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  1. Would also be keen on a mast mount and gaurd if anyone has one
  2. The the transducer. I have a vulcan 7 disolay and radar and would like to run a gwind that i have on the same systems
  3. Is there any way to connect a garmin gwind to a vulcan 7 plotter?
  4. Does amyone have a 7" display there are willing to sell?
  5. Is anyone wanting to sell a rpugh cav 32? Pref in auckland, im an apprentice boat builder and it will help with my apprenticeship
  6. Does anyone know where she is now?
  7. Hi im wantingnto sail from fiji to nz in early june, sailing up in may and woukd rather sail back than fly
  8. It caught fire when the mechanic started the motor which working on it
  9. Hi does amyone have a 7" garmin echomaps plotter?
  10. Are there any harmonic owners on here?
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