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  1. Hi Ballystick, here are some photos of when we did up 'the General'. She was still red with the name 'Jenny G'. very race, rallied and rolled - if you could point at it, it leaked. First memories of taking her away was just after we got her - night race to Kawau... bailed her out before we left, as she leaked like a seive. Brought a handheld compass, and a chart for navigation....I recall halfway through the trip Joe going down and asking why his bag was floating, so much water ingress... then it rained like hell when we got there and had to pull a sail over the deck so we didn't get we
  2. The internet one is that we have a modem on board. Appears to have heaps of signal we can connect (devices say connected) but there is no internet/connection. Can shut down/restart modem some times it will reconnect. Other times not. Sometimes it works fine, then for no apparent reason - it won’t.. The connection problem is not isolated to one device, it can be phones, Apple TV, computer etc.. ..there is a booster up the mast...
  3. Thanks all will speak with Island Time after Christmas.. (we’ve already had a couple of people look.. )
  4. We are looking for someone who can help us with internet, czone and other small navigation/screen issues on our boat (someone who can come onboard and sort out a number of problems that 2 years on have not been sorted by our own fault finding). Any recommendations?
  5. Headsail ex Bullrush (40ft Elliot) We are having a sail clearout! North Sails head sail (Medium/Light) Battens included Luff 16.8 Leach 15.8 foot 4.8 Does have one very small nick in it, as shown, otherwise near new. Comes with Norths Sail Bag Feel free to ask any questions. Pick up only from Bucklands Beach phone Ant for details 021 99 00 75
  6. We are having a sail clear out *Please note these sails are also advertised elsewhere) These are all ex Bullrush (Elliot 40) Headsail, North Sails (Light/Med) The sail battens have been removed, and I can't find them. Leach 15.8 Luff 16.8 Foot 4.8 Please ring Ant for more info on 021 99 00 75 The sails are located in Bucklands Beach -pickup only
  7. We are having a sail clearout! (Also listed on Trademe) Gennaker "Quasimodo" $500.00 Luff 19.7 Leach 18.0 foot 11.6 (White in colour) Awesome condition. This one has had very little use - photos don't due the sail justice - it's much better than the picture shows. Made by Windwards Comes with bag - (sail has a few little rust type marks on it, may come off with the right solution..) Feel free to ask any questions. Pick up only from Bucklands Beach, call Ant 021 99 00 75
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