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    I used to read on a tablet, but it really messed with my vision. I got horrible eye strain looking at the bright screen for that long. I bought a kindle paperwhite (backlit one) and it's been fantastic. Much easier on the eyes than a traditional LCD screen, and battery life is an order of magnitude better than what you'd get on any tablet.
  2. Another one I've just found is Sailing Magic Carpet. A young couple who resurrected an old Vindo 32 that had fallen from a crane. I've started form the beginning and so far they've gone through the French canals and are exploring around the med. Cool people, great music, and interesting locations. A bit more realistic than Parlay, Vagabond, and the Wynns as an example of cheap liveabord exploring option. Makes me want to buy an H28/Cav32 and spend a year or two sailing around Auckland/BOI working remotely. Can't travel at the moment so need something to scratch the itchy feet.
  3. Back in Hamilton now unfortunately. Not sure when I’ll next be up north but if I haven’t found some something by then I’ll go take a look. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I actually quite like their channel! Although it does make me sad that I’ll probably never be able to sail in as much comfort as them on their cat. I like their attitude, and the video editing is top notch. check out their Panama Canal crossing videos, pretty neat.
  5. I'll be up in Paihia from today until Tuesday, so if anybody has a line on a boat up north, let me know!
  6. Thanks for the tip, have contacted the club.
  7. Hi everyone! After a lengthy hiatus from sailing and some overseas adventures COVID-19 has me back in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. I figured this was a good excuse to get back out on the water, and after owning a couple of smaller beach cats in the past, I thought that a Hobie 16 would be the perfect little boat to do a bit of sail-camping, coastal cruising, and have some fun on the lakes and harbours. I’m currently looking to buy a Hobie 16 on a warranted and registered road trailer. I don’t need anything too fancy and new as I won’t be racing, so older sails, rudders, a
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