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  1. I’ve sent him an email so all good thx
  2. Ok thx..does he have a business contact? Thx.
  3. Can anyone give me a marine electrician contact near Gulf Harbour ? Thx
  4. Has anyone had rope clutches rechromed? And if so who by? Thx
  5. Doug

    Test and tag

    Any recommendations for who can test and tag shore power extension at Gulf Harbour thx
  6. Doug

    Stack Packs

    Are people with their stack packs? Any suggestions regarding suppliers. They seem to get mixed reviews.
  7. Doug

    35 Footers

    Thanks very informative
  8. Doug

    35 Footers

    I was told the lotus 10.6 can be a handful in stronger winds due to width at back?? And that the Shiraz is likely to perform better upwind?
  9. Doug

    35 Footers

    Hi looking for some comment regarding comparison between Alan Wrights Shiraz and Lotus 10.6 thanks. It would seem the Shiraz is a better sailing boat and perhaps more suitable offshore ?
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