua - Fiji delivery early - mid next month (July 2024) 40ft Cat 1 offshore proven Monohull. Flights would be included for the right person. Regards, Olly
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