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  1. So of the current boats for sale which ones would you look at? I don’t want a lot of maintenance issues but happy to do halyards electrics etc. cruising mostly.
  2. Tamaterau

    Young 88

    Just noticing a heap of 88’s for sale. Has the class collapsed? I have no idea about an 88 but I’m looking for a boat 28-35ft that’s fun to sail, easy short handed, low maintenance and capable of some bigger trips like Auckland to Marlborough sounds etc. Will do the SANZ and CC probably, maybe island racing at bay week. Would probably convert to A sails for ease, not into the hardcore class racing. $35k looks good value for a fun boat. Any thoughts from the team? Any tips on what to check before taking to survey? Also why the big price range? What are they a
  3. Just looked at the add for the Matangi looks ideal for what you want but an alloy top on a steel hull sounds like a recipe for issues… effectively you could be sailing a battery right?
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