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  1. Hi Dave, I only get a weekly digest of replies so sorry for the delay here We're going to complete all of the reasonable items for the cat one, some of the things they ask for are just not practical for the boat. I haven't studied it too hard being as we're registering Blaydon Racer in Malaysia under that flag. We are usually based in Singapore and have resident status there so was just easier all round to do that. I'm in no way interested in racing these days so won't be needing to register for any categories in New Zealand. The guys I insured with didn't care what type
  2. Hi There, thanks for these. I had found this one in the searches and it was in fact where I got the thumbnail image from I'm keen to understand better how the water ballast system would work as it is installed partially but not fully and it seems Nick never used it, might be useful further offshore should we need it, I'm happy to reduce sail though if need be.
  3. I think the reason it takes time for you to reply is that all of my posts need to be read by an adult first before they get posted, hope they check my spelling . There is most likely a delay there somewhere to you getting to read it We ended up using a company based in Europe and added my boat to my friends charter fleet that he has in Thailand, once the work is finished on the boat we are looking to take the trip over to Thailand where we have a marina space ready for her. I even went down the route here in NZ of trying to just get myself insured as a skipper and crew to ensure a
  4. Hi Dave, Where did you get your insurance in the end? I had to go overseas to get mine insured as nobody in New Zealand would even quote me.
  5. Hi there, We tried to contact Nick but he hasn't replied and I didn't want to push it as I had been told the reason for the sale was due to health. We have heard he was passionate about the boat and it has been really well looked after. We have had to do very little from a repair side of things and in fact it has all been maintenance really. We are currently on the Sulphur point marina hard over by the painters and have been for a month now. Still have a few more jobs to do and then we can get her back in and sailing. I'm down there most days after 10am if you're around other
  6. Hi Dave, We were looking for something very different, but we knew the guys who bought the berth and that was how we came to find her. As to the too much boat to handle, I'm changing a few things, adding new steering for a start and completely re-rigging which will enable my wife to steer her and all the controls back at the cockpit. I searched Blaydon Racer Tauranga which narrowed it down a little for me. The Blaydon races are a famous race in the UK so it probably came from there in the naming. I've already had a few of the old sea dogs come over and regale a tale or two of
  7. Was interesting to Google Blaydon Racer and find this thread. We bought her early this year and have her out of the water adding some love to her. Looking forward to getting her out for a sail in the coming months. If anyone has any information on Blaydon racer I'd be keen to catch up for a yarn as the couple we bought her from has very little information and the owner before isn't contactable.
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