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  1. It matters if past the bar its only 1.5-2m deep in the anchoring area in the river behind. 1.52m is at the limit
  2. Talking of the rig, do you know the rig height (air draft). I occasionally tuck under a 12m MHWS bridge. The Raven is slightly too tall. The Lotus 9.2 is nice but the family liked the Raven 31 more.
  3. Thank you scarecrow. Did you enjoy your 31? I am moving to a family cruiser after a Elliott 7.4
  4. Looking at buying a Raven 31 as I need a reasonably shallow boat to get over a riverbar. Various sites have the draft at 1.52m, 1.6m and 1.67m. The owners group site has both 1.52m and 1.67m. There are no mentions of keel options. I don't want to have to pay for a haul to find out the boat is deeper draft than expected. Can anyone confirm the draft of a Raven 31?
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