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  1. Looking forward to this event, rumour has it there will be a least 4 Ross 780s on the water, see out there on the Friday night for registration, a BBQ and catch up.
  2. Really looking forward to this event, be great to see a lot of out of towners get over for this event, good to see a distance race on safe waters, with only just over 2 months to go, it's time to dust off the sailing kit, give ya mates a call and make a weekend of it!
  3. Only just over two weeks to the trailer yacht nationals, and only one week to get your entry forms to us. Looking like its going to be a cracker, forms and information on http://www.boptys.net Be great to get the trailer yacht fleet up to some big numbers again. Come and join in the fun with our friendly club.
  4. Be great to see some farrs at the regatta, hope you can make it, as well as other trailer yacht owners. It's only just over a month to go so now is the time to enter, thanks to the boats that already have entered, should be a great weekend on the water.
  5. Theirs been some concern about filling in crew details on entry form, Dont worry, you can confirm crew lists at registration on the day. We just need boat owners details and entry fee sent to us. Been some great interest so far, but now its time to register and get the boat numbers up.
  6. Looking forward to a great weekend of sailing, been some good interest so far, so dust off your gear, grab your Mates and well see ya here. Bring it on.
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