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  1. Slightly OT, but massive shortage of International paint here in NZ due to covid
  2. vic008

    Main halyard

    12mm rope to wire(with a nice joining splice)but there is a splag(?)so will replace sometime. Do you just go straight to all spectre nowadays?
  3. You,se guys didn't see the pontoon parties they had while the rest of us were locked down
  4. Highly loaded? Maxwell say dont.Use a snubber, dont haul boat to anchor via windlass, etc
  5. How much load comes on to the deck around the windlass? I dont think so much. Will pick up 2 frames.The sampson post yes.
  6. Ed, would the new column then not be taking all the load?
  7. Ed, you've got me thinking. As an old steel worker.Do you need to take into consideration that it is stressed? You wouldn't just measure and say fab to those measurements?
  8. Well got all the steelwork out. Delaminated steel,18yr old.About 500/300, picking up 3 frames. I'm thinking wont bother on the bottom side with a new of s/s Need a bit about 6" / 6" for Maxwell to bolt to,but otherwise dont think will do a big ss backing plate at all. Any thoughts please?
  9. Well is that good to redo the anchorchain with?
  10. Time for. Motor needing good wire brush.And treat with? How would wrapping Denso Tape go? Too hot?
  11. So would that be the same as the engine oil?
  12. Mine very same as Sabre's(120a. AGM, 160w solar) And just fired up new install of sm frig. All coping OK so far.Trouble tho, with adjusting epever Tracer AN1210. Wont download to ph(my only device) or do I need to buy an accessary to do that?
  13. Gosh, he's halfway down the SI already.
  14. my blue with AliEx.Someone said complain to Visa(must have paid via them-$320), and 4 weeks later they lodged the money in my a/c. Thank you Visa.
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