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  1. Alexo

    Crew wanted

    Hi James, Thanks for your repply. As I mentioned my yacht is based in Tauranga. Im prepping my yacht for solo-sailing and having someone as deck-hand would facilitate it. My yacht is an old school Pacific 38 and the idea for now is for day sailings for training. Touch base if you interested. Fair winds... Cheers
  2. Alexo

    Crew wanted

    Hi, Im looking for experienced/inexperienced sailors keen to go for day outs on my Pacific 38. Im training for next summer do some coastal cruising!!! Im based in Tauranga Bridge Marina. Cheers Alex
  3. Hi Josh, I'm looking for some sailing instruction in Tauranga. I have purchased a P38 and she will be ready to sail in a couple months time. Let me know if you interested. Cheers Alex
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