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  1. Kia Ora WestcoastNZ, Are you still looking to make this trip?
  2. Kia Ora, I’m interested. Where will you take off from?
  3. Kia Ora, I’m based in wellington. Have my restricted skipper’s ticket and would be keen to chat if you’re still looking for someone to help move your vessel. Cheers, Sam
  4. Would love to crew once you buy the vessel.
  5. Kia Ora, I’m keen to learn more about this delivery if it’s still on the go. I’m currently based in NZ. Experience sailing Fiji to Opua, coastal sailing all around NZ including down to Stewart Island. Keen for more long passages and mile building. Thanks -Sam
  6. Kia Ora, Are you still in NZ? I am in wellington. Have offshore sailing experience and keen to return home to the USA. Cheers
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