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  1. Ashton, I agree the McArthur HAT looks good as it solves the pi shutdown challenge and handles N2k connectivity and the Pi5 looks good too, better performance and it takes the NVME (SSD) hat - definately looks worth investigating. We raced round rangi and rakino yesterday (sunday) in the RYC closing regatta, very challenging conditions, a broach and and knockdown in those savage squalls and our no2 gave up and disintegrated heading back up the harbour to westhaven, we crossed the finish line on main only and got first on line! Got a nice graph from a fellow competitor showing
  2. Just came across this thread as I have been running a Raspberry Pi, OpenCPN based chartplotter solution for the last year on my Young 88 and have a couple of issues so thought I'd reach out and share my experience. Firstly great job on your build aardvarkash10, you say you're not a geek but you've done a great job adding all those hardware components like UPS and power converters. I am a geek in that software and Linux is familiear teritory. In saying that my aim was to keep the build as simple as possible and do as little coding as possible which I've pretty much achieved. My buil
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