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  1. Am I confusing NZ Maritime with NZY.Can you go offshore with NZM, but dont need to be NZ Y registered?
  2. So does anybody know of any advantage of having a number? I can't think of any.
  3. My yacht came with the OT number carved in an overhead frame.I think it means you are listed with Lloyds of London (no idea why). I am not on the NZ register(meaning cant race with NZY,cant go overseas,no sail number,no sole rights to boat name) You can search the NZ register on line for your boat name/number. A fee for change of owner.
  4. Its ratepayers' money they are gambling with.Naval Point in need of a big makeover.They said a month ago they had $10mill to spend there.That wont go very far.
  5. Big financial gamble by the council.Lyttelton is a disgrace.
  6. Loving it! What is the insignia on the Italians headsail? Looks like the old Woolboard trademark ( the 3 multi circles) Maybe the new sail material?
  7. Used to have kero.Not again.Can ask anyone to boil billy with gas,kero they need to serve an apprenticeship before operating.So, never again.
  8. Thanks for that OT, looks good, but in description it says max rpm 500 and think the Ryobi spins a bit quicker?
  9. Would love to see an updated list of Northland shops. Yes to Mangonui,Paihia,Russell, Opua,anymore?
  10. I would suggest joining a club yacht racing and crewing for a season, meaning being out in the totally shyte days as well as the nice days. Learn heaps then.
  11. Anybody bought one? (Lithium battery, portable, $90,)Good for on the boat?As advertised on Internet. Pretty tempting.
  12. vic008

    Pump head?

    Needless concern. Answer is 55' , from the maker.No macerator, diaphragm pump. Surprisingly heavy.
  13. Google Volvo shaft seal. If I remember about $150.
  14. vic008

    Pump head?

    Like there is a limit to how high a pump can pump, called head I think. Presently need to pump up about a meter high to the anti syphon valve.
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