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  1. elevation

    Route 66

    Does anyone need/want a car taken back to Auckland on Saturday Please contact me Tony 021620193
  2. Rotoiti Classic.pdf 11 November 50, 34 and 17 mile Trailer Yacht Race around beautiful Lake Rotoiti Check out the NOR and more info on BOPTYS website www.boptys.net
  3. If anyone needs a car taken back to Auckland after the prizegiving please contact me. Tony 021620193
  4. Elevation will be racing fully crewed. Is there any of the single handed racers wanting a car taken back to Auckland that the delivery crew are bringing up. If so please ring me. 021620193 Cheers Tony
  5. The Gulf Classic is on the 12 March 2017. Unfortunately the numbers entered have been dwindling over the years. Be great to see a good sized fleet in March. Elevation will try to get there. There is another mid length race for Trailer Yachts on Lake Rotoiti on the 26 November 2016. The Rotoiti Classic caters for all with a 50 mile course for A Div, 34 Miles for B Div and 17 Miles for C Div. There is also a 50 mile Div for multi's. More info on the BOPTYS website
  6. Try this http://www.melges.com/?p=store/list&cat=25
  7. I have a Melges 24 prod in Elevation. The boat builder that fitted made or got made up the bearings seals etc. It would probably be cheaper though to import those parts. Try the Melges website. You will love the prod running gennys and zeros off it.
  8. On this Saturday not to late to enter. 20 knot westerly in morning turning North Westerly in avo. It never rains in Vegas
  9. How many Coastals have you done Rehabilitated I love doing the race. Unfortunately the boat I was to do it on withdrew from the race
  10. Rehabilitated if you don't like the Tracker or Race why are you bothering looking at it. I think the tracker is great we all know it's blowing NW and probably up to 20 knots by now and will bend round to a Northerly. You can work out the boats that are doing well on handicap in each division. It's not going to give an accurate result as not all the boats trackers are working. They are only on board cell phones. If you really want handicap results why don't you work them out for us & post them on here for us at each call in point. The organisers of the race are all volunteers gi
  11. The start for the coastal has always been in divisions. The only difference was the first start of the big mono's and multi's went first at 10am. Great coverage of the start with the live streaming. Nothing on TV1 midday news there usually is but Martin Tasker is at the Rugby World Cup. All the leading boats look like they have been knocked at the Northern end of Kawau wind gone more northerly. Vodafone has made a number of tacks now on starboard just south of Mangawai
  12. Should be a nice reach from the Start Line to North Head. Glad I'll be at work
  13. Elevation has entered. Zpett I have been a member of BOPTYS for about 16 years don't know anything about red rooster flags. Will ask some of the "real old" members tomorrow night we have a lake race. Be great if you are able to come and compete
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