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  1. Draft is 2m, beam 3.2. If you're in Auckland looking for a home for a boat that size I've got a swing mooring that will be free for a few months.
  2. Thanks for your replies everyone. Keen to minimise motorway/bridge grime! Ended up taking an odd-numbered (so facing into the SW breeze when backed in) on the Southern size, about midway down the finger so also far enough from the rocks. Cheers
  3. We've got a Raven 36 - Last Tram - were told when we bought it that there were four built in total. Ours looks a bit different with windows in the topsides rather than as part of the deck. For OPs question about weight - we're 7 if that helps.
  4. Hi all - I'm looking at getting a berth at Westhaven - in the past when I've spoken with berth holders at different marinas they've spoken some berths being significantly better or worse than others. Assuming I get a choice, what makes a better berth? Pointing in/out of the prevailing winds, etc? Specifically for Westhaven, what should I be looking for?
  5. Thanks everyone - really helpful! Cheers
  6. Hi everyone - I have some areas of paintwork on my deck where the paint has worn away back to a pinkish primer layer. Where the paint is thin I've noticed black mildew spots growing. I keep washing them off but am worried that I am doing more harm than good! I was wondering what people use to kill mildew on wooden decks - would you use something like ExitMould or is that too harsh? Cheers!
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