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  1. I thought it was particularly short of facts. Opinions yes.
  2. Righto, lets shut down all dairying right away.Including the maori owned farms.
  3. So that would be a maritime rule, written somewhere?
  4. Does anyone remember the massive debate in YBW? ten-twenty yr ago? Something about a canal, a loaded ship, and an empty one.Which displaced the most water in the canal? Or something.Even experts couldn't, agree.
  5. See one anchored here in BoI. Up for Millennium cup. And his anchor light is red. This because so high?
  6. Afraid not. Copper anti seize grease available in super cheap for under $10.High temperature.
  7. vic008

    FM AM radios

    Phone used here too, far more reliable.
  8. Every being has an inbuilt hunger alarm.If they are playing with boats it means they are not hungry.Do they go to university to learn different. Suggest they do more research on fish stocks
  9. vic008

    Dinghy choice

    Secondhand RIB or new inflatable from china? Got to be light to get on deck. Thanks
  10. vic008

    Head vent

    Have the pair of 38 hoses going above the WL up to the nylon (Hansen?) inverted U thingy, but instead of the wee vent thingy, it tees into the vent hose from the holding tank,leading outboard. Instead, can I get the wee vent for the top of the U and separate the 2 , and no smell?
  11. "the yacht was likely taking on water due to a leak" Marlborough Harbourmaster-you dont say Einstein.
  12. vic008


    Can you just mix up a half quantity? Mixed it all and heaps left over wasted. Does it keep for a year or two in the tin?
  13. Im in the market for a burner, but cant take a whole with an oven a nd all
  14. Built in the wee square plate, is the spring,then the carbon(?)thing, then contacts(I think,offhand) Hose is removed. This is the gizmo that goes click and auto ignites.
  15. Hi, any answer for me? The burner no go. That spring loaded thing just behind the front busted.Have stripped but dont see how can repair. So only one burner going.
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