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  1. Yes i was interested but didnt really know anything about the boat or the price so i didnt follow up. Thankyou for you offer of a sail. There is a real sense of "cant be bothered" from sellers when trying to see boats. Im guessing there are so many tyre kickers and time wasters that sellers get fed up with it. Many sellers either didnt respond at all or wouldnt make a time to view. But anyway, i want to get a professional rigger to look over the standing rigging, a marine electrician to look at the wiring so if anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Cheers Mike
  2. Thanks everyone for comments. I got to that point of being more interested in sailing than looking so i made an offer on a different boat twice my original budget and so looks like i am about to move up to a keeler.
  3. Looking at these 3 boats on trademe, any opinions? Looking for a stable family boat suitable for sailing to barrier / bay of islands. Cannot find them on sailboat.guide.com Thx in advance
  4. Business relocation, clearly owned the floating dock as well ha ha ha
  5. Thanks everyone for replies, i set a budget of 10k as a start point, i can go more but mostly im looking for a sound "no frills" boat. Would go more if it was for the right boat. Wrt not wanting "a project" I really just mean i dont want something that needs tons of work to get it back in the water, i dont mind fixing stuff as i go along. I would rather spend money on good sails than reupholstered squabs if you know what i mean. Im have decided against an H28, such a beautiful boat and comfortable but seem to go for the same price as more modern designs. Watch listing Cav 32's atm. Probabl
  6. Looking for recommendations for budget keeler. Want something for family to learn to sail and over night on. Not looking to surf downwind - stability / safety and comfort are the name of the game. Needs at least three adult berths. Been looking around on trademe, thoughts on the boats below? Or other suggestion, $10k is near upper limit. Davidson 28, H28, San juan 34, Tracker 7.7 Not looking for a restoration project, just want to get out and sail. Would be great if the boat was capable of sailing to Barrier and Bay of islands. Have sailed Dingy's and o
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