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  1. Wanting to biy a 8mm gypsie to replace the 10mm one i have
  2. Wanting to fet a boarding platform build for a lotus 9.2, just tge wood work, i can do all the stainless
  3. Would also be keen on a mast mount and gaurd if anyone has one
  4. The the transducer. I have a vulcan 7 disolay and radar and would like to run a gwind that i have on the same systems
  5. Is there any way to connect a garmin gwind to a vulcan 7 plotter?
  6. Does amyone have a 7" display there are willing to sell?
  7. Is anyone wanting to sell a rpugh cav 32? Pref in auckland, im an apprentice boat builder and it will help with my apprenticeship
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