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  1. At the moment I am sitting under one....and it has cooled the house down by 6 degrees since we got home 2 hrs ago. However..... we are in Alice Springs ( home BOI Nz). It works so well here due to the dry climate having little moisture but when the humidity rises the ability to cool dramatically decreases. They call them swampies here. The dry air is cooled by the water. With the humidity being high by the coast, it will be a lot less effective...so Darwin has very few. Hope this helps. Michael
  2. Hi everyone, I am not a regular poster but would like to add to this. I am currently in Fiji and coming home in 4 wks. Just replaced my batteries but thought I might have had a charging problem related to my batteries demise. I read this article as thought that the solution may be a new regulator and liked what this article said. Had a crew member returning briefly to NZ so contacted Graeme about possible replacement. He worked with me sugesting various things even including buying a replacement alternator in the USA rather than get him to supply it. As it turned out Don at Musket Cove was kin
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