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  1. Oh, as above and dropping the sails and using the motor at the slightest moment.
  2. I went from crewing on a race yacht about 4 times (Ross 930) to owning a trailer yacht (23' Moonraker)... I think the best way is re do a coastguard course (though i haven't) and just buy something. Start at the smaller end (your probationary period), something not too powerfull and let experience be your guide. Read up, keep crewing for a bit, its amazing what you pick up once YOUR the skipper for yourself but crew for someone else... Experience is the best way in my opinion....nothing beats it.
  3. Thank you, Could you explain...do you man tip the boat over using a halyard?
  4. could you explain...do you man tip the boat over using a halyard?
  5. Hi Team We've just bought a new Garmin EchoMap 75 and I would also like to get the matching windvane. Before I buy that and have no way of installing it, can anyone suggest a person/engineer/handyman that could install it? Would involve climbing mast of our Ross 830, im happy to assist, even to go up (my weight notwithstanding ) with suitable advice etc.... Boat is at Gulf Harbour.
  6. Rgvkiwi


    That sounds like the Navstation where I just bought a new Garmin Echomap for our boat. Very helpful and a good price.
  7. Okay thought it best to update this post. The boat came out of the water and and I was on hand to watch and learn the process, never having done that before and to see if I could help with the now dreaded, potential nightmare rudder removal. So the rudder came out with some persuasion but all in all, relatively easily. The diagnosis was pretty instant. Dan from Weber Marine suggested that the grease the last "repair person" had used to resolve the problem had just made it worse. Swelling the plastic bearings. So I spent 3 hours of hard yakka sanding out the scores on the
  8. Thanks guys. Being capable mechanically and wanting to get stuck in myself, I feel sure I could do this (especially) if someone experiance like Matt was mentioned for the odd gotcha with advice BUT time constraints with work, keeping it on the hard and paying for that etc. It feels like we're caught between a rock and a hard place. So I think we'll just go for it commercially. Damn Boats !!!
  9. Working with a boat builder to replace the siezed bushings in our Ross 830 in about a months time when we get it hauled out and put on the hard. They estimate $500.00 for the replacment bushings and 16 hours labour..... I was kind of expecting 5-8 hours labour, was I totally wrong?
  10. Fantastic, thank you for the suggestion! I'll look in to it.
  11. I agree with others that your boat is setup for the winch top to be the cleat. Its actually the same as ours. We have a cleat and various other angle changes in the same area for spinnaker sheets and other things. I was confused on how to cleat off the headsail sheet with all that was there until I realised to use the winch itself. Could the cleat be for a spinnaker sheet or something else like on ours? Or maybe a cleat for when the winch isnt necessary, light wind, small sail etc. I do often do just that as well. Though I'm still learning our boat.
  12. I did a few Rum races on her approx 24 years ago. I met the then owner (part owner possibly) after buying a 23" Moonraker Trailer Sailor on the hard at Westhaven off him. I wish I could remember his name, he had a book binding business in Morningside and was a nice guy. The old guy in the photos on trade me is (I think) his old mate who used to sail with him They used to have little barneys at each other (like a married couple) while racing and eventually I stopped going becasue of the "banter".... Which I later regretted when I lost touch. Anyway, this is why we ended up with
  13. I have been looking in to the Raymarine Lighthouse 3 GOS plotters and if you have your boats polar map (wind speed, direction to boat speed etc) it will do best corse, best lay lines etc. I presume getting this information on a locally designed boat made over 40 years ago is highly unlikely but it did get me to thinking, What about the sails sizes it was designed for? I get that most sailing is done by seat of pants and insinct at the club/cruisor level but I wonder if there isn't any, more techincal recorded information on these or the 930? For example, How big is the original
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