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  1. We got the long shaft option, same as the old one and have it mounted on the transom. Dropped all the way on the bracket works fine in all but really short steep sea states then you get the occasional cavitation.
  2. Just put a 6hp 4 stoke Yamaha on Flaming Lips, only used a few times so far but pushed her along nicely at 6kt in flat water with a very dirty bottom or 4+ into 15 knots of breeze. very clean and quite, comes in at 26kg.
  3. Looking at installing wind gear on my Ross 830, would like to go wireless for easy install and looking at the B and G WS320 kit with no display. Would this be compatible to the existing Garmin echoMAP 75sv chart plotter via a NMEA 2000 backbone?
  4. As per title I'm looking for some secondhand aysmmentical kites sutible for a Ross 830 with a 1.6 meter prod, both masthead and fractional. Aproximate luff lenghts of 10.5m for fractional and 12m for masthead. Cheers!
  5. I've also recently purchased a Ross 830 (Flaming Lips) and have two questions. The First is that the boat came with a square top, the bottom three battens being half length and the top 3 full length. When sailing up wind as soon as any backstay tension is added and even without any backstay at times the main starts to "fold" at the front of the half lenght battens. Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to trim the main to avoid this, or is it a matter of getting full length battens? (we have fractional runners for forestay tension and these are always on going upwind). My second questio
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