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  1. Hi Team, im looking for a sheet or two of 9 and 12mm marine ply (or nearest thickness). Who are the best priced and stocked suppliers in Auckland area?
  2. Also saw this, very sad to see. Quite emotional and quite a few people watching all seemed to have a simialr feeling. Somethign that was something turned in to nothing in front of your eyes....
  3. Rgvkiwi


    Where do you guys source Durepox in Auckland?
  4. Yes the same concerns I have. I'd love to go the lighter weight of the 2 stroke, but the low running noise, lack of smell and fuel economy (in terms of range, not cost) are very appealing. Ratings for Rise & Fall brackets (for both 2 and 4 stroke motors) – standard shaft, up to 25hp (18kw), long shaft up to 20hp. Maximum motor weight of 58kg. So 10 Hp and 39 kg's would seem to be well within, decisions/decisions!
  5. I didn't, but do now, thank you for the reminder. That will be huge peace of mind in the event of trouble.
  6. Nice, this is revolution blues we're talking about Age of the motor a good part of my reasoning, funny to think its the exact same motor you used and discussed all those years ago!
  7. Just realised both your boats are slightly shorter, was having a senior moment and forgot ours is an 830. So the power output of the 6hp is probably a real concern in weather. So now im looking at the Tohatsu 9.8 4 stroke. Just heading up tonight to check what bracket we have, if it's a real tenob they are rated to 20 hp long shaft and 50 kg's.
  8. Thats great to hear....Are you in the Hauraki Gulf, have you had it out in any adverse weather? I'm really keen on the 6hp 4 stroke after yours and Flaming lips experience but the 3 HP difference worries me for wind on the nose, swell/chop conditions....??? per this kind of comment... I've happily used a long shaft, 6hp, four stroke in the past which gets the boat along nicely when there's no wind, but we need to consider what happens when we're pushing into rough conditions and there's an issue with the rigging which means sailing is not an option (which happened
  9. Interesting alternative, quiter, no oil to premix and that is slightly lighter. My only concern would be in swell. Does it reach as deep as the old motor? In larger or shorter harbour type swell or chop we will have the motor out of the water on occasion.
  10. Its semi permanently mounted. Removed annually for new waterpump and service. Repalcment is age related. Just for safety and reliability, plus the cover is held on by a ratchet strap as the rubber seal is apparently unavailable, looks tatty. For the safety of the family, and the by the time we sell the old one, the cost isn't massive. I had a scare last season, turned out to be spark plug related and easily fixed but it REALLY put the shits right up me being stranded out in the gulf with wife and 7 year old daughter on board.
  11. The guys at Weber Marine did a fantastic job on our rudder with similar issues. Really helpful, very reasonably priced.
  12. Looking for advice on replacing our old, working pefectly 9hp Tohatsu 2 stroke. Tohatsu seem well priced and it likely ensures our fuel line and charging lead will fit but open to suggestions on alternative brands if there is any benefit. Mostly, i'd like to know if there is any benefit to going to a 4 stroke engine other than not worrying about premix. Im attracted to 4 stroke for less noise and smell BUT am worried the weight difference on the outboard bracket might be a bit much, though I can likely beef up the boat side mounting. Current engine weighs approx 26 kg and the 4
  13. I dont have any toips for you. My tips would likely just be poor advice Congrats on even planning such a big journey. I hope you give us updates as to how you go and wish you all the best. My planned journey is from Gulf harbour to Kawau with a (sailing) sensitive wife and 7 year old daughter. Friday looks ideal at 13 knts SW, the return Monday /Tuesday at 20 knts NE predicted, not so much. I think we'll be fine if it doesn't go any higher than that.... fingers crossed.
  14. Where were you headed and from where? Just trying to figure out what the E prevents you from doing and if it shoudl prevent me from doing it! (who knows far less of directions, sailing directions etc.)
  15. I think I have wrapped my head around the backstay. Roughly speaking tighten for upwind, loosen for downwind. But what purpose do the side (aft each corner) backstays do? Presumably they act more for the headsail shape than the mainsail? - Overall Im trying to learn how to sail our boat more effectively. She always seems so overpowered, not so much through the tiller but in lean angle. Im told to sail Ross 830's as flat as possible. The sail shape is (to me) always quite full, I suspect this might be down to age. Normally I would increase the outhaul tension but this s
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